Thursday Jun 21, 2012

When JDeveloper IDE doesn't render the visual editor

Though with Oracle JDeveloper 11g the problem of the IDE not rendering JSF pages properly in the visual editor has become rare, there always is a way for the creative to break IDE functionality. A possible reason for the visual editor in JDeveloper to break is a failed dependency reference, which often is in a custom JSF PhaseListener configured in the faces-config.xml file. To avoid this from happening, surround the code in your PhaseListener class with the following statement (for example in the afterPhase method)

public void afterPhase(PhaseEvent phaseEvent) {
    ... listener code here ...

The reason why the visual editor in Oracle JDeveloper fails rendering the WYSIWYG view has to do with how the live preview is created. To produce the visual display of a view, JDeveloper actually runs the ADF Faces view in JSF, which then also invokes defined PhaseListeners. With the code above, you check whether the PhaseListener code is executed at runtime or design time.If it is executed in design time, you ignore all calls to external resources that are not available at design time.

Friday Oct 28, 2011

November 10th 2011 - 30 Minutes ADF Mobile Online Session with Ted Farrell (VP and Chief Architect Oracle FMW, JDeveloper and ADF)

 The German ADF Partner community conducts ADF online session every other weeks for their members to learn from each other and join forces in evangelizing Oracle JDeveloper and ADF. For November 10th, the ADF Partner Community invited Ted Farrell, Oracle VP and Chief Architect of Oracle JDeveloper, ADF and FMW to speak about Oracle ADF Mobile and new Mobile Framework to be expected in 2012. Don't miss this opportunity. There is no need for you to be a member of the German Partner community. The session is conducted in English!

--- From the Organizers Invitation ---

+++ visit the Oracle Executive Biography page of Ted Farrell - speaker of the webcast +++

please test prior to the webcast whether your technical environment meets the requirements (see below)  

dial-in numbers conc. ADF News Session, Nov. 10 th

we ask you to register for the webcast by Thursday noontime (we´d like to know who is going to participate in the News Session) (via mail to - registered participants will receive the slides after the presentation will have taken place

You are invited to join the next ADF News Session, that is going to take place November 10 th 2011
speaker:  Ted Farrell / Oracle
time:         6:00 PM (CET)
duration:  30 minutes
topic:        ADF Mobile

dial-in webconf:
conf ID:     9197959
confkey:    123456

Please enter your name and an abbreviation of you company name when dialing in (please don´t use blanks and special characters). Please notice that this information will be visible to all participants of the webcast. Thank you.

dial-in telco:

          +49 (0)69 2222 16 106 or +49 (0)800 66 485 15
          ConfCode: 208 503 9
          SecurityPasscode: 112233

Please test prior to the webcast whether your technical environment meets the requirements. Open and press "Neuer Benutzer" ("New User"). Please note: Microsoft Internet Explorer is required. 



Monday Aug 15, 2011

Heads up ! New monthly OTN Harvest Feature: OTN Harvest Spotlight

The ADF community is growing at an exponential rate. New developers joining the community will find that they are joining a family of like-minded ADF practitioners, many whom personally know each other and are motivated to help others where they can. To make it easier for new developers to find their way around the ADF community, a new feature column, the OTN Harvest Spotlight starts in this month's OTN Harvest Summary, which I release on August 19th at:

The OTN Harvest Spotlight introduces members of the ADF community, allowing us all to learn about individuals in the community, their company background, experiences, tips, tricks and the motivation behind their work in the ADF community.While the intention is not to focus on the most prominent community members, the first featured column spotlights Chris Muir, Oracle ACE director and the founder and driving force behind the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group (EMG). Read about Chris Muir in the first OTN Harvest Spotlight published this month!

ADF Enterprise Methodology Group (EMG) Sunday during OOW

"The ADF EMG is where ADF users get down and dirty in discussing their FMW experiences."
                                                                                                                      – Chris Muir

One theme (ADF), one room (Moscone West - 2000), one community (ADF EMG) ! The ADF Enterprise Methodology Group (EMG) staffs a complete day of ADF developer talks on Sunday October 2nd. 

--------------------- AGENDA --------------------

- 09:00 - Sten E. Vesterli
  Session 32460 - Starting an Enterprise Oracle ADF Project
- 10:15 - Frank Nimphius & Maiko Rocha
   Session 32480 - Learn Oracle ADF Task Flows in Only 60 Minutes
- 11:30 - Andrejus Baranovskis
   Session 32481 - A+-Quality Oracle ADF Code
- 12:45 - Wilfred van der Deijl
   Session 32500 - Transitioning from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF
- 14:00 - Steven Davelaar
   Session 32501 - Empower Multitasking with an Oracle ADF UI Powerhouse
- 15:15 - Lucas Jellema
   Session 32502 - Gold Nuggets in Oracle ADF Faces

Wednesday Jun 08, 2011

If the stand alone Oracle Skin Editor does not start on Windows

One of the new features in Oracle JDeveloper 11.1.2 is the ADF Faces Skin Editor for building pluggable application look and feels declaratively. However, the ADF Faces Skin Editor is also available in a stand-alone version for developers building skins for existing applications built with previous versions of Oracle JDeveloper 11g and for web designers that are tasked with building a look and feel but don't need the full Oracle JDeveloper 11g installed.

The ADF Faces Skin Editor comes in a ZIP file that you extract on your local machine. The parent folder the software unzips itself into is called skineditor and developers most likely feel attempted to change the folder name to include additional information like the version number ( or the vendor (Oracle). However, an issue with the skin editor is that it requires the parent folder name to be skineditor. It only allows the writing to be in mixed case, but no change to the name itself.

When changing the parent folder name, for example skineditor_11_1_2_00, then, when starting the skin editor, the Splash Screen is shown but the editor itself does not come up, though the process entry for the skineditor64W.exe is visible in the Windows Task Manager.

Note that the reason for this behavior is that skineditor, which becomes the root folder of the software after unzipping it, is not considered to be the installation folder. The skineditor folder is considered to be part of the software and thus cannot be changed. To create a meaningful name for the folder hosting the skin editor software, unzip the software into an installation folder you create before. This can then have version numbers in it but must not have blanks in the naming.


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