Thursday Nov 05, 2009

2 bugs related to adding a new language to Sun Convergence

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We already bloged about it, and it is well know that you can add new languages to Sun Convergence. This wiki page tells you how:

Going through the Sun Concergence 1 Update 3 Release Notes, you can find two bugs related to this customization.Copying them below for reference !

Known Issues: Customization


When adding a new right-to-left language such as Arabic or Hebrew to Convergence, the UI text is not right-to-left.
This issue occurs if you enable customization and perform the steps to add a custom language to Convergence, then log in as a user created in LDAP with a language preference set to the custom language (for example, Arabic). The UI displays text and aligns widgets left-to-right instead of right-to-left.


When adding a new language to Convergence, Convergence hangs if no resources.js file is directly under the allDomain directory.
This issue occurs if you enable customization and perform the steps to add a custom language to Convergence, creating a directory structure as shown in this example:

/iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/<_new language_>/
/iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/<_new language_>/resources.js

In this situation, Convergence does not load the files; it does not bring up the UI.

Workaround: Add an empty resources.js file directly under the /iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/ directory. Note that you still must create the resources.js file under the /iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/<new language>/ directory. For example:

/iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/<_new language_>/
/iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/<_new language_>/resources.js

Tuesday Oct 13, 2009

Sun Java Communication 7 - Install guide

I forgot in my last post about Sun Java Communication 7 to mention this install guide:

If you are interested in translating this guide into other languages, please don't hesitate to contact us on jes-praha-ext at

Thursday Oct 01, 2009

Sun Java Communications Suite 7 released - what's new ?

Sun Java Communications Suite, is a carrier-grade and highly scalable, secure and reliable messaging and collaboration platform.


    \* Calendar Server 7 – fully supports the latest CalDAV standard,
      enabling interoperability with other calendaring clients like
      Mac iCal and Mozilla Lightning, and offers native calendar
      synchronization with mobile devices that support CalDAV,
      including the Apple iPhone.
    \* Indexing and Search Service 1 – provides real-time indexing and
      search of messaging content, including attachments in a wide
      variety of data types such as PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice,
      and popular image formats.
    \* Messaging Server 7 Update 3 – delivers a highly scalable, secure
      and high-performance messaging platform that supports leading
      operating environments and now adds Red Hat 5.
    \* Instant Messaging 8 – offers a scalable, standards-compliant
      instant messaging and presence platform that supports IM in
      mobile devices and interoperability with other IM networks,
      including AOL, Yahoo and MSN.
    \* Sun Convergence 1 Update 3 – features a rich Web client for the
      Java Communications Suite email, calendaring, contacts, IM and
      other Web services. This update of Convergence enables fast
      searches of email attachments using the new Indexing and Search
      Service, provides access to external POP email, supports all
      leading browsers and adds Internet Explorer 8.

What was done on the G11n side:

Simple: we tested everything ! Most of the products had a few UI changes like Instant Messaging 8 or Messaging Server 7 Update 3, so we did only the necessary testing there. One thing we really focused one: Sun Convergence 1 Update 3 ! This product was really tested deeply, focusing on the new functionalities, checking if our existing translations did not cause problem with the new UI design, etc... So on top of enjoying this new Sun Java Communications Suite 7 release, enjoy it localized !

Where to go for more information:

    \* Announcement page:
    \* Overview and product tour videos (code

Tuesday Jul 14, 2009

Sun Convergence - Anti Spam Comlete How to

To get a complete picture of how anti-spam should be setup in  a Comms deployment (in conjunction with convergence), read this:

Friday Apr 24, 2009

CommunityOne UnConference - May 31st - San Francisco

I did not see much info about this, so I thought it might be interesting to share it: the 31st of May will be the CommunityOne UnConference held in Hall A at the Moscone (Wikipedia, GeoHack), the Sunday before JavaOne, May 31st. Those different products will be covered: GlassFish Portfolio umbrella (Server, WebSpace Server, ESB, Web Stack, Hudson, Communications Server, Mobility Platform) as well as the Identity projects (OpenSSO, OpenDS, IdMgr, RoleMgr)...

Few interesting link to get more  info:

For those who are not familiar with, here is what is a Unconference for Wikipedia.

Friday Apr 03, 2009

Want to install Comms 6 on RH5 ?

If you try to run "commpkg install" on RH5, it will reported error:

-- LOGFILE: /tmp/CommsInstaller_20090327081430.log
ERROR: Unsupported OS version 2.6.18
      Only kernel versions 2.4.21 (RH3) and 2.6.9 (RH4) are supported
      If you wish to override this check, use the --OSversionOverride switch
      to commpkg, e.g. commpkg --OSversionOverride install
ABORT: call stack
 in CI::Util::abort : file ./commpkg line 3932

-  at /net/vigor/projects/comms/comms6u2/linux/.install/Tools/CI/ line 230.

Just add the --OSversionOverride option to the installer, and the installation will be successful.

More at

Wednesday Mar 11, 2009

Have you ever seen the fastest laptop ever ??

Fastest laptop ever !


Monday Feb 02, 2009

A bit of clarification on how Sun Convergence handle languages.

You might have already noticed that there are three factors that affect the displayed language of Sun Convergence ?

The browser locale:

The user preferences in Sun Convergence:

And the languages in the log in page:

Let me give you a bit of clarification on how Sun Convergence handle all this.

[Read More]

Saturday Aug 02, 2008

Comms 6 are out !

This is an image a manager did for celebrating Comms 6 official release: all the name of the G11n team members that worked hard on Sun Convergence and others Comms 6 products. Nice, isn't it ?
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Friday Jul 18, 2008

Convergence howto add a new locale: first try

I've asked one of our student to apply the Adding a New Language in Convergence twiki on a install of Sun Convergence, in order to add few languages, and I'd like to share here his results. [Read More]

Friday Jul 11, 2008

Adding a new language to Convergence

You probably recognise this: the set of languages in Convergence. You have it in the login page of Convergence.
Now you probably know as well the game of the 7 differences... OK, here there are only 2...
Did you find them yet ?
Russian, Thai and 한국어 are usually not here :)
Adding a New Language in Convergence wiki did the trick. [Read More]

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