Wednesday Mar 10, 2010

Moscow OpenSolaris User Group Meeting

I am looking forward to doing a quick video conference call next week with the guys in the Moscow OpenSolaris User Group. It will be at 2:30 in the morning for me, so I think I will make it a quick chat. Meeting details here. MOSUG info here. Special thans to Vladimir Legeza for the invite. Hopefully, some day I will be able to get to Russia. Never been. Always wanted to go.

Tuesday Mar 09, 2010

OpenSolaris Community Growth in Japan

The Japanese OpenSolaris community continues to grow. It's now the 3rd largest community in the OpenSolaris world following the Spanish and Indian communities, it's the 3rd most active, and Tokyo is the #1 city outside the United States for sending traffic to The community in Japan also continues to diversify as well with general users mixing with kernel developers and globalization engineers. In fact, this diversity is driving the need to run concurrent sessions for beginners and advanced developers and users at community events.

There are multiple parts to the community in Japan:

There is a lot going on. I try to track what I can at this tag.

Friday Feb 05, 2010

OpenSolaris Rocks Serbia

Here is a nice example from Serbia demonstrating the value of building a local OpenSolaris community. It can lead to some very interesting organizations paying very close attention to what you are doing. Congrats, guys! Some of the OpenSolaris User Groups are doing some really interesting work out there, and they are contributing to the overall community in a very big way.

Monday Feb 01, 2010

OpenSolaris in India's Digit

Abhishek Kumar, the leader of the Mumbai OpenSolaris User Group in India, surely gets the star of the month for getting OpenSolaris into Digit, India's largest IT magazine. There will be a 100,000 copies of this special 96 page mini book -- "Fast Track to OpenSolaris" -- on Install, ZFS, DTrace, Source Juicer, etc. Check out the contents of the February magazine shipment. Nice to see OpenSolaris on one of the DVDs. See Abhishek's announcement here. Beautiful cover on that mini book, eh?

Sunday Jan 31, 2010

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group 013010

There were two sessions (beginners/advanced) at the monthly Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group on Saturday:

OpenSolaris Study Group 013010

OpenSolaris Study Group 013010

A third concurrent session will be opened hopefully starting in February or March. More info soon. Subscribe to ug-jposug and ug-tsug to participate.

More info about the OpenSolaris communtiy in Japan here. More OpenSolaris photos here.

Monday Dec 07, 2009

OpenSolaris at FOSS.IN 2009

Sriram Narayanan posted some nice updates to advocacy-discuss the other day (here, here, here, here) from FOSS.IN in Bangalore. It's excellent when people post mail like this to the community list when they are out at conferences because it leads to discussion around the world and helps generate ideas for the future. Connecting communities globally is just as important as building them locally.

Here are some FOSS.IN images from Kumar Abhishek. See the Bangalore OpenSolaris Community here. And, of course, the BeleniX distribution goes here. I couldn't make it to FOSS.IN again this year. Bummed. Maybe next year.

Monday Oct 26, 2009

2 Upcoming OpenSolaris Events in Tokyo

There are two events coming up in Tokyo for the OpenSolaris community. See Shoji's announcement. The first is an OpenSolaris Night Seminar at Sun's Jingumae office on Friday, and the other will be activities at the Tokyo Open Source Conference on Saturday. Stop by. We'll have some interesting presentations from Sun Japan engineers and community members. Also, there will be plenty of OpenSolaris CDs and t-shirts and such. And a nomi, too. Should be fun.

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009

New Tech Days Archive in Advocacy

I rebuilt the old Sun Tech Days pages in Advocacy today and consolidated 34 pages into 2. I had wanted to get those pages cleaned up for the migration to XWiki because I have some of my own slides in there, and some people used my content as the basis of other presentations so I want to preserve that history. But many of the pages and most of the links were broken, a bunch of stuff was just missing, and what was left was not migrating to XWiki that well. Time to fix. All we really need is a basic archive of speakers, bios, venue dates, and presentations. So I just took out all the tables and graphics and broken stuff and started over. Plus, we don't need 34 pages gumming up the left nav on the new site when we move. Simple lists work best. Now, there were about 120 presentation attachments that had to be downloaded, reorganized, uploaded, and re-linked, so I'm sure I missed and/or broke a few. I'll clean them this week and then delete the old pages when I know I have the links right after the next migration on Wednesday. Anyway, here they are:

Sun Tech Days Archive 2006-2007 | Sun Tech Days Archive 2007-2008

Monday Oct 19, 2009

Tokyo Open Source Conference

The Japanese OpenSolaris Community will be at the Tokyo Open Source Conference next week (30th and 31st). The Japan OpenSolaris User Group guys will be there with talks about their group activities, and Sun`s Reiko Saito will present on how to contribute translations to the community. Stop by.

