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How-to dynamically filter model-driven LOV

Often developers need to filter a LOV query with information obtained from an ADF Faces form or other where. The sample below shows how to define a launch popup listener configured on the launchPopupListener property of the af:inputListOfValues component to filter a list of values. <af:inputListOfValues id="departmentIdId" value="#{bindings.DepartmentId.inputValue}" model="#{bindings.DepartmentId.listOfValuesModel}" launchPopupListener="#{PopupLauncher.onPopupLaunch}" … > …</af:inp...

Sunday, June 24, 2012 | ADFm | Read More

Oracle Fusion Applications Design Patterns Now Available

"The Oracle Fusion Applications user experience design patterns are published! These new, reusable usability solutions and best-practices, which will join Oracle dashboard patterns and guidelines that are already available online, are used by Oracle to artfully bring to life a new standard in the user experience, or UX, of enterprise applications. Now, the Oracle applications development community can benefit from the science behind the Oracle FusionApplications user...

Friday, June 22, 2012 | Info | Read More

Partial Submit vs. Auto Submit

Partial Submit ADF Faces adds the concept of partial form submit to JavaServer Faces 1.2 and beyond. A partial submit actually is a form submit that does not require a page refresh and only updates components in the view that are referenced from the command component PartialTriggers property. Another option for refreshing a component in response to a partial submit is call AdfContext.getCurrentInstance.addPartialTarget(component_instance_handle_goes_here)in a managed bean. If...

Thursday, June 21, 2012 | ADFv | Read More

When JDeveloper IDE doesn't render the visual editor

Though with Oracle JDeveloper 11g the problem of the IDE not rendering JSF pages properly in the visual editor has become rare, there always is a way for the creative to break IDE functionality. A possible reason for the visual editor in JDeveloper to break is a failed dependency reference, which often is in a custom JSF PhaseListener configured in the faces-config.xml file. To avoid this from happening, surround the code in your PhaseListener class with the following...

Thursday, June 21, 2012 | JDeveloper | Read More

OEPE with ADF binding support available: Total Eclipse

The current release of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, though in technology preview, brings Oracle ADF binding to the Eclipse IDE. You can download the Software from the link below: Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse ( Technical Preview New June 2012 Certified on Windows 7/XP/Vista, MacOS, and Linux. Supported on JDK 6. For many Eclipse users, ADF is new and therefore I expect them to need guidance and help in case they run into issues they don't know how to...

Thursday, June 21, 2012 | Info | Read More

Free Advanced ADF eCourse, part II

A second part of the advanced Oracle ADF online training is available for free. Lynn Munsinger and her team worked hard to deliver this second part of the training as close to the release of the first installment as possible. This two part advanced ADF training provides you with a wealth of advanced ADF know-how and insight for you to adopt in a self-paced manner. Part 1 (though I am sure you have this bookmarked): http://tinyurl.com/advadf-part1 Part 2 (the new material):http://...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 | Info | Read More

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