Friday May 08, 2009

OpenSolaris Community Newsletter: April 2009

I updated the OpenSolaris Community Newsletter section on the site tonight. I rewrote the text on the front page, added some back issues I found recently, and finished up on April. I`m evolving the newsletter into more of a quick little monthly update from the OpenSolaris Developer Collaboration Engineering Team rather than a general review of everything in the OpenSolaris community. Our team is a global group of more than a dozen engineers and managers responsible for building and supporting's web applications, multi-site server facilities, open development tools and infrastructure, and website content. All of our work is designed to build an open development community that participates at multiple levels of the project and offers interesting contributions from around the world. I think if we focus a bit and document some of our key projects in the newsletter that will be more efficient than attempting to take a monthly cut at the entire world of OpenSolaris. So, that`s what we`re doing.

Friday Apr 10, 2009

OpenSolaris Newsletter Updated: March 2009

I updated the OpenSolaris Community Newsletter page with the March 2009 issue. Contributions always welcome. Just ping me at jimgris at sun dot com or post to advocacy-discuss.

Tuesday Mar 10, 2009

OpenSolaris Community Newsletter: February 2009

Here`s the February 2009 issue of the OpenSolaris Community Newsletter. Contributions welcome.

Tuesday Feb 03, 2009

January 2009 OpenSolaris Community Newsletter

I sent out the January 2009 issue of the OpenSolaris Community Newsletter today. We've been writing this document for a few years now, and we've tried various engagement mechanisms. But along with the renewed effort to evolve the portal platform, we'll also be trying to document more in the newsletter. The newsletter is basically a view of things from the OpenSolaris Developer Collaboration Team wrapped in a package of as much news as we can find. It's not intended to be complete, so if you want to contribute let me know. All are welcome.

Friday Dec 26, 2008

OpenSolaris Community Newsletter: Nov/Dec 2008

Linda Bernal published the November/December 2008 issue of the OpenSolaris Community Newsletter the other day. We've been putting out this little newsletter for years now. We don't expect to capture all that's going on in the community (not even close, actually), but it's just an attempt by a few of us to try and track the stuff we can easily see or are directly working on for Bonnie Corwin's Developer Collaboration Team, which is the engineering team that started the OpenSolaris project way back when (a tiny portion of the history is here). Anyway, over time the newsletter has become a nice little repository of information. If you are interested in contributing, just shoot mail to advocacy-discuss, or opensolaris-discuss, or program-discuss. Put "newsletter" in the subject line, and one of us will pick it up.

Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

Updated OpenSolaris Newsletter: Sept 2008

We took a little break from newsletter writing the last few months. That`s a nice way of saying we just got behind and the newsletter fell on the floor. Our fault. But we are at it again, and we are going back to our original style -- some community updates and some program updates. The OpenSolaris Infrastructure Engineering Team started the OpenSolaris project four years ago, and we are trying to capture some of that team`s activities today in the newsletter. So, you`ll see updates on the website application development, website content, SCM, governance, projects, user groups, and whatever else comes our way. Nice and short. Quick read. Here`s September 2008. We`ll try to do a better job of keeping up this time. Feel free to ping us if you want to contribute.

Monday Mar 24, 2008

Newsletter on Genunix

I put the OpenSolaris Newsletter on Genunix for community editing. As the newsletter issues are completed, we will post them in the Advocacy Community Group along with the past issues already there. Eventually, will have wiki editing functionality and we can do our editing work there if we want, but for now Genunix provides an excellent wiki and a better way to widely distribute the news collection process. No single person has a sense of all that is going on around the world in OpenSolaris, so hopefully this will help a bit. We should have done this a long time ago.

We are looking for OpenSolaris news bits, user group meetings, conferences, technical updates, governance issues, important news stories in the media and/or blogs, great quotes, podcasts, photos, pointers to whatever, etc. Feel like contributing? We'd love to have your edits. I put in some initial categories for Feb (which is late) and March (which is not late), but if you have others to suggest then by all means add them and we can talk about what makes most sense. Also, we'll keep track of the edit histories so we know who contributes to each issue.

Thursday Jun 07, 2007

OpenSolaris Newsletter: May 2007

Here's the May issue of the OpenSolaris Newsletter.

Thursday Apr 19, 2007

March OpenSolaris Newsletter

Here's the March issue of the OpenSolaris Community Newsletter. It was a pretty busy month.

Thursday Sep 07, 2006

OpenSolaris Newsletter: July/August

We put out the July-August 2006 OpenSolaris Community Newsletter a few days ago. The back issues are starting to accumulate, which is nice.

Tuesday Jul 04, 2006

OpenSolaris Newsletter: June 2006

Here's the June issue of the OpenSolaris Community Newsletter. A very nice month in which the community blew away some records for conversations and code contributions -- both of which occurred as we celebrated our first year anniversary. In terms of code contributions via the request-sponsor program, June was a record month with 21 contributions integrated, which brought the total to 106 with several dozen in the works. Conversations continue to increase on the Jive discussion forums with new records last week for total views and unique visitors. Also summarized in the newsletter are some promising gains for OpenSolaris at universities in India and China. Back issues of the newsletter are here. Contributions always welcome.

Friday Jun 02, 2006

OpenSolaris Newsletter: May 2006

Yesterday we put out the May issue of the OpenSolaris Community Newsletter. Back issues here.



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