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Scope object serialization failed (object not serializable)

Frank Nimphius
Master Principal Product Manager

A common reason for the "SEVERE: ADFc: Scope object
serialization failed (object not serializable)" error message is that
application developers reference JSF components in managed beans with a scope
larger than request. When using the JSF component Binding property to point to a managed bean, think backing bean and thus don't reference beans that are in
scopes larger than request scope (don't: viewScope, pageFlowSope, sessionScope, applicationScope).

If, from a managed bean in a scope larger than request you
need to have access to a component instance (though the other way around is a
more common use case) then either

As mentioned, a more common use case is to access a bean in
a scope larger than request from a backing bean. A use case for this is if you
need to remember a specific state, like a list of selected values in a select
many list, or the disclosure state of panel tabs.

In this case you would save the state information in a bean
with a lifecycle that spans beyond request scope and access it from a request
scope backing bean using a managed property or by resolving EL in Java.

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