Attack of the Rabid, Brain Dead Pit Bull

So, while I was away with the baby recently it seems I came up in a couple of, ah, conversations about OpenSolaris. Sometimes on this project I have to stop and look over my shoulder just to make sure Rod Serling isn't back there narrating my life.

Here's a post from Slashdot and my comments in bold red (thought I didn't correct the original typos):

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People just can't stand Sun's endless stream of BS (Score:0)
by Anonymous Coward on Friday May 06, @06:27AM (#12450385)

What are these people complaining about? (We're tired of getting attacked.) I mean, it was Sun's very own Jim Grisanzio (What ... no link?) who set the tone here. (How`s that? I've responded, not attacked. Please cite your evidence to the contrary.) For month (No. I've been responding to attacks on Solaris for over a year now.) he is attacking every critical statement (Oh, no ... I've missed hundreds of attacks on Solaris, but I've been trying my best to keep up.) about Sun's OpenSolaris release like a brain-dead pitbull with rabies (appologies to all pitbulls) (Ouch. Now that hurt. Great quote, though. I'm saving it.).

And JG is not even funny or imaginative (I'm not trying to be ... are you?). He is just playing the same old record: "People who complain are stupid.", (I never said that. Any evidence to the contrary?) "People who ask for details are brain dead and don't get it". (Nope. I never said that one either.) "OpenSolaris will be released real soon now". (Well, it will.)

OpenSolaris is indeed vapourware (Yes, from your perspective; no from ours. It's a draw.) with an GPL incompatible license. (I thought it was the other way around.) And Sun is working very hard to piss of even more programmers. (Even more? Even more than what?)

It is high time for Sun to put up or shut up. (Totally agree.) That propaganda dog-and-pony show is going on many potential developer's nerves. (Like who?)


And then there's this comment at ZDNet (could it be the same guy?):

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Well, the thing is, the baby is still not born. (Partially correct.) But Sun did already throw one birth party after the other (More than that, actually.), colleced the presents (positive press) (and massive attacks) and expects everyone to praise the unseen baby's beauty. (No. We're just telling our customers and developers what we're doing, that's all. It really is that simple.)

The birth is almost six month overdue, (Oh, goodness no, it's much longer than that.) and of course people start to ask the obvious questions: Why does it take so long, (You wouldn't want to know, believe me.) and is the lady really pregnant?

Sun's reaction to these questions, especially that of the community manager JG is not adequiate. (Correct. I've been pushing for a much more aggressive response to the attacks, a faster release cycle, and zero marketing.) Blindly declaring all critics as being stupid (I never said that.), "not geting it", (Yep. I say that sometimes to those who blindly attack Solaris and deny that the Solaris community even exists.) leechers (I don't know what that means.), or trolls (Not a word I generally use.) works only so fare. The reaction of the open source comunity (Which open source community?) is predictable. This is not a community that swallows marketing bull. Instead, the statement "put up or shut up" is exactly the right one. (Correct. And we are. We have a license, we published a road map, we announced a Community Advisory board, we released DTrace, more to come.)

It is hight time for Sun to stop the propaganda and "show us the code" (another cl\*\*\*\*ic request of the FOSS community). Many have tried to join the FOSS community with all talk and no code. (Correct. We've got 10 million lines of Solaris code coming ... not to mention all the other projects we have out there.) The trolls are the ones who can't show code, not the ones who ask to see it. (Is that all you are doing? Just asking to see the code?)

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Fun stuff, eh? So, these comments came from a Slashdot conversation -- Sun Developers Refute OpenSolaris Vaporware Claims -- and a ZDNet article -- OpenSolaris developers defend their baby.  For more of this you can see Dan, Dennis, Alan, Jason, and Bill. And they have a bunch of links as well.

I know, I know ... people told me not to respond to this, but I couldn't help it. Bullies never like it when you fight back and defend yourself. But, sorry. I do.


Don't let them get you down. Everyone knows that Sun is working hard to get this puppy released. People just expect you to throw it out there without even dealing with legal issues surrounding the code. People want things right now, not 6 months from now. It is just the way humans are programmed to think. It works the same with any other software companies. People always complain that Linux doesn't get new kernels out fast enough or newer versions of packages out as soon as possible. Apparently people would rather have buggie code than a reliable system. Have to prove them wrong and get this puppy out of the door. As long as your deliver on your promise and get a high-quality version of Open-Solaris out you'll quiet all your critics. Of course then they will just fine something new to complain about. Just part of life I guess.

Posted by Brad on May 24, 2005 at 09:43 PM JST #

Jim, 1) HANG TOUGH! Quality software will quickly dispel the most negative commentary. 2) DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY! You have a new addition to your family, in five (5) years time this will be past history. 3) WHAT'S NEXT? OpenSolaris is a 'beginning'. Kindly check your messages for my 'appliance' information and OpenSolaris debut recommendations. 4) AN 'HISTORIC' MOMENT? OASIS approval of 'Open Document' (.odx) as THE recommended format for ALL documents is, I believe, a 'world first'. Someone within the global press should thank SUN for this IN PUBLIC! THANK YOU ALL!

Posted by William R. Walling on May 25, 2005 at 05:27 PM JST #

Do any of these clowns remember how long it took Netscape to release the Mozilla code?

There is a big difference between a project that is already open source and open sourcing a previously closed source project.

Plus, Solaris, like all commercial UNIX variants, is full of code licensed from other entities (X, OpenGL, etc.). That all has to be worked out as well.

Sometimes I wonder if the colletive IQ of the human race is declining.

Posted by Mark on May 25, 2005 at 07:54 PM JST #

RE Mark "Do any of these clowns remember how long it took Netscape to release the Mozilla code?" Nope. The people that complain the most have the most selective memories. Just like the IBM fanboys that think IBM is all cuddly over Linux and patents out of the goodness of their hearts or the Microsoft fanboys who think C# is standardized for the greater good (not that all those other APIs mattered, anyway...). "Sometimes I wonder if the colletive IQ of the human race is declining." It's probably about the same, but the WWW turns _everyone_ into journalists, even those who haven't learned to read, yet.

Posted by Anon on May 26, 2005 at 07:23 AM JST #

Thanks for your comments. I actually think these guys are \*not\* the majority out there, but I also think it's important to point to them and call them for what they are -- attackers. I'm confident that what we will release will be impressive for our community.

Posted by Jim G. on May 28, 2005 at 04:33 AM JST #

Jim, these guys are hiding behind anonymous. At least we have the integrity to put a name behind what we say and do.

Posted by John Clingan on May 29, 2005 at 08:06 AM JST #

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