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Saturday Mar 04, 2006

NY College Girls Put up "the Wall"

Img 4700While still here in Rome. I was in line to get into the Vatican Musuem. At first, I was in line with one Paris Hilton look-a-like.. As her friends showed up.. I was amazed by a new form of greeting. Apparently.. You pull out your iPod.. and Put one Head piece in your ear.. then the other one in your friend's ear. This I heard is called "the Wall." As a captive spectator, i got to pick up on a lot of slang. "Jacking" is stealing.. as in "I so jacked these from a gift shop.." I have no idea where they are from.. they just turned and asked me vital questions.. like if they should jump the line or not.. Img 4698

Sunday Feb 26, 2006

In Rome for Software Summit

Jon-Coliseum-OutsideTime for Sun Software Deployment Engineers to converge on Rome to start off Software Summit. Over the weekend the weather was really great. It allowed us to get out to check out the sites such as the Coliseum, the Roman Forum Ruins, and the Vatician. At the Vatician, we climbed the 360 steps to the top of St. Peters Basilica to see these amazing views. Jon-Stpeter-Top

Monday Feb 20, 2006

Why Sun Did a Microsoft Outlook Plugin Versus Proxy??

Many of our Java Enterprise System (JES) customers have been asking for an easier method to deploy Email, Calendar, and Address Book services? Usually these poor administrators are stuck because end-users love Microsoft Outlook.

So, why doesn't Sun make a Exchange "like" Proxy? The answer now is no way. The reason for this answer might surprise you.

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA) are Microsoft's flagship MAPI clients. Messages that originate from MAPI clients are encoded into binary large objects (BLOB) and then shipped over using the Transport-Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF).

#1 Microsoft Maintains a Proprietary RPC-based Protocol (TNEF) between Outlook and their Exchange Servers. They do not publish and support developers (to our knowledge) using this protocol. Sun tries extremely hard to focus on Open Internet Standards such as SMTP, IMAP and POP protocols.

#2 Should Sun "reverse engineer" this RPC-based Protocol, we cannot give any guarantees that Microsoft will not suddenly change their RPC Protocol from under our customer's feet. This is how Microsoft locks you into their world!! Like a gun to your head.

#3 Even Microsoft's best Exchange Consultants admit that the Microsoft RPC protocol contains too much network overhead. So why would you even want to use it?

#4 Sun's Communications Software Suite out performs Exchange Server in many fronts. We typically have 100's of Millions mailboxes in use by Telecommunications and Service Provider customers. They know the cost of ownership on our platform outshines anything else on the market. Why would you staff so many Exchange administrators when you only need 1 or 2 Sun Mail Admins?

Many customer claim that TNIF's encoding of BLOB message data is more secure than SMTP. This is actually false. Even Microsoft's own Exchange 2000 Server Frequently Asked Questions that by using TLS (SSL) encryption client-to-server and server-to-server, it is good or better than encrypted RPC of Exchange.

The only reason that we work with the Outlook Connector is that this collaboration software has an extremely wide install base in the Enterprise. Recently, we are seeing more and more companies start to move away from the Microsoft Office focus to start to support alternatives such as Mozilla's Thunderbird.

Sun celebrates moves to Open Standards, yet Microsoft still retains the concept of "innovate into locking you in." Given these reasons, Sun has provided the Outlook Connector Plugin to customers as a way to still maintain most of the Outlook Client Application's functionality, but still protect our customers from the dangers of using Microsoft's proprietary protocols. A TNEF Proxy would be a very bad thing indeed.


Special Thanks to Arnaud Quillaud for raising these points.

Recommended Readings:

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Friday Feb 17, 2006

Packing up to go to Software Summit in Rome

Getting down to the wire for Software Summit in Europe.. We used to call them Product Master's Events (PMEs), and before that, we called them TOIs. I remember 5 years ago, it would be just me in a very under-airconditioned room of 15 or so SEs and PS consultants. Later the system took over and the event has grown to over 200 Sun employees and Sun Partner companies. Since then, I've been running the Communications Services track. The other tracks are just as interesting: Identity Management, Applications Platform and SOA/Composite Applications Platform. I guess we need to position Communications Products as a platform. The next challenge is to figuring out how to squeeze in a few rounds of golf at the Sheraton Golf Parco de' Medici Hotel & Resort. This will be my first time to Italy since my one trip in 1999. That time I spent with some chain smoking italian guys in a data center at a telephone factory north of Milian. I plan on taking time to site see a bit, see Rome, the Vatican and Florence. Software Summit Website Here Without You from the album "Away From The Sun" by 3 Doors Down

Tuesday Feb 14, 2006

Example Deployment of Sun's Communications Suite on T2000

Image-8E7C9F7A Image-8A1B9530

I'm just testing if I can post to my blog through Notetaker

NoteTaker is a terrific note taking software package from AquaMinds ( The notetaking software allows me to consilidate all my notes, product group wikis, and webpages into a single virtual notebook. Now I'm testing the script they provided for Echo 2 which will post directly to my blog.. Wish me luck!

Wednesday Nov 09, 2005

AP reported Gates' Memo warns of a 'Sea Change"

Associated Press news story "Gates Warns of 'Sea Change' in Memo.

Monday Oct 31, 2005


Wow.. Talking about your "Trick or Treats." I had no idea that when the FedEx Truck pulled up if I'm getting a trick or a treat. I'm happy to say, my 15-inch PowerBook G4 works perfectly. :) Now to get everything else loaded.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2005

Google on "Jonathan Hawkins"

A Google search often returns interesting results. Case in point, search for "failure" in Google.

Searching for my name resulted in few people, who are not me.

Jonathan Hawkins at Microsoft
From what I can tell, he is a Program Manager working on .NET. Funny enough, he also goes by "jhawk." Maybe he's my lost twin brother??? I'm imagining we meeting for lunch.. what fun!! a Microsoft guy and Sun guy.. I think we should sell tickets.

Jonathan Hawkins Who played Cards after committing a Double Murder and Arson. He was executed April 14, 1732.

I'm not saying those two are a related to me or to each other. It is just kinda interesting who you share names with.

Monday Aug 01, 2005



Some Technoslang…

Alpha geek: The most knowledgeable, technically proficient person in an office or work group. “Ask Larry, he’s the alpha geek around here.”

Food coupons: Twenty-dollar bills from an ATM.

Mouse potato: The “wired” version of the couch potato.

Swiped out: Describes an ATM card that doesn’t work because the magnetic strip is worn away from extensive use.

Ohnosecond: That minuscule fraction of time in which you realize that you’ve just made a BIG mistake.

Wednesday Jun 22, 2005

Presentation on Paul Allen's Yacht

...and of course.. It is in Power Point.

Tuesday May 31, 2005

Cherry Picking Season in San Francisco Bay Area


The cherries are coming in.. they are great this time of year.  My daughter and I went out to a farm near Brentwood to go pick 13 lbs of Cherries. Later we made Cherry Pie and Cherry Jam. 




Friday May 06, 2005

New form of SPAM found in Mall

Jon standing infront of SPAM Resturant I was travelling around Asia, and I found this resturant. As an E-mail Deployment Expert, I felt compelled for some reason to take a picture. :)

Monday Apr 04, 2005

High School and Helium

Found this link to my old Explorer Scout Post 509 at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories. We had an on-going project called HAEP. Basically, we would launch our own weather balloons out in the middle of nowhere. We then would drive all over trying to find our payload using radio triangulation. Sometimes, we would find some farmer in shock over "strange objects" dropping from the skies. :)

I'll be writing about topics that would interest users and developers of Sun Java Communication Suite.


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