The NetBeans "Attitude"

NetBeans vs. Eclipse, this time with attitude: "While I’m not switching to NetBeans (or anything else) any time soon, I do find much to admire in this new release and the philosophy behind it. I had a hard time coming up with a good word to describe this but let’s call it: the NetBeans attitude ... So what do I like about the NetBeans attitude? First, I like the attitude that NetBeans means one thing. It’s an IDE. Its entire purpose is to make life easier for developers. I’m a developer, so I’m all for anything that does that!" -- Ed Burnette, Software, gadgets and games, ZDNet

That's an interesting quote about NetBeans from an Eclipse fan. I can appreciate the quote because I agree with it. I was involved in NetBeans on the marketing side right around the time when IBM launched Eclipse. It was a wild time for the NetBeans team, but they surely taught me all about attitude. :) They were an amazing group of people back then, no question about it, and I see that little has changed in that regard. Which is very cool.

So, after reading this post I got to thinking about OpenSolaris. What's the OpenSolaris attitude? Do we have one? What's the one thing we are known for and do best? What's our attitude?


I don't see much OpenSolaris in the way of making waves. I think if you take the Ubuntu Model and look at it compaired to OpenSolaris and it's not the same at all. While I think Geeks know about OpenSolaris because they are tuned in, the project needs more poeple time.

OpenSolaris needs a Steve Jobs or a Mark Shuttleworth. Someone to rally the base and make them all crazy. Right now I don't think Mr Schwartz is as dynamic as you all at Sun think he is. IMHO he is rather boring or in some cases a typical CEO type. Sticks to the facts and does nothing that would make investors mad. To me I can name thousands of CEO who could replace him.

OpenSolaris is a very neat direction and it needs a very neat leader, someone who is at time Rodeo Clown and Three Ring Circus Big Top guy. Sun has never had that kind of person. I place Sun in the same box as Microsoft and IBM, all three very boring companies with so much technology there is no way they can explain it on a web site much less in person. They missed the KISS method a long time ago, that is not saying they are bad but to the average geek they are just another blip on the screan.

I am a fan of Netbeans and have put it to use before, and I do think it is more fun than IBM's Eclipse and this is coming from a guy who bleeds blue and knows what IBM is all about. Eclipse is what it is and it's not what it needs to be. It's to hard to make it do what you want and again the guys explaining it features are dry and unable to translate them to real world terms we all can understand.

Hope that helps Jim!

Posted by David Vasta on September 22, 2007 at 07:06 AM JST #

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Posted by Jim Grisnazio on September 22, 2007 at 12:06 PM JST #

Hey, David: A Jobs or Shuttleworth, eh? That's a tall order my friend! My goodness. :) I wouldn't mind a visible leader like that, but I'm not a fan of cults of individuals. In other words, any gigantic name like that on OpenSolaris would also have to enable individual leaders of projects and communities. OpenSolaris is already very diversified, so I'm not sure a single leader model would work. It \*could\* work, however, if it's not a total top to bottom control point. Do you see anyone on OpenSolaris who could grow into that?

Posted by Jim Grisnazio on September 22, 2007 at 12:13 PM JST #

The OpenSolaris attitude is to be proud of things "invented here" that will happen\*, since they're on some roadmap scheduled for putback someday. I see way too much patting each other on the back around here for my tastes. Leave that to customers and the press. Now go out and realize your potential before Linux beats you to it.

\* like this:

Posted by OpenSolaris Reality Check Guy on September 23, 2007 at 02:35 AM JST #

I think a leader can rally the troops and as I look around OpenSolaris I see leaders but not a "Rally Cap" type person. Someone to set up goals and drive them to market. Even though OpenSolaris is not the same as an Apple but in the end I thin OpenSolaris needs a little bag of crazy, a little crazy can go a long way, even some misguided press releases or announce you are going to legally sue Sun if they don't stop using OpenSolaris's Code.....something crazy. It needs to make the national news every once and a while, and it also needs more people like you Jim to tell the truth about it and what you are doing. As I see it OpenSolaris is moving in the proper direction just at about the same pace as FreeBSD is as well and to say I am happy with either pace would be overstated.

There needs to be tha BIG BANG that hurls OpenSolaris into pop culture. Ubuntu has become a almost as popular as the word Linux. People are starting to pay attention to it and that is good, but I also think that OpenSolaris has more to offer right now than Ubuntu but you don't hear or see that going on other than me saying it here on you blog and we all know everyone is reading this. Well Everyone who is important.

Thanks for the chance to say what I think. I know I am not very agreeable but I do apprechiate the opprotunity to voice my opinion and not get the typical 13 year old STFU comment. Nothing makes me more crazy. I am pondering what you have asked in the post and thinking of ways to make the BIG BANG happen.....


Posted by David Vasta on September 23, 2007 at 05:26 AM JST #

Oh and I like the new Picture. It's Much more better!

Posted by David Vasta on September 23, 2007 at 05:27 AM JST #

Thanks re the pic. I looks ok in Mozilla but IE really destroys it. Not sure why.

Posted by Jim Grisnazio on September 23, 2007 at 01:51 PM JST #

A Rally Cap, Big Bang guy, eh? Humm ... that doesn't sound like Solaris. :) True, we don't have anyone like that and I think we are still a year or so away from being more Ubuntu-like. More work to be done first, but I have great hopes for Indiana. So, we are moving in that direction. It will be interesting to see what happens along the way. I had thought that a dynamic leader would emerge by now, but I was wrong. I'm no longer making predictions for the future. :0) I just don't know.

Posted by Jim Grisnazio on September 23, 2007 at 01:58 PM JST #

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