Indonesia Earthquake

It`s sad to learn that so many people have been affected by the terrible earthquake in West Sumatra, Indonesia on September 30. Some of my colleagues from Sun Indonesia tell me that 750 people have been killed, hundreds are missing, and thousands are homeless. Sun Indonesia will be helping. Contact Harry Kaligis (harry dot kaligis at sun dot co dot id) and Alex Budiyanto (alex dot budiyanto at sun dot co dot id) if you`d like more information and want to help. Members of the OpenSolaris community have also been impacted by this disaster. Our deepest sympathy to everyone involved.

Images courtesy Alex Budiyanto, Indonesia OpenSolaris User Group

Friday Oct 16, 2009

OSUG Leaders Meeting at OSDevCon 2009

There will be an OpenSolaris User Group Leaders Meeting at OSDevCon in Germany in a couple of weeks. Partial travel support will be available. Ping Teresa Giacomini on advocacy-discuss for more info. It's worth trying to make this conference. It's a very good event. I went to the first two OSDevCon's and I am bummed I can't make this one. Let me know how it goes this year.

I am looking forward to an OSUG Leaders meeting in Asia some day. I wonder where we should hold that?

Tuesday Oct 13, 2009

Tokyo OpenSolaris User Group: Resources

I am building out a page of resources contributed to the community from the Tokyo OpenSolaris User Group. If you have something to contribute that you want posted, ping ug-tsug at opensolaris dot org (subscribe here). Also, I am looking for people who are interested in editing the TSUG website when we move to XWiki on in two weeks. Here is the current list of leaders. We need editors, translators, coders, writers, photographers, videographers, designers, organizers, students, professors, business guys etc. Everything. And, of course, if you are interested in presenting something on OpenSolaris or Open Source or community development we'd be happy to have you talk as well.

Wednesday Oct 07, 2009

Planning a Wet and Windy Nomi

A few guys from the Tokyo OpenSolaris User Group will be getting together tomorrow night for a beer (nomikai). Martin Schmidt from the Osnabrück OSUG in Germany will here, so it will be great to meet him and talk all things East and West. But there is also a big hairy typhoon spinning its way to Tokyo. So, we may get wet.

Sunday Sep 27, 2009

Fixing Bugs, Cleaning Content, Making Progress

Bill and Bonnie sent some update emails (here, here) on Friday to website-discuss about the migration. We continue to migrate content three days a week from the tonic database on to XWiki on, and things are starting to shape up nicely. Chris has fixed a pile of bugs (see Bill`s mail for the list), and Bonnie has updated the content migration document so people can better understand how to fix pages at the source if the content does not migrate cleanly. Chris will continue fixing bugs each week, and we`ll document those fixes in the content migration emails Bill sends. A few of us are also working on cleaning the common pages on the site -- that`s the content not owned by Community Groups, Projects, and User Groups. There are well over 100 pages in that category. We are deleting, updating, fixing, merging, and documenting. We got fat with common pages over the last few years, so I am trying to delete as much as possible. XWiki community here. Why we chose XWiki here. I`ll update Phase 2 of the website transition schedule tomorrow night.

In one of my own areas, I have been continuing to poke through the Advocacy pages and have been making pretty good progress. There are still a lot of broken pages that have no owners, so I`ll have to delete that stuff at some point. When we move to XWiki we`ll be giving more than 100 people edit privileges to the Advocacy pages, so I want to make some room for those guys to post new content. Today I updated the front page and some of the OSUG background and process pages and cut the content substantially. Hopefully, it`s getting easier to just get a quick idea of what`s going on, where to go for help, and how to do the basics. Most stuff happens on list via conversation anyway, and most activity at this point is based around OpenSolaris User Group so things are quite distributed.

