Thursday Nov 13, 2008

Draft Constitution on Genunix Wiki

I put the draft Constitution on the Genunix wiki the other day, and I added a bunch of updates as well. After a few weeks of list conversations, we'll now move to working on the wiki. What becomes of this draft will be voted on in the March 2009 election. Much work still to do. Feedback welcome. Blogs tagged OGB here.

Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

OpenSolaris Constitution: Updating v2

I updated the Constitution again. This is the third attempt. I'm sure there will be many more drafts. You don't write something like this in just a few drafts. Also, I put this version on the Genunix wiki, so hopefully that will make it easy for people to just jump in and edit. The basic structure is all there at this point. Basically, we have one short Constitution outlining the structure of the community and that document points to three process documents: project creation, membership, and group management. The last one, group management, I just created a placeholder for today. We'll have to write that from scratch or bring over and edit some of the process bits from the current Constitution on voting, etc. Here is the whole thread on ogb-discuss. My OGB blogs here.

Monday Mar 31, 2008

OpenSolaris Constitution Updated

Simon Phipps updated the OpenSolaris Constitution with the amendments that passed in the recent election. The previous version is archived, of course.

Tuesday Feb 05, 2008

Testing Contributions

Jim Walker and the test guys have an excellent page here explaining how to qualify to be a Contributor or Core Contributor -- Testing Community Membership. This is good because the distinction between Contributor and Core Contributor in the OpenSolaris Governance is not that clear, and it has caused a great deal of confusion. I think I'll have to steal this model for Advocacy.

Friday Feb 01, 2008

Quiet Construction

I watched this construction site for about 15 minutes today. I used to be in construction, so I always stop and notice any site I come across. The sequence of events always fascinates me. What strikes me about Japanese construction sites is that they are especially clean, extremely organized, and pretty well contained. But even more interesting is that they are generally very quiet. You hear hammers and equipment, sure, but no radios blasting, no screaming and yelling, and really very little conversation. I always try to figure out how the guys communicate. I mean, I`ve never been on a quiet construction site in my life. Here, they are all over the place. Amazing.

Construction Construction

Construction Construction

Monday Jan 28, 2008

Advocacy CG Updating the Voter Rolls

I realize the OpenSolaris Constitution has taken it on the chin this year, and some people want to toss it out. But I don't care. We are updating our voting rolls in the Advocacy CG, and we will participate in the upcoming election. Actually, I'm hoping that Advocacy will offer up some candidates in the election. We have a perfectly fine governance if we work it. If we don't then, sure, it will be trashed and we will deserve our lack of freedom. So, check in on advocacy-discuss (sign up, archives, web forum) as we talk about all this.

Friday Jan 18, 2008

Core Contributor List

Thanks to Eric Boutilier, the OpenSolaris Membership now has its own list. This is good news.

There have been complaints in the past that there is too much noise in the community to make decisions, that absolutely everyone has to have a say, that there is no leadership, and that it's just a free-for-all on the lists. Well, now the Core Contributors (which means "Membership" under our governance) have their own list to rationally discuss issues. The signal to noise ratio should be excellent, right? Instead of thousands of people spread out on multiple lists spinning around all over the place, there is now one list for the voting membership to quietly communicate about important matters. And the Membership is just a few hundred people.

I've supported this move for a while now, and others have agreed. I've always felt that the voting Membership of the OpenSolaris Community is actually well defined. We may feel deadlocked at times, but that's only because we have not asserted our leadership as Core Contributors. We keep looking for that magic "single" leader somewhere. I'm not saying the new list solves all problems. But it takes away the excuse of "we can't even talk because there are too many people screaming and yelling." So, it will be fascinating to see if the list is used or if we just continue to make excuses for our failed attempt to communicate with respect.


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