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ADF EMG Sunday at OOW 2012 (30. Sep 2012) - A day full of content

I do know what I am doing on Sunday September 30 2012 at OOW - how about you ? Well, I am sitting in the back of a room packed with ADF enthusiasts at the ADF EMG Sunday session at Moscone South room 305. Chris Muir managed to get a full day track for the EMG on that Sunday, which I know was a lot of work. In addition a he got lots of good speakers with interesting topics lined up.

The below is copied from Chris' announcement at: :

On the user group Sunday 30th of September the ADF EMG has a full day of sessions for anybody interested in ADF.  The collective sessions are designed to have something for everyone, ADF beginners, ADF experts, all.  All sessions will be held in Moscone South room 305.

To start out with for OOW attendees coming from a Forms background, Gert Poel and Pieter Gillis from iAdvise will give us the lowdown on ADF for Forms programmers.  This is a very important presentation for the beginners in the ADF community who are coming from a Forms background: 

1) UGF3783 - Oracle ADF Immersion: How an Oracle Forms Developer Immersed Himself in the Oracle ADF World - 9am-10am Moscone South room 305 

At the other end of the spectrum for EMG members who are looking to expand their ADF skills beyond the basics, Aino Andriessen from AMIS will be looking at using Hudson for building ADF applications.  Surprisingly via the EMG new member's survey around 25% of new members have no idea about CI tools so I think Aino's presentation is a great addition to the ADF EMG line up: 

2) UGF4945 - Deploy with Joy: Using Hudson to Build and Deploy Your Oracle ADF Applications - 10:15am-11:15am Moscone South room 305 

The 3rd presentation is one ADF EMG members have been asking for such a long time: 

3) UGF10463 - A Peek into the Oracle ADF Architecture of Oracle Fusion Applications - 11:30am-12:30am Moscone South room 305 

In this presentation Simon Haslam will be discussing the actual Fusion Apps "ADF" architecture.  In other words forgot the high level "yes ADF was used to build Fusion Apps" bullet points, Simon is going for a deep dive into the nitty gritty details of how ADF was used to build Fusion Apps.  For ADF EMG members remember all those times you posted to the EMG wishing to know more details about how ADF was used in Fusion Apps? This is the session for you to learn and bring your own questions.

But the fun doesn't stop here.  The final presentation is a muti-slot presentation, where a team of FMW programmers, including ADF programmers, SOA programmers and more will build an end-to-end application, live in front of your very eyes: 

4) UGF10464 - Oracle Fusion Middleware Live Application Development Demo - 12:45-3:45pm Moscone South room 305 

Why this presentation rocks, is rather than a single presentation on ADF here, then a separate presentation on SOA there, the goal of this presentation is to bring it altogether so you can see an end-to-end Fusion Middleware application being built at once.  I've seen this before, this is a great session, and I highly recommend it.

 Is there something I disagree with? Yes, the title Chris chose for his announcement:

The Year After the Year of the ADF Developer - the ADF EMG at OOW 2012

Every year is an ADF year! No need to point to the past.  The year after the year of the ADF developer is the year of ADF developer.


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