Monday Mar 29, 2010

OpenSolaris DTrace @ Yokohama Linux UG

I went to the Yokohama Linux User Group meeting held at Rakuten Inc., in Shinagawa Seaside (far away), earlier tonight to see Hisayoshi Kato and Mikiya Okuno talk about DTrace. There were more than 80 guys there from multiple communities including OpenSolaris, Linux, BSD, MySQL, and others. For more on DTrace, including some Japanese presentations, see the OpenSolaris DTrace Day event from last Saturday in Tokyo.

Saturday Mar 27, 2010

A Quick Visit to Tokyo Hackerspace

I stopped by the Tokyo Hackerspace in Shirokanedai earlier today and dropped off 10 OpenSolaris Bibles and 15 OpenSolaris t-shirts. And a few hats. Actually, I dragged the stuff all the way from my office in Yoga. It took forever. Those damn bibles are bricks. A thousand pages each. But I figured a house full of international hackers could use some books and shirts. I find the Hackerspaces concept really interesting because it attracts people who participate in multiple communities.

Friday Mar 19, 2010

OpenSolaris IPS Tokyo 031910

Here are a few images from the OpenSolaris Hot Topics Seminar on IPS tonight in Yoga. I could only stay for a few minutes, but it was nice to see around 50 people stop by for three sessions on the new packaging system in the OpenSolaris operating system.

OpenSolaris IPS Tokyo 031910 OpenSolaris IPS Tokyo 031910

OpenSolaris IPS Tokyo 031910 OpenSolaris IPS Tokyo 031910

Sunday Mar 14, 2010

Meeting the Russians

I had a really nice conversation with Vladimir Legeza and the Moscow OpenSolaris User Group via Skype late last night. Great fun. Hopefully, I can get to Russia some day. My favorite image here. Set here.  

Massive DTrace Day Coming to Tokyo

The Japanese OpenSolaris Community will be hosting a massive DTrace Day on Saturday, March 27th in Yoga. Meeting details are here in Japanese and here in English. Directions with photos are here in Japanese and English. There will be two rooms to hold the six sessions. All talks will be on DTrace and everything will be in Japanese. A nomikai will follow (of course). Developers working on all operating systems platforms are welcome.

DTrace at Yokohama Linux User Group

kato dtrace zfs japanIn my job I meet a lot of interesting engineers. That’s why I like what I do. I don’t really get the technology that deeply, but I do very much find the people fascinating. It’s the people who build communities. It’s the people who create history.

Anyway, one character I know here in Tokyo is Hisayoshi Kato (blog, twitter). He’s a core developer in the Japan OpenSolaris community. He’ll be presenting DTrace at the Yokohama Linux User Group (YLUG) Monday night March 29th (and don’t forget DTrace Day on the 27th at the OpenSolaris User Group). If you know Japanese and you want to know DTrace, you should go to these presentations. Everyone is welcome.

Kato-san presented DTrace at the Tokyo Linux User Group a while back, and he’s done technical talks at many FOSS conferences and user groups meetings throughout Japan. He also knows a bunch about ZFS, too. He’s a co-author of this book on ZFS, which is an original work in Japanese. And finally, if you are are going to the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco in April, you may bump into Kato-san there as well. Hopefully, he’ll be able to meet up with some OpenSolaris guys in the Bay Area during the Linux conference.

Tokyo Linux User Group 031310

There was an interesting Tokyo Linux User Group Meeting yesterday. We did an Open Space meeting (info here, here, here) to have a free-flowing discussion about the community and what we want to do this year. I took some notes from the conversation and posted them to the list (subscribe here). Basically, we kicked around ideas for technical presentations and how we can structure meetings to enable more types of talks. Also, we want to grow the group, so we’d like to reach out to other communities in Tokyo (and around the world, actually) to see if we can enable some new connections. That’s the part I’m most interested in, and that’ll be my focus as the group’s new vice president (we did a little election today, thanks, guys!). I’m really excited about this. I’ve been participating in TLUG for a few years now, and I want to do a lot more to help the community grow. I missed the nomikai after the meeting because I was up pretty much the entire night before, but I’ll make the next one for sure. Here are some images from the meeting:

Tokyo Linux User Group 031310

Tokyo Linux User Group 031310

Tokyo Linux User Group 031310

Tokyo Linux User Group 031310

Tokyo Linux User Group 031310

Tokyo Linux User Group 031310

Tokyo Linux User Group 031310

Wednesday Mar 10, 2010

Moscow OpenSolaris User Group Meeting

I am looking forward to doing a quick video conference call next week with the guys in the Moscow OpenSolaris User Group. It will be at 2:30 in the morning for me, so I think I will make it a quick chat. Meeting details here. MOSUG info here. Special thans to Vladimir Legeza for the invite. Hopefully, some day I will be able to get to Russia. Never been. Always wanted to go.

Tuesday Mar 09, 2010

OpenSolaris Community Growth in Japan

The Japanese OpenSolaris community continues to grow. It's now the 3rd largest community in the OpenSolaris world following the Spanish and Indian communities, it's the 3rd most active, and Tokyo is the #1 city outside the United States for sending traffic to The community in Japan also continues to diversify as well with general users mixing with kernel developers and globalization engineers. In fact, this diversity is driving the need to run concurrent sessions for beginners and advanced developers and users at community events.

There are multiple parts to the community in Japan:

There is a lot going on. I try to track what I can at this tag.

Saturday Mar 06, 2010

New Website Files for Localization

Ales posted some updated application resource files to be localized for and The auth application is already deployed and translated into 25 languages, so it will be great to expand on those community contributions. But there will be an entirely new version of the SCM Console deployed at later this month (the live version is not localized yet), so we are looking forward to releasing that application in as many languages as possible. Information on contributing to the website localization project.  


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