Friday Dec 21, 2007

The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007

Yahoo News: The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007

#1 Windows Vista
#2 High-Def Format War
#3 Facebook
#4 Yahoo
#5 Apple iPhone's Pricing Snafu

Thursday Dec 13, 2007

Next Gen Web Client Feedback

Some of the comments on my earlier post on "Start Thinking about Sun's New Web Communication Client!"

Q: Why does Sun still require mshttpd? Why do we need an additional layer?

The mshttpd server provides an established interface for our Web Mail Access Protocol (WMAP). The mshttpd process has been in place for nearly 8 years going back to Netscape Messaging Server 4.15sp7. We felt it eliminated a lot of risk by leveraging the existing HTTP services. This process is also required for legacy support of our Sun Java Systems Communication Express (UWC) client.

Q: Why does mshttpd only talk IMAP to a Sun Message Store? Will mshttpd support 3rd Party IMAP Servers in the future?


The mshttpd server uses a number of Sun's private extensions to IMAP. Namely.. Proxy Authentication. These extensions are not part of the open standards of IMAP. It is on the roadmap to support 3rd Party Servers in our new Web client.

Q: Why won't we support the Opera Browser?


The Opera Browser was considered. It is supported by the Ajax toolkit used in the Web Client, however we are narrowing our focus to ensure we have a solid release on more established browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox.

Monday Nov 26, 2007

Test Post

testing new Blogging client (Ecto) Tranquilize (Feat. Lou Reed) from the album "Sawdust" by The Killers

Thursday Sep 27, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Friends & Coworkers

Four really great writers and super people are leaving our Communications Technical Docs Team..

  • Doreen Kasson - Super-sweet mother of two.. She and I been working around Comms for nearly 10 yrs.
  • Nancy Cheney - She's been managing out Communications Documentation Team.
  • Bonnie Quigg - She's been a great writer for our Calendar Server product.
  • Shami Kini - Our Doc writer working from Los Angeles

Also saying good bye to another friend from our Portal Server Team is Wayne Gifford. He and I been finding ourselves in strange places around the world. Never going to forget sharing a dinner with him at a Tibet Restaurant in Beijing. He's a lot of fun.

These are great people.. I'm sure the industry (and the world) is going to benefit from having them available to work on some really great products.

Cheers! God Bless!


Tuesday Sep 25, 2007

Need Intel-based Systems.. ok Sun's got those!

Today Sun announced Tucani, our new Sun Fire X4450 Server. Based on Intel Xeon 7200/7300 Series. The 7200-series provides dual cores, and the 7300 provides quad cores.

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Sunday Sep 09, 2007

various pictures around Singapore

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After 5 trips to Singapore.. I've finally got a picture in front of the Merlion.

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Spent a day out at Sentosa Island..

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Monday Sep 03, 2007

various pictures around Bangalore

Travel.. ain't it "fun"


Want to buy a rug.. "cheap"


Bangalore Raja Palace? or Wedding/Movie location?


Another Government Building



My Driver for the Week.. Royal Orchard Hotel

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Thursday Aug 23, 2007

Goodbye SUNW.. hello JAVA!

In case you didn't hear.. Sun will be changing its stock ticker from SUNW to JAVA. I think it is a good idea.. It was a horse race between us and Starbucks. Looks like Sun won.

I wonder if the trend is going to be Apple is going to be MAC or more likely IPOD? Microsoft will be BUGS (oops).

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Friday Aug 10, 2007

On Vacation.. Waikiki, Hawaii



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Wednesday May 16, 2007

Back from Asia.. Fake iPods?

While I was walking to the SkyTrain in Bangkok.  I saw someone selling 
mp3 players that looked exactly like iPods, but they are MP3/MP4 players.
In one aspect, they are better than iPods in that they support regular
Radio broadcasts and support Microsoft's music formats. You can get a
2GB "fake iPod" mp3 player for about $40usd. I was tempted, but I didn't
buy any. I already have four iPods: a 20GB iPhoto, a 4GB Nano, and two of
the new 1GB Shuffles.

Wednesday Mar 28, 2007

Creating Community Blog Sites for Your Group or Church

A big focus at Sun is building communities. I think I have one example how to create your own communities. I was asked by my church group to help them figure out all this new "blogging" technology. I'm not a big arty "PhotoShop" web site guy, I'm just a good UNIX admin guy who knows how to set up things that work. I could probably create a site on my own, but I'm busy and I like to keep things simple

1. Pick a Good Web Hosting Company - I found GoDaddy to be as good as they get at the cost. I'm not sure if they are a Sun customer, but they do the job with good customer service. Their customer service is so good, I find it a bit annoying that they call my house every time I change my hosting plans. This type of complaint is something I can live with.