I also cut the text around governance. Very few people are interested in governance, and it`s really not necessary for how we run Advocacy and build community globally at the grass roots. In fact, it generally gets in the way. I have pitched governance issues hard in Advocacy and in my presentations for years now, but I don`t think we have made any progress at all. So, if people are interested in governance, that`s great. We encourage them to read the OpenSolaris Constitution and interact with the OpenSolaris Governing Board on ogb-discuss (subscribe, forum). There are plenty of opportunities to write, reform, and implement processes there. I no longer have the time or inclination myself, nor do we have the space or interest level in Advocacy to dedicate to issues that are not working. Also, I now think that governance on the one hand and direct community building & project management on the other really ought to be separate. It`s just a cleaner way to think about both. And, actually, many others have suggested the same thing along the way. I`m slow. Anyway, for me, there are simply too many other really interesting development projects to manage and user communities to build around the world.

Making progress.

Thursday Sep 24, 2009

OSUG Community Conference Calls 09/25

There will be two OpenSolaris User Group community conference calls on 9/25. Stop by. These calls are always great fun with people from all over the world talking about their experiences building community locally.

Friday Sep 04, 2009

OSUG Conference Call

Teresa Giacomini will be running an OpenSolaris User Group community conference call on Friday September 4 at 8 a.m. PDT (3 p.m. GMT). That's midnight in Tokyo, but I'll be up and will chime in. It'll be nice to hear some OSUG voices from around the world. We'll also be on IRC at #opensolaris-ugs on Freenode. Conference call numbers are here if you'd like to join in.

Monday Aug 17, 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009: Photos

opensolarisHere are some images from the Conference for Open Source Coders, Users, and Promoters (COSCUP) in Taiwan on Saturday. There were about 600 people at the conference over the weekend, and I was happy that about 250 people sat through my talk on OpenSolaris. I had a tough act to follow going behind Ubuntu, especially since the audience was about 95% Linux users/developers. But I think things went pretty well even if I did make a boat load of mistakes. It's a great honor talking to people who are new to OpenSolaris, especially in areas outside the main OpenSolaris community. I view it as a massive opportunity to engage people and learn from them and connect them to other communities -- but it`s also humbling when you realize just how much work we have yet to do as we build the OpenSolaris community around the world. Anyway, it was a pleasure participating at this event. Really nice show with a clear community feel. Hope to go back again next year.

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

COSCUP Taiwan 2009 COSCUP Taiwan 2009

Video: one, two, three, four, five, six

Taiwan OpenSolaris User Group: Photos

On Friday I participated at the Taiwan OpenSolaris User Group meeting in Taipei. It was my first trip to Taiwan and the first time I met the members of the user group there. Great fun all around. Special thanks to Ben Wu for inviting me to present and to everyone for taking such good care of me and making me feel welcome. Over the weekend we went to the COSCUP conference for more OpenSolaris activities.

Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09

Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09 Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09

Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09 Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09

Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09 Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09

Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09 Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09

Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09 Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09

Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09 Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09

Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09 Taiwan OpenSolaris UG 8/09

Thursday Aug 13, 2009

Summer OSUG Kits: Taking Orders Now

Teresa is taking orders for the Summer version of the 2009.06 OpenSolaris User Group Kits. Order early and often. The stuff is free, of course.

Wednesday Aug 05, 2009

New OSUG Channel on IRC

There is now a new channel on for the OpenSolaris User Groups: #opensolaris-ugs. Thanks to Steven Acres for the setup. More OpenSolaris channels are listed here: I updated that page with a few new links, but if there are more channels that are active, let me know and I'll grow the list.

Monday Aug 03, 2009

Going to COSCUP 2009 Taiwan

I'm looking forward to participating at the Conference for Open Source Coders, Users, and Promoters (COSCUP) in Taiwan in mid-August. I'll be talking about OpenSolaris, of course, and how developers and users can contribute to the project, how we are organizing communities around the world, and how we are rebuilding It will be my first time in Taiwan and my first time hanging out with the Taiwan OpenSolaris User Group (TWOSUG) as well. Should be fun.

Thursday Jul 09, 2009

An OpenSolaris Monsoon in India

A little OpenSolaris (at scale) in India. "Indians are celebrating a monsoon with OpenSolaris this month." -- Abhishek Kumar. This booklet on OpenSolaris is going out to a couple of hundred thousand people throughout the country.

