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  • November 4, 2010

Options for creating POC mockups in ADF

Frank Nimphius
Master Principal Product Manager
Sometimes a working application is only a secondary goal of a job and all you want to prove is the ability to build a specific layout or functionality using Oracle ADF. So what are your options?

One of my favorite option is a POJO model that I created a while ago and that mimics the Oracle HR schema. It does allow CRUD and search operations. Just download the ZIP file and add it to an Oracle JDeveloper workspace. Youcan use this POJO model to

  1. Create a JavaBean Data Control from the SessionFacade class
  2. Create a JAX-WS Web Service from it and the use the Web Service Data Control (in which case you wont be able to persist updates because the WS does not keep state and refreshes the POJO for each request).

This also is a good approach for building simple test cases that don't require a database infrastructure.

Another option built into the ADF product and recently discussed on the OTN forum, is the Placeholder Data Control.

The Placeholder Data Control allows you to construct data structures that are closer to the use case you need to implement than the HR schema possibly is.

To learn more about the Placeholder DataControl, see the following tutorial

For UI design:


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