I know a lot of you guys are going to say.. Well Jon.. don't you have a bunch of servers at your home? My answer is this.. A colo site can offer more than what I really want to commit myself on. I don't want to be responsible for 7x24 backups and availability.

2. Select a good blogging Server - GoDaddy made it really easy to setup the blogging site. They offer WordPress free. The installation of WordPress is really simple. At the moment, I'm happy with WordPress. It is all PHP and MySQL based. It offers plenty of open sourced Themes and Plugins to meet my needs. I'm up and running in less than 2-3 hours.

3. Search the Internet for a good Theme - The default WordPress themes are really boring. They are supposed to be that way. I did a Google Search for Church themes, and I found a really good one called Living OS DELTA. It was open sourced, and it had everything I needed.

4. Backup that Website!! - Soon you will find yourself playing around with the PHP and CSS files. At some point, you'll change something and wish you didn't. A backup will help you to bring you back online from those big Ooops! moments. This means two things: First FTP the whole site to your PC and burn it to a CD/DVD (if you can), and Second dump your MySQL Database into SQL. If you need to rebuild your site, you will at least have all the data needed.

5. Pull Existing Blogs onto Your Site - Most blogging sites fail, because people want to blog somewhere else. You will never hit critical mass if your group is scattered across multiple blogging sites.. such as Blogger, Xanga, MySpace, even Blog.Sun.COM... People don't have the time to log into multiple places to express their ideas. Also people want to have their own identity The better approach is to aggregate their sites. This means your Blog site will "subscribe" to these other sites and pull the entries from their site on to your site.

This whole technique is referred to as "syndication." I got this Syndication working by using a WordPress plugin from Charles Johnson called FeedWordPress. This works by locating the XML-RPC or RSS feed for those sites. I can then syndicate them to my site. The downside of this is that I need to call a URL to force an update to make this work. I guess later I can write a CRON job to make a WGET call to these URLs.

The finished website : The River Church Community - San Jose, California

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Thursday Mar 01, 2007

Directory Server 6.0 Docs now available!

Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0

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Saturday Dec 30, 2006

Tw Earthquake creates Data/Voice Chaos for SE Asia

Millions of people remain disconnected from the Internet and long distance voice calling due to the recent earthquake in Taiwan.  The large earthquake which hit just after Christmas resulted in damage to multiple undersea cables which are concentrated offshore from Taiwan.

Once a powerful means to enable bandwidth to worldwide websites and communications, these cables were layed out in the Internet boom of the late 90's.  Companies such as GlobalCrossing and Level 3 Communications invested heavily in creating these trans-pacific data highways.  Since this boom, millions of users found themselves easy and cheap access to the Internet.  Millions also found a cheap source of communications to their loved ones and friends overseas through technologies which use these connections such as Instant Messaging and Voice Over IP. 

In addition to the Internet data which is carried on these undersea cables, telephone transmissions for Long Distance services has been effected.  Phone callers between the USA to places such as the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia found themselves faced with busy signals.  Phone operators reported back to users that they are working hard to reroute these transmissions to other cables, but still five days after the earthquake problems persist.  Connections remained slow in Malaysia and Thailand, where communications authority CAT Telecom said capacity had only been restored to 50 per cent.

Repair work for these cables requires technicians to don deep sea diving suits to assess the damage and begin repairs.  On land, telecoms operators across the South Eastern Asia region are working to re-route Internet links to circumvent the ruptured lines off the southern part of Taiwan.  Hong Kong's telecommunications authority said five maintenance ships had been dispatched to repair six fiber-optic cables, which handle about 90 per cent of telecommunications capacity in the area.


Thursday Aug 24, 2006

Apple Recalling Laptop Batteries

Apple is recalling Sony Batteries placed in laptops sold from October 2005 to last month. For more info, see the following Apple Websites (might be very busy) iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 15-inch MacBook Pro

Wednesday Aug 23, 2006

Surprise!! Sun Server grows for 2nd Quarter!

The Register: Sun's Server Sales Soar We retook the #3 spot for server sales.. look out #2!

I'll be writing about topics that would interest users and developers of Sun Java Communication Suite.


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