Wednesday Feb 03, 2010

Java Entrprise System 7 and Sun GlassFish Portfolio localized documents are now available.

We are glad to annouce that the localized Release Notes and Installation and Upgrade Guide for Sun Java Enterprise System 7 and Sun GlassFish Portfolio has just been posted @ Here are the different links:

821-0843 - Sun Java Enterprise System 7 Release Notes (ja only)

821-0844 - Sun Java Enterprise System 7 Installation and Upgrade Guide (fgs only)

821-1014 - Sun GlassFish Portfolio 2009.12 Release Notes (ja only)

821-1015 - Sun GlassFish Portfolio 2009.12 Installation and Upgrade Guide (fgs only)

Tuesday Jan 19, 2010

Java Entrprise System G11n Prague team is looking for a new student !

Hi everyone. It is a pleasure to announce that we are from now one looking for a new student to help is in our testing !

Here is the position description. Please note that this is a part-time job position. The languages we are interested the most right now are German, Spanish and Italian.

Please contact us on if you are interested !

Looking forward !

Friday Jan 15, 2010

Hola! OpenDS now speaks Catalan

It's a big pleasure to announce that OpenDS now speaks Catalan as well. The Catalan community used the Community Translation Interface to deliver the first round of translations that should cover the most visible messages in the command line. Grab the latest daily build and try it out!

Friday Dec 18, 2009

Sun GlassFish Communications Server 2.0 localized Release Notes !

Sun GlassFish Communications Server 2.0 Release Notes and its addon Diameter have just been published on  ! See below for the links:

Friday Dec 11, 2009

DSEE 7 Localization Guide

Would you like to have Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition in your language? And the language happens to not be one of the supported ones (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese) ?

Do not lose the hope![Read More]

Tuesday Dec 08, 2009

CTI second survey - bugs/RFEs

Ales Cernosek, together with a student team, created a survey about bugs/RFEs that should go into a new incoming release of OpenCTI.
More info at or/and

The goal of this survey is to:
\* select at least 6 the most important bugs that should go into OpenCTI 1.1 - a selection process and decision is done by CTI users
\* let people decide and influence an openCTI development
\* let people know that we take their feedback seriously

If you are keen to see some bugs fixed in CTI, now it the time to raise your voice !

Monday Nov 23, 2009

GlassFish guide in Japanese

Are you looking for Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Administration Guide in Japanese ? It has just been freshly published on !

Now I should probably write this entry in Japanese, but my language skills are not there yet... like... not at all... I would need at least a magical dictionary+5 for that ! :)

Wednesday Nov 18, 2009

DSEE 7 is here!

Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7 (quite a long name, isn't it?) is now available. It brings a massive performance boost and many new features, e.g. the Virtual Directory. The UI, Help and vast majority of the command line tools are translated to German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Click here for more details and the obligatory download page.

Friday Nov 13, 2009

OpenDS in Polish

OpenDS now speaks Polish! Although not completely, but a big part of strings one encounters when doing the regular tasks is translated, thanks to two members of the Polish OpenDS community - Bartłomiej and Marek.[Read More]

Sun Open CTI officially released !


Sun Open Community Translation Interface (Sun Open CTI) was officially released yesterday !

The idea is that Sun Open CTI is a new release of the CTI tool, but does not replace it: both versions are still running in parallel, sharing the same data. Users can choose between the two versions. So why having a new version ? New look and feel and new features ! And those are the one that was requested by the community, so they should really improve the usability:
- Fuzzy matches
- Terms Proposals
- Terminology Database Access
- Search
- Comments Addition
- History
- Password reset

Everything is well explain on CTI blog:

Tuesday Nov 10, 2009

Missing apotrophes: not only in French !

Undoubled apostrophes in messages going through the Java MessageFormat class are very common in French, simply due to the fact that it is hard to have a French sentence without any apostrophes !

Having a look at bug, you'll see that it was the case as well for some English strings. The bug is now in Fixed state, which is really good because the problem was spread all around GlassFish and not trivial to fix.

Please note that there are two patches at disposition in case you want to fix your own instance. Those patches does not fix all modules, but take care of all files and and CMP

We are aware that there are still some problems, mainly in French, about undoubled apostrophes, and we are working on that.

Thursday Nov 05, 2009

2 bugs related to adding a new language to Sun Convergence

Hello !

We already bloged about it, and it is well know that you can add new languages to Sun Convergence. This wiki page tells you how:

Going through the Sun Concergence 1 Update 3 Release Notes, you can find two bugs related to this customization.Copying them below for reference !

Known Issues: Customization


When adding a new right-to-left language such as Arabic or Hebrew to Convergence, the UI text is not right-to-left.
This issue occurs if you enable customization and perform the steps to add a custom language to Convergence, then log in as a user created in LDAP with a language preference set to the custom language (for example, Arabic). The UI displays text and aligns widgets left-to-right instead of right-to-left.


When adding a new language to Convergence, Convergence hangs if no resources.js file is directly under the allDomain directory.
This issue occurs if you enable customization and perform the steps to add a custom language to Convergence, creating a directory structure as shown in this example:

/iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/<_new language_>/
/iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/<_new language_>/resources.js

In this situation, Convergence does not load the files; it does not bring up the UI.

Workaround: Add an empty resources.js file directly under the /iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/ directory. Note that you still must create the resources.js file under the /iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/<new language>/ directory. For example:

/iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/<_new language_>/
/iwc_static/c11n/allDomain/nls/<_new language_>/resources.js

Monday Oct 26, 2009

Role Manager 5.0 language support

Role Manager 5.0 is out, get it at This release contains support for French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean.  Not really bad for an application that spoke only english just a while ago! We'll be adding Simplified Chinese shortly.

Friday Oct 23, 2009

Update Center and how to input i18n characters on OpenSolaris

Here is an interesting i18n bug for Update Center on OpenSolaris:

The problem is that Update Center 2.2 does not follow OpenSolaris keyboard settings.

Therefore, you are stick with a English keyboard, and it is not possible to type i18n characters like é, á, ó, í, à, ô, â, etc...

One workaround is to use the Sun ¨Compose¨ key. Here is the list of combinations available to type some characters:

For those who do not have compose key, you can always Copy-Paste the characters you want. If you find any other handy workaround, feel free to share !


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