Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

Tough Changes Long Under Consideration

The 'Warrior' Within Jonathan Schwartz: "McNealy says Schwartz wasted little time in executing tough changes that had long been under consideration. Case in point: Schwartz made the call to open the source code for Sun's Solaris operating system. 'It was very controversial, but there was no teeth gnashing, no hand-wringing. He just did it.'" -- Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek

Yah, I'll bet it was controversial among the execs. It was controversial at various levels of the company, but there were also many people who believed in the project years before it was even close to opening. There were some real long term thinkers involved with this from the very beginning. Lots of short term stuff, too. :) All good.

Wednesday Apr 26, 2006

Some More Scott and Jonathan Links

Seems like another busy media day for Scott and Jonathan. Reading all this coverage over the last two days has been interesting. I have a feeling there will be a lot more as the dust settles, don't you?

Sun users offer advice to new CEO Schwartz
Neal Tisdale, praised Schwartz's selection. "I think it's a great change," said Tisdale, vice president of software development at the Atlanta-based subsidiary of Siemens Power Generation.

Sun: Same song, second verse?
Bill Zeitler, IBM's systems/technology group: "I think the move to OpenSolaris has been a good one. The move to open up their portfolio to Opteron and away from Sparc and moderate their investments there is a smart thing strategically." That's IBM talking up OpenSolaris there.

Sun's chiefs on the hot seat
"If you're an engineer or you're a technologist, you want to come to a place that appreciates technology and engineering. This is one of the places that you go do it." -- Schwartz

One rises, one sets / New generation, but same vision, for Sun CEO
Crawford Del Prete of IDC: "I think Jonathan has shown that he understands the multiple aspects of Sun's extremely complex business and he has shown that he can be engaging with customers."

New Sun CEO Is Unconventional, Controversial
"When directors at Hewlett-Packard Co. saw a need for a new chief executive officer, they recruited Mark Hurd, a button-down operations specialist from NCR Corp. who is now overhauling H-P's sales strategy. Rival Sun Microsystems Inc., by contrast, promoted a brainy insider who promises to stay the computer maker's maverick course."

Analysts Seek Turnaround Strategy From Sun
"It was under Schwartz that Sun Solaris, considered by some to be the gold standard of operating systems, became a free download." And it became open source, too. Let's not forget that part.

When I First Met Scott...
Jonathan talks about Scott.

McNealy--an engineer's witty patron
"McNealy has been the down-to-earth face of the Valley's engineers -- more comfortable in jeans and sneakers and more apt to talk about golf and ice hockey than fabulous vacations and yachts."

Langberg: McNealy was pushed out because he had lost credibility
"I hope McNealy continues to serve as the company's public face. He's always been a nightmare for the PR department, telling reporters exactly what he thinks and producing great quotes." Cute. But I'm not sure the article really substantiates the headline.

Why a new CEO is right, Wall St. is wrong and America needs more jails
Scott: "It allows me to go do what I want to do, which is working with the US government, Japan and our top 20 accounts."

McNealy's greatest hits (wisecracks)
Great little video.

Analysis: All eyes on Schwartz to turn Sun around
“Sun still has the influence -- don’t count them out yet." -- Joe Wilcox, JupiterResearch

Goodbye, Mr. McNealy
"McNealy wasn't just an industry giant, he changed the IT world forever ... Let us never forget, that without Scott McNealy we would have neither the Internet nor the open source that powers so much of it. -- Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

McNealy--apres moi, you'll be bored silly
"Unlike, oh, 99.9 percent of the white-bread phonies who present themselves as corporate leaders, McNealy was the real deal when it came to leadership." -- Charles Cooper

Sun's New Boss: The Same as the Old Boss?
"This is not about how we take a whack to headcount," Schwartz said. "The goal is to make sure we focus on top-line growth and increasing the value of our shares."

Sun Microsystems' Big Changes
"The company had its woes, but Sun has been a fountain of original and innovative thinking over the years." -- Dan Gillmor

Don't Blame Scott
An obnoxious piece.

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Friday Nov 12, 2004

Schwartz on OpenSolaris

Lots of Solaris 10 platform and OpenSolaris conversation in this Schwartz Q&A in Computerworld. Here are a few OpenSolaris bits:

What's the time frame for releasing an open-source version of Solaris? We have already begun interacting with members of the open-source community. ... We've obviously begun consulting with folks like OSI [the Open Source Initiative] and just the free software movement in general to make sure we use a software license that is palatable to them, and that really gives them faith ... in the integrity of the ultimate delivery model. We will have the license announced by the end of this calendar year and the code fully available, first quarter of next year.

Is there anything preventing you from making all of Solaris open-source? Nothing at all. And let me repeat that. Nothing at all.

Is Solaris in competition with Linux? No, that's like asking if Solaris is in competition with the open-source movement. Solaris is in competition with Red Hat. ... Solaris will be as much the open-source movement as anything else. The competition ultimately is going to be had and be seen between companies that have competitive offerings.

Wednesday Jun 02, 2004

Broadening the definition of "innovation"

I caught Jonathan's keynote this morning at SunNetwork. Excellent, classy introductory video with live performers on stage. Packed house. Good speech. Nice smooth cadence with a touch of elegance. Clean slides. Clear messages. I bought it. The best bit for me was this quote: "Network innovation isn't just about technology. It's just as much about business models."

Love it. We need both. Innovative products and innovative business models. It was nice to hear Schwartz talk at length about communities. How the network helps enable the development of communities, which leads to new -- oftentimes unforeseen -- opportunities and innovation. None of this is new to Sun followers. Schwartz has been talking this way for years, especially when he ran Software. The big deal here, though, is that the "community message" is starting to pervade the entire company. This is a pretty big deal. What you are watching is the complete transformation of the company. Sun is re-inventing itself, but it's doing it by not only leveraging new ideas but also by getting back to its roots: The Network is the Computer ... Stanford University Network (Sun) ... SUN"W" (Sun Stock Ticker noting "Workstations" and Schwartz's leak of some hot new boxes in the pipeline) ... Innovation ... Disruption ... Communities ... Standards ... etc. Schwartz hit on all these foundational themes.



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