Friday Jul 25, 2014

How to integrate OpenLDAP with Agile PLM

Agile supports other kinds of LDAP serve as a Generic LDAP node in system with the customized groovy script to map LDAP Server‘s attributes to Agile‘s. The difficulty of integration for Agile Administrator is to understand LDAP specific attributes and write the correct groovy code. This article describes the principle of integration with OpenLDAP, an open-source LDAP server, with a sample of scripts.[Read More]

Monday Jul 21, 2014

Solution to detect list attribute references

Agile shows alert and does not allow to modify List attribute to switch to another List if this attribute is already referenced by these criteria. Admin Criteria, Report Criteria and Search Criteria[Read More]

Friday May 30, 2014

Allow agile user to login Weblogic Admin Console

By default, Agile uses the default user superadmin as the administrator user to start Weblogic and logon Admin Console. We also can enable any type of users to start Weblogic or manage it, for example the DB user and LDAP user.[Read More]

Friday Mar 21, 2014

Login/Logout impacted by USER_USAGE_HISTORY

You may see this type of error "The Session Has Been Terminated. Please Login Again" from Agile WebClient when you try to login. There are many possible root causes. This blog article discusses one of them, which happens on Weblogic, and presents the troubleshooting steps.[Read More]

Thursday Jan 30, 2014

Use mail.debug to collect JavaMail log for Agile Email Notification

You may always have email problem from Agile that users are able to get Inbox mail on Agile UI, but fail to get it through email, it happens randomly, sometime users receive and sometime not. And you see error "Actual Exception : null" from server log which does not help us.[Read More]

Monday Jan 20, 2014


Agile has a smart rule named "BOM Multi-Level Recursion". And when we route a Change Order to next status, Agile will check current Change Affected Items' Recursion status in Audit function. Last week I have one customer reporting that he gets an unfriendly error message when do Audit Release function. java.sql.SQLException: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small ORA-06512: at "AGILE.AGILE_SERVER_BOM_EXPANSION", line 711 ORA-06512: at line 1[Read More]

Thursday Nov 07, 2013

Conflict between Change Control and ASL Mapping

Yesterday I got one strange report that on Agile, adding a Supplier into Item's Supplier tab will always remove all the data from Item.PageTwo.MultiList01 field which is assigned to a User Group list.[Read More]

Thursday Oct 03, 2013

Remove duplicated values programmatically

We may always see multiple duplicated values for one attribute on Agile WebClient, which happens sometimes, very often. It is OK to correct them from UI if less objects have such issue. But it is boring if too many exist there. We will have a very simple way to quickly identify the column in database table and fix them effectively by a PL/SQL Procedure.[Read More]

Wednesday Aug 21, 2013

Custom Cookie impacts Agile File Server operations

Many customers use Web Proxy or hardware Load Balancer in front of Agile Application Server to implement the function of proxy and failover. LoadBalancer may be configured to insert its own cookies to keep session stickiness across different back end Application Servers. It is for technical purpose. While Web Proxy also may be added customized cookie for business uses for customers' own. Each of case about custom cookie may cause File Server fail to upload/download files on IE browser. Let's see how it happens and how to resolve.[Read More]

Monday Jul 29, 2013

Transaction Timeout in Agile + Weblogic

We may see different transaction timeout error in Agile (It also happens to other applications). There are two places where control the Timeout setting, JTA, EJB tier and Loadbalancer/Proxy. I will demonstrate three cases to show how to identify them. Though most of the timeout issues are caused by applications and we MUST find out the REAL root cause to fix them definitely, increase transaction-timeout still can resolve most of these cases as a temporary solution/workaround.[Read More]

Monday Jul 15, 2013

Agile File Server impacted by TCP Compression Solution

Usually, Agile JavaClient is only used internally. Here "internally" I especially means the LAN in same physical location. I do not suggest it to be "externally" used across WAN or VPN. That is because JavaClient is a fat client, each EJB invockation involves too much redundant data in TCP packages. And you will see delay in JavaClient if you intend to use externally, the delay includes slow login, slow response of tab click. However there is still some customers using it externally and their feedback is JavaClient works very fast in WAN like in LAN, with some special network technology. Customers are happy with that, but issue comes...[Read More]

Friday Jul 05, 2013

Agile 9.3.2 URL PX error in Tomcat 6/7

We have a published Knowledge Document (Note 1549998.1) describing one strange issue that with the correct usage of cookie authentication of URL PX deployed in Tomcat6/7 againt Agile PLM we MAY continuously see below error: java.lang.SecurityException: User: cee71a234165ffc3:-5926181d:13fa9e51af6:-7ffd::e0FFUzoxMjh9REU3NDAyNjI4RENCOTYxMTExRkNCMDUwQzIwNjkxNzFCMkEx, failed to be authenticated.[Read More]

Monday Jun 24, 2013

At most how many customized P3 attributes could be added into Agile?

I have one customer/Oracle Partner Consultant asking me such question: how many customized attributes can be allowed to add to Agile's subclass Page Three? I never did research against this because Agile User Guide never says this and theoretically Agile supports unlimited amount of customized attributes, unless the browser itself cannot handle them in allocated memory. However my customers says when to add almost 1000 attributes, the browser (Web Client) will not show any Page Three attributes, including all the out-of-box attributes. Let's see why.[Read More]

Tuesday Jun 18, 2013

Develop PHP HTTP Destination for Agile PLM ACS

I seldom see customer use HTTP Destination for Agile ACS because of its code difficulty. But someone ever asked this question about how to code PHP program as the HTTP destination to process ACS data from Agile PLM. In our Agile PLM ACS User Guide, there is only one sample HTTP head data for reference. It is very abstract to understand and to develop the code. I will discuss this with details. After you read this article, you will also know how to write different HTTP Destination code with other languages like JSP and Asp.Net.[Read More]

Friday May 10, 2013

Checksum in Agile File Server

We will discuss the concept of checksum in Agile PLM and related technology. If enabled Checksum Calculation in Agile PLM, we may see below error when do CheckOut/CheckIn file attachment. This scenario means the original physical file is modified by external program beyond Agile.[Read More]


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