What about FAM's G11n team and their bugs ?

Here are the results of several queries launched over IssueTracker: for each of the 8 members of the G11n QA team (mahesh_prasad_r, pierrot, mayzhang, sandycheng, sh20373, charlesliu, petrzeman and zerac), we've ran a query to know which bugs he/she's filed. We removed duplicates and grouped it together by three categories: l10n, i18n and core.
Results are for me quite interesting: 6 l10n bugs, 20 i18n and 29 cores ! So #core > #l10n + #i18n !! :)

I very glad and happy to know that G11n team is not only working on the G11n aspect of OpenSSO, but as well, and we can now say as much, to the global quality of the product !

ID          Type           Pri     State             Resolution     Summary

1565     DEFECT     P4     RESOLV     FIXE                Copyright information in Version page shows garbled french c
2931     DEFECT     P3     STARTE                               Missing space before :
2709     DEFECT     P3     STARTE                               Some problems on version info page
2708     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV      FIXE               l10n: Module Instance Type "Active Directory" wrongly transl
1916     DEFECT     P2     RESOLV      FIXE               Federation instance does not exist in module instance list
2109     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     The buttons on page header are not localized in zh_CN locale
1962     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     i18n: URL parameter "locale" not being carry forwaded to tar
1990     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     i18n: Language directories missing for po files
1787     DEFECT     P2     RESOLV     FIXE                i18n: OLH comes up in english though browser locale is set t
2838     DEFECT     P2     NEW                                     i18n - can't edit multibyte data store object.
2920     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     We can create a user with multy bytes characters in its ID,
2837     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     i18n - Question marks are shown in last step of configuratio
1793     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     Authentication fails with multibyte org,module in query para
1807     DEFECT     P3     STARTE                               Console UI follows appserver's running locale instead of bro
2915     DEFECT     P2     NEW                                     cannot self-register user with UTF8 multibytes in membership
2917     DEFECT     P2     NEW                                     Cannot add multibyte question to PasswordReset service
2914     DEFECT     P3     STARTE                               Part of link is not externalized
2706     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     Fail to register globalization settings service on multibyte
2591     DEFECT     P1     RESOLV     FIXE                Configuration Options page is garbled with localized amConfi
1564     DEFECT     P2     RESOLV                              Multibyte realm names gets garbled after creation
1590     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Update Localized resource files with new translations
1755     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Update translated OLH files
2110     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Delivery of updated localized UI messages - 2nd Handoff
2587     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Delivery of updated localized UI messages - 2nd Handoff Revi
2632     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                OLH 2nd Hand-of: Delivery 90% translated OLH non-reviewed co
2633     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                3rd UI messages Hand-off: Delivery of updated localized UI m
1493     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV    FIXE                 Keys in Properties file need to follow Java spec
2169     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     Lockout functionality does not work when activated.
2852     ENHANC   P3     NEW                                     Loosing already entered data when having an error during a m
2922     ENHANC   P3     NEW                                     No messages for ducplicate Mechanism Handlers
2923     DEFECT     P1     STARTE                               Online Help (OLH) is very often not contextual
2787     DEFECT     P1     RESOLV    INVA                Deploying fam.war on WebSphere 6.1 on Linux fails and corrup
2191     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV    FIXE                 Improper Error message in realm creation
2897     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     Unable to create user if deploy FAM in Tomcat as web contain
1810     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     Account expiration date is not saved
2705     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     Membership self-registration is failed due to authentication
1808     DEFECT     P3     STARTE                               Invalid character  is displayed by default in create new u
1556     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                amConsole.properties has Same property key, but different me
2190     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Need more clear description and information for create servi
2703     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Configuration Summary Details page is confusing
2710     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Null pointer exception happens when viewing help on session
2816     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     INVA               Square box appears at FQDN Virtual Host Map
2869     DEFECT     P2     NEW                                     FAM lost configuration after OS restarted, AS/GF deployed
2712     DEFECT     P2     RESOLV     FIXE                Deleted user is not removed from users list of group
2707     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Inconsistent message in configuration step 4
2728     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Key string displays in error msg in "New Mechanism Handler"
2756     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Key string displays in error message when newing Resource Co
2781     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Wrong error message while newing Agent Group
2919     DEFECT     P2     NEW                                     Error shown when adding AuthenticationConfiguration service
2918     DEFECT     P3     NEW                                     Error shown on success. adding of new realm
2155     DEFECT     P2     RESOLV      INVA              Hard to translate incomplete sentence message
2174     DEFECT     P2     NEW                                     Fam.war deployment fails when starts App server in Korean lo
2564     ENHANC   P3     NEW                                     Moving from .po to .properties files
1672     DEFECT     P3     RESOLV     FIXE                Auth xml files does not have <?xml..> tag
2739     DEFECT     P2     VERIFI        FIXE                amConsole.properties, fmConsole.properties inconsistency

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