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    November 15, 2010

How does auto-ppr know which component to refresh ?

Frank Nimphius
Master Principal Product Manager

Auto-PP is a functionality of Active Data Services (ADS) in
Oracle ADF Faces. Developers setting the ChangeEventPolicy property of the ADF
binding - PageDef.xml - to ppr configure attribute and control bindings that
are used for input text components and trees to refresh when the binding layer
changed, e.g in response to users navigating within a table. In fact auto-ppr
is a binding based equivalent to setting the PartialTriggers property on a
component. So how does it work and how does it know which component to refresh?

FacesCtrl* classes,
which are ADF Faces specific
to the generic JUCtrl* binding classes have a method
defined on its Def classes that check if the
underlying iterator (the iterator the components bind to) has auto-ppr
configured. If
so, the component
is added to the partial target on the
FacesContext when a change on the model (like row currency change in response to nagivation) is detected

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