Sunday Dec 23, 2007

Focusing on Development

Linux defector says RHEL zero, Sun Solaris hero: "With this switch, we've gone from playing in the sandbox to getting our doctoral degree. You can't even compare Red Hat GFS to Solaris ZFS," Rand said. "We no longer need to do all those chores we had to do with Linux. I can't even quantify the number of man-hours we freed by moving to Solaris. We have so much more time to develop our software now."-- Joshua Rand, CEO, Sapotek Inc, in SearchEnterpriseLinux.

Tuesday Nov 13, 2007

Gaining Ground

What Sun's OpenSolaris Means For Open Source: "Solaris ought to become as important and disciplined a force in the open-source community as folks like Red Hat and SuSE have been -- and, arguably, even more so." -- Serdar Yegulalp, InformationWeek

Wednesday Oct 20, 2004

Tiemann on Solaris

In a Q&A with CXOtoday, "Sun Could Grow Bigger With Us: Red Hat VP," Michael Tiemann said:

We at Red Hat feel that Sun could have a better bet with x86-Linux as opposed to SPARC-Solaris proprietary route that they're taking. Unix-RISC vendors like IBM have already taken the Linux route and made billions. To summarize, Sun could have a better Linux business if they worked with Red Hat.

Well, we are selling Linux. OpenSolaris is on the way. And we'll continue to sell a fully supported, Sun-branded Solaris operating system on SPARC (isn't SPARC an open spec or something?), x86, and AMD Opteron. Seems we got it all covered.

Friday Oct 08, 2004

The "Real" Sun vs Red Hat Story?

Here's a long rebuttal from Tom Adelstein at LXer to a recent editorial by George Colony, CEO, at Forrester Research about Sun's strategy. Adelstein's article is billed as the "real story" .... "the whole story behind Sun and Red Hat's disagreements." It's a nice piece, and I agree with much of it, but I don't know if it's the "whole story." I do know this, though. The "Sun hates Linux" line is being challenged more and more as we demonstrate the distinctions between a community and a company.

Phipps at LinuxWorld Expo London

Nice piece in The Register on Simon Phipps and his keynote in London at LinuxWorld Expo.

Lots of bits about patents, anti-trust, Microsoft, Sun, the lawsuit, "selling out," IBM, Red Hat,, the Sun Java Desktop System, and the Solaris platform. Not many could tie all that together, but that's what Simon does for a living.

The most interesting part for me was the warning:

Phipps delivered a warning that developers should be prepared to fight for the future of open source. After been ignored and laughed at by detractors "we're at the fighting stage in the development of open source," he said. He compared open source developers to trade guilds, and warned they could be exploited by vendors who would "take code and not give it back", or use open source technology to build brands rather than thinking of the community. "Open source is all about communities. Up until the point a product is supported it's just a hollow gesture by a corporation to thrown code over wall," he said.

I wonder how the open source community will react to this. This implies that a significant change is underway. Being ignored and laughed at is one thing, but fighting is another thing altogether and requires a different strategy. Oftentimes different leaders. In other words, in a fight, everything could change. Interesting to see if this materializes.

You'll love the HP reference in the piece, too! Pretty funny. Not a good week for our friends over at HP.

Thursday Oct 07, 2004

Sun, Red Hat, IBM and Huck Finn

Some interesting observations here from Paul Murphy at LinuxInsider about Sun, Red Hat, and IBM. And Huck Finn? I hadn't thought of that of that one, but ok.

Scott in The Reg

Fascinating article by Ashlee Vance in The Register today about Scott, Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, and Linux. That's quite a combination there, eh? Some nice stuff in this piece that Ashlee says will make the "conspiracy theorists drool." It's a good read.

But I particularly like the last two paragraphs:

There simply isn't a conspiracy between Sun, Microsoft and SCO to kill Linux. There is a business plan to thwart Red Hat. This should not shock anyone. It should be expected.

Red Hat has warm, fuzzy feelings behind it, but it is not the open source community as a whole. It's a company every bit as aggressive as the next. Sun and Microsoft are trying to make this point painfully clear. They're not in love with each other as Red Hat's Michael Tiemann has suggested. They simply have a common enemy.

Oh, and in this article, Scott refers to OpenSolaris again:

McNealy continued to say the only thing Red Hat has that Sun doesn't is the open source label on its operating system, which Sun plans to change in the coming months. He also reiterated points about Sun long giving its Solaris code to customers and about Sun's position behind Berkeley as the second leading contributor of open source code on the planet.

Saturday Oct 02, 2004

Scott on OpenSolaris, Linux, Red Hat

Scott was out and about yesterday. It's hard to miss him, actually. Here are a few bits from Hiawatha Bray's Boston Globe article:

''We love Linux," said McNealy at yesterday's meeting of the Massachusetts Telecommunications Council in Newton. ''We just don't love Red Hat."

Even though Linux itself is free, Red Hat charges high prices for customer service and support. ''You can run Solaris for 20 to 30 percent of the cost of 'free,' " McNealy said.

McNealy stressed that Linux wasn't the enemy. He noted that Sun is one of the leading contributors of free software to open-source projects, that Sun sells computers equipped with Linux, and that the company plans to release the next version of Solaris as an open-source product. ''Open source is not a threat," he said, just Red Hat. ''They're a competitor," McNealy said, ''and we're going to blow them out of the water if we can."

Nice to hear the boss talking about OpenSolaris. I wonder if the millions and millions of lines of code in OpenSolaris will push us over the top as the new number one contributor to open source? I bet it does ... I'll have to start counting ....



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