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We have opening for summit Developer In Uk London So any intrested please send me a mail at or call me at 02081506905

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Keeping up its word to the IT world and following the success of the previous year, JAX India 2008 is all set to roll in Bangalore, from 8-11th of April.

Jax India 2008 offers its participants a three-fold conference experience: JAX India 2008, Enterprise Architecture India 2008 and Eclipse Forum India 2008. It is an extensive collection of information, learning and networking event for IT professionals.

The event attracts visionaries, industry luminaries, software developers and architects and IT consultants all under one roof to impart the latest information on most strategic and technical developments. Mike Keith from Oracle Corp, Chris Aniszczykan, Eclipse committer based out of IBM Austin Labs (IBM Lotus), David Intersimone, Vice President of Developer Relations and CodeGear's Chief Evangelist and Ken Sipe, Technology Director with Perficient are some of the big names associated with the brand JAX India.

Delegates and sponsors come from far and wide to network, acquire and be at the receiving end of this priceless knowledge platform.

Things to look out for in JAX India 2008 are:
• Selection of industry experts from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific
• Over 60 sessions, including focused full-day/half-day power workshops
• Real-world business advice from Enterprise IT decision makers
• An opportunity to attend three conferences for the price of one
• Gather first-hand information about new vendor products and services at the joint expo

Register Before 15th March 2008 to avail special discount
Visit: for details

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If you work on Java, Rich Web and/or Microsoft technologies then you shouldn't miss Great Indian Developer Summit 2008, happening May 19-24 2008 at the IISc in Bangalore ( The conference offers the ultimate value in getting to learn new skills and know new people. With the fast moving technology environment, it is extremely important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry; otherwise, you will be left behind without anyone even raising any eyebrow.

5 Conference Days. 100+ Sessions. 40+ Speakers. 5-day Tradeshow. 2 Evening Parties. 1 Developer Awards & Fest

The summit will be an inclusive gathering for the technology and business communities through a combined conference and trade show. Topics covered at the summit will stick to the overall theme of 'Improving Enterprise Productivity'. From unique ideas, tips and techniques, to market research you weren't aware of, you will come away more educated.
• At Bleeding-edge .NET Conference hear luminaries from the world of .NET discuss and debate new technologies emerging from the Microsoft stable; tune into .NET's laser focus on business-critical applications, and soak into experiential learning of software development tools and practices in the golden period of .NET.
• At Rich Web Conference learn how browser and rich web technologies such as AJAX, DHTML, Mashups, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 technologies, and rich UI technologies are making money and gaining market-share for some of the leading businesses in the world.
• At Daring Java Conference hear authorities from the world of Java discuss and debate the present and future of the language and VM, how they are evolving to meet the community's ever-changing needs, and some of the cutting-edge tools, technologies & techniques used for building robust enterprise Java applications today.
You will not find talks of this caliber at other events. Some very good speakers are already lined up (
• The Future of Enterprise Java by Jim Farley
• SharePoint 2007 Feature Deployment for the Developer by Ed Musters
• Master Class: The Elements of User Experience by Jesse James Garrett, the Father of Ajax
• Silverlight 2.0 Deep Dive Workshop by Todd Anglin
• Practical Semantic Web: Web Plumbing 101 by Eran Shir
• Building Java-based Cloud Architectures by Amazon's Jinesh Varia
• RIA Development on The Microsoft Stack Using Flex by Mike Grushin
• Using Persistent Java Objects in Multiple Tiers by Craig Russell
• Doing More With CruiseControl.Net and nAnt by Donald Belcham
• Picking the Right Technology for Enterprise RIA by Yakov Fain
• Enterprise Mashups Using Java by Greg Murray
• Java Performance Tooling by Holly Cummins
• SQL Server 2008 Deep Dive Workshop by Chad Boyd
• .NET Gotchas by Dr. Venkat Subramaniam
• Beginning Drools - Rule Engines in Java by Brian Sam-Bodden
• Develop Secured Ajax Applications by Olivier Poupeney
• Leveraging Open Source in Java EE Projects by Peter Thomas
• Web Services Development in Java without JEE by Sanjaya Karunasena
• Ajax and Comet: Implementing the Real-Time Web by Alessandro Alinone
• Acceptance Test-Driven Development by Naresh Jain
• EJB 3 Java Persistence API in Action by Deb Panda

The workshops include:
• Workshop: Rich Internet Applications with Flex and Java
• Workshop: Silverlight 2.0 Deep Dive
• Workshop: Hands On Lab: SharePoint 2007 Development
• Workshop: Master Class: The Elements of User Experience
• Workshop: SQL Server 2008 Deep Dive
• Workshop: Java Data Objects Tutorial
• Workshop: Wicket, Spring and Hibernate: Putting It all Together
• Workshop: Harnessing Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs)
• Workshop: Parachuting Into Brownfields
• Workshop: Acceptance Test-Driven Development
• Chalk Talk: Open Session SQL 2008 Q&A
So sign up now! You’ll be glad you did. Early Bird Closes 28th April.

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Thanks you for the Solaris Summit Links

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