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If the stand alone Oracle Skin Editor does not start on Windows

Frank Nimphius
Master Principal Product Manager

One of the new features in Oracle JDeveloper 11.1.2 is the
ADF Faces Skin Editor for building pluggable application look and feels
declaratively. However, the ADF Faces Skin Editor is also available in a
stand-alone version for developers building skins for existing applications
built with previous versions of Oracle JDeveloper 11g and for web designers
that are tasked with building a look and feel but don't need the full Oracle
JDeveloper 11g installed.


The ADF Faces Skin Editor comes in a ZIP file that you
extract on your local machine. The parent folder the software unzips itself
into is called skineditor and
developers most likely feel attempted to change the folder name to include
additional information like the version number ( or the vendor
(Oracle). However, an issue with the skin editor is that it requires the
parent folder name to be skineditor.
It only allows the writing to be in mixed case, but no change to the name

When changing the parent folder name, for example skineditor_11_1_2_00,
then, when starting the skin editor, the Splash Screen is shown but the editor itself
does not come up, though the process entry for the skineditor64W.exe is visible
in the Windows Task Manager.

Note that the reason for this behavior is that skineditor, which becomes the root folder of the software after unzipping it, is not considered to be the installation folder. The skineditor folder is considered to be part of the software and thus cannot be changed. To create a meaningful name for the folder hosting the skin editor software, unzip the software into an installation folder you create before. This can then have version numbers in it but must not have blanks in the naming.

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