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    January 16, 2011

How-to enable user session time out warning (JDev

Frank Nimphius
Master Principal Product Manager

Oracle JDeveloper contains a new session time-out
warning functionality.

Quoting the Oracle®
Fusion Middleware Web User Interface Developer's Guide for Oracle Application
Development Framework11g Release 1 ( documentatiom


"When a request
is sent to the server, a session timeout value is written to the page and the
session timeout warning interval is defined by the context parameter


The user is given the
opportunity to extend the session in a warning dialog, and a notification is
sent when the session has expired and the page is refreshed. Depending on the
application security configuration, the user may be redirected to the log in
page when the session expires.

Use the oracle.adf.view.rich.sessionHandling.WARNING_BEFORE_TIMEOUT
context parameter to set the number of seconds prior to the session time out
when a warning dialog is displayed. If the value of WARNING_BEFORE_TIMEOUT is
less than 120 seconds, if client state saving is used for the page, or if the
session has been invalidated, the feature is disabled. The session time-out
value it taken directly from the session.

Example A-3
shows configuration of the warning dialog to display at 120 seconds before the
time-out of the session.

Example A-3
Configuration of Session Time-out Warning





The default value of
this parameter is 120 seconds. To prevent notification of the user too
frequently when the session time-out is set too short, the actual value of WARNING_BEFORE_TIMEOUT
is determined dynamically, where the session time-out must be more than 2
minutes or the feature is disabled.

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