Sunday Jun 28, 2009

Japan OpenSolaris Community Meeting 062709

The Japan OpenSolaris Community together on Saturday. Nice day (and night). About 60 people came by for the three sessions, two of which were in Japanese and the third in English. Then all three groups came together for a nomikai. I think the model works well to start integrating the Japanese and international OpenSolaris communities.

I used a new lens for this event. My f/1.4 lens is getting fixed, so I borrowed Jon`s 50mm f/1.2, which is one scary smart lens. It`s a tad expensive, too, so I was more than a little nervous shooting with it. Anyway, at f/1.2 the focus is just razor thin. Focus on someone`s glasses and their entire face is out. I messed up a few images that way, but by the end of the night I was getting used to it. Amazing piece of glass. By the way, you can see Jon`s stuff here. He`s one of the best photographers around.

Saturday Jun 27, 2009

OpenSolaris in Brazil: Right at the Top!

Nothing like going right to the very top, eh? My goodness. Here's the OpenSolaris community in Brazil at FISL hanging out with Brazil's President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. I think this sets a new standard in government relations for the entire OpenSolaris community, don't you think? So, each one of us around the world now has to go out and shoot some images (video is fine, too) of our country's leader standing with our respective communities all dressed up in OpenSolaris stuff. Ok. Should be easy enough. Just send your images to osug-leaders or advocacy-discuss, and we'll collect them there.

Absolutely. Outrageous.

Monday Jun 15, 2009

Japan OSUG and Tokyo OSUG: Joint Meeting 6/27

The OpenSolaris community in Japan is planning its second multi-session user group meeting -- combining the Japan OSUG and the Tokyo OSUG. The meeting will be in Sun`s Yoga office (directions with photos here) on Saturday June 27th. It`s a killer line up, too. Stop by if you are new to OpenSolaris or if you are an experienced developer. All are welcome. I have OpenSolaris t-shirts to give out, too.

148 OpenSolaris User Groups

We added some new OpenSolaris User Groups lately, so we are up to 148 now. Check the leaders grid for an OSUG near you. And if you are starting an OSUG in your area and want us to link to your website and/or discussion forum on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, then please do and ping us on advocacy-discuss and osug-leaders and we'll get connected. Or if you'd like to propose a new OSUG using infrastructure on, then the process is outlined here. Stop by.

Saturday May 30, 2009

Japan OpenSolaris User Group 053009

Nice time today at the Japan OpenSolaris User Group meeting. Check out this schedule -- several sessions. Very cool that the JPOSUG is big enough now to have some break out sessions. There were about 45 people there, and what`s even better is that there were a lot of new people who stopped by. Building for the future. I did a short talk on community building and the upcoming website transition, and then there were some deep dives into OpenSolaris internals and installation with the Tokyo OpensSolaris Study Group. Some guys went out for a nijikai afterwards, but I didn`t. Gotta catch a plane to San Francisco tomorrow. 

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009 Japan OpenSolaris UG 053009

Wednesday May 27, 2009

Dive Deep into OpenSolaris at CommunityOne

Going to CommunityOne in San Francisco next week? Here's the schedule. Don't forget the "deep dives" they have in there, too. You can register for those sessions right here. It's free.

Friday May 08, 2009

OpenSolaris Community Newsletter: April 2009

I updated the OpenSolaris Community Newsletter section on the site tonight. I rewrote the text on the front page, added some back issues I found recently, and finished up on April. I`m evolving the newsletter into more of a quick little monthly update from the OpenSolaris Developer Collaboration Engineering Team rather than a general review of everything in the OpenSolaris community. Our team is a global group of more than a dozen engineers and managers responsible for building and supporting's web applications, multi-site server facilities, open development tools and infrastructure, and website content. All of our work is designed to build an open development community that participates at multiple levels of the project and offers interesting contributions from around the world. I think if we focus a bit and document some of our key projects in the newsletter that will be more efficient than attempting to take a monthly cut at the entire world of OpenSolaris. So, that`s what we`re doing.

Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Some Thunder and Lightning at CommunityOne

The OpenSolaris community is being encouraged to submit some lightning talks at CommunityOne in San Francisco on June 1st. Cool. See Aaron Houston's mail and link for details. At conferences I heavily favor the lightning talks. I find the rapid-fire format promotes more direct community involvement at the event, and it also generates a great deal of humor as well. Most hour long sessions are just too quiet. I prefer quick talks full of noise. Some thunder and lightning. See you at CommunityOne.


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