Cheers... to.. Tears...My New Apple PowerBook

This is my first time with an Apple computer. I bought a 1st generation iMac many years ago, but that computer died on the first release of OS X. I'm a big fan of iPods.. I'm on my 3rd one (another story).

I was so happy when my new 15-inch PowerBook G4 arrived yesterday. I saw the FedEx truck, and I felt like a kid who spotted Santa Claus. In less than I minute from my signature on the clipboard, I had my shiny new PowerBook powering up. The next 2 hours spent installing patches, OpenOffice, Mozilla FireBird and Thunderbird, and copied over my 1,300 iTunes songs.

Finally, with pride of joining the "Cult of Apple", I packed up everything and went to my office. The screen went black within 10 minutes of powering up the Powerbook in my office. The laptop never came back to life. What a Bummer!!!!!!!!

Sad.. looking for salvation.. I openned up the paperwork.. looking for the Support Phone Number. Calling support, I realized there was no easy way to give them the laptop's serial number. Later I found out that I needed a penny to open up the Battery pack. Read them the serial#, and then went into the support call. Later.. the guy on the phone couldn't work his "magic" over the phone.. so off to Valley Fair Mall to the Apple Store.

At the Apple Store, everyone looks so happy and cool... They have a "Genius Bar" in the back for technical support. I stood around the bar for a "Genius" to help.. he finally looked up at me.. and explained that I needed to be on a "list." What list?? Go ask another store employee. Oh ok.. found a guy in a black shirt who was kinda peeved to help me.. I explained my situation.. and he told me to sign up on any of the Mac's. While doing this.. I was informed that they would be happy to help me in about 1 1/2 hours. The black shirt guy told me that he would take a look at it. And togther.. we tried power cables from the demo Laptops. Still.. no lifeforce in my laptop.

Finally while waiting.. in quiet defiance and self-questioning my decision to choose another Apple computer... I fired up my Sun provided Toshiba Tecra.. I'm stuck.. and at least they got WiFi.. while a woman droned on about the exciting ".Mac" Service to an empty (and mostly disinterested) audience.. I check emails and worked on my lap machines.. Finally.. in about 1 hour and 15 mins.. I saw my name on the "short list" of 12 names.. the tease of reading names of the missing.. got me initially interested and excited.. until I was in the top 5 names.. then suddenly.. 4 people showed up.. complaining about something on their iPods..

At last.. the Genius looked at my laptop.. his.. "wizardly" magic didn't bring life back to my laptop.. Irritated at his ineffectiveness.. he looked at me with contempt of handing him a laptop corpse... Each question I asked him on potential issues.. he kept looking at me with astonishment that a Apple computer could have such a problem.. finally the decision.. No.. he cannot fix it.. No.. he cannot replace the laptop with a Store laptop.. (something about a letter in my machine code).. he just handed it back.. and say.. call support and get a replacement..

later.. after running around to buy dinner for my family.. I got back on the phone with Support.. I told them.. it is DOA.. the letters... the guy on the phone acted like he needed a dictionary to lookup DOA.. Finally.. I convinced him.. that after waiting 2+ weeks for this laptop.. I'm not going to wait another 2+ weeks for a replacement. I'd send it back. They quickly reconnected me to sales.. the sales guy promised me that as soon as FedEx got my defective laptop.. my new one will be sent... still waiting.. :)


Sorry to hear about your problems. I have had my powerbook for two years, and have yet to have a problem (\*knock on wood\*). I get the feeling from the macrumors forums and that Apple's support needs some help. Keep us updted on the outcome.

Posted by Matty on October 26, 2005 at 11:35 AM PDT #

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