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    August 2, 2011

Accessing database connect information in ADF

Frank Nimphius
Master Principal Product Manager

To get the database connect information of an ADF BC model in ADF, expose the following code in a public method on the ApplicationModule Impl

public String getDatabaseInformation(){
  DBTransaction dbTransaction = (DBTransaction) this.getTransaction();
  PreparedStatement prepStatement =
              dbTransaction.createPreparedStatement("select * from dual", 0);    try {
    String dbSchema =
    String connectURL =
    //returns schema_name@host:port:sid
    return dbSchema + connectURL.substring(connectURL.indexOf("@")-1);             
} catch (SQLException e) {
    return null;

Expose this method on the AM client interface if you need this to be accessible from the ADF client, for example a method binding in a PageDef file, or a managed bean.

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