Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 is here !

Sun OpenSSO Entreprise 8.0 is available, and this from yesterday, 12th/11 !
You can download it from both the community site, or via Sun's website

This is a great milestone, and the fruit of a lot of efforts from many people ! This includes of course the G11n team, i.e in the OpenSSO community: mahesh_prasad_r, (i18n engineer), mayzhang, sandycheng, sh20373, charlesliu and including myself pierrot ! I'd like to mention as well speedy_cz who participated in !

We did find quite a lot of l10n bugs and i18n bugs as well, especially at the end of the release. The most important ones from our point of view in the Release Notes, on

So download it, give a try, and us know if you see anything else ! :)

Internationalization Issues

4090: Non-English entitlements are garbled

Workaround: To view the localized entitlements, which are provided in .txt format, use a browser with the encoding specified for each locale in the browser as follows:

  • French (fr): ISO–8859-1

  • Spanish (es): ISO–8859-1

  • German (de): ISO–8859-1

  • Simplified Chinese (zh_CN): UTF-8

  • Traditional Chinese (zh_TW): UTF-8

  • Korean (ko): UTF-8

  • Japanese (ja): EUC-JP

4051: Multi-byte trusted partner name is garbled in Console

In the OpenSSO Console, if you go to Federation > SAML1.x Configuration, and then create a new Trusted Partner with a multi-byte Name in the Common Settings section, the trusted partner name is garbled.

3993: End user page shows question marks for CCK and JA locales

On the Geronimo web container in CCK and JA locales, if you log in as a user other than amadmin, the Access Control, realm, General, EndUser page (http://host:port/deployuri/idm/EndUser) shows question marks.

3976: Online Help “Tips on Searching” shows 404 error in non-English locale

If you log in to the OpenSSO Console in a non-English locale such as French, click Help, and then “Tips on Searching��, the right Help panel shows a 404 error.

Workaround. To view “Tips on Searching” in English, set the browser language to English and then refresh the online Help window

3766: encode.jsp and ampassword results differ with non-ASCII characters

If you have a password file that contains non-ASCII letters (such as à), the results of the ampassword command-line utility and encode.jsp are not the same.

Workaround. With the ampassword utility, use passwords that contain only ASCII characters in the password file.

3763: Some non-ASCII characters are garbled when the web container is in C locale

If you start the web container in the C locale and set your browser to a language such as French, after you log in to the Admin Console, some characters are garbled.

3713: Password reset page is not localized for CCJK locales

For CCJK locales, the password reset page (http://host:port/deployuri/password) is not localized.

3590: Change location for dounix_msgs.po files

The dounix_msgs.po files for the Unix authentication module have not been translated.

1793: Authentication fails with multi-byte character for org or module in query parameter

If you try to log in to the OpenSSO Console using the org or module parameter with characters that are not UTF-8, the login fails. For example: http://host:port/deployuri/UI/Login?module=Japanese-string&gx_charset=UTF-8

Workaround. Use UTF-8 URLencoding characters such as %E3%81%A6 instead of native characters.

Localization Issues

4017: In Spanish locale, “2.2 Agents” is translated only as Agentes in Console

If the OpenSSO Console is in the Spanish locale, the 2.2 is missing from the translation of “2.2 Agents”.

3994: In Spanish locale, cannot access Certificate for Configuration > Authentication

If the OpenSSO Console is in the Spanish locale, clicking Configuration, Authentication, and then Certificate returns an error.

3971: In Chinese (zh_CN) locale, online help is in English

In the Chinese (zh_CN) locale. the Console online help text is displayed in English rather than Chinese. If you set your browser preferred language to zh_CN, only the online help text in the left tree will be English. If you set your browser preferred language to zh, all online help text will be English.

Workaround. Copy the zh_CN online Help contents to a new zh directory in the web container's webapps directory and the restart the web container.

For example for Apache Tomcat, copy /Tomcat6.0.18/webapps/opensso/html/zh_CN/\* to a new directory named /Tomcat6.0.18/webapps/opensso/html/zh/. And then restart the Tomcat container.

3802: Problems in the French part of copyright notice

In the French part of the English copyright notice, “Etats-unis” is missing an accent, a space is missing after the comma at “armes nucléaires,des missiles”, and spaces should not be in “Etats - Unis”.


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