Learn how JD Edwards empowers your organization to innovate in the business reality of a digital economy.

How has JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Transformed your Business?

Ward Quarles
Senior Director

At a time of rapid
change in technology and business, maintaining a balance between stability and
agility is essential. Even as we pursue innovation with new disruptive
technologies and business models, we must sustain what works and what keeps the
lights on.

JD Edwards,
specifically in our EnterpriseOne 9.2 release, provides an ERP platform to help
your business navigate this duality of sustainability and innovation for the
digital economy.

For this release we
have focused in on three main areas:

  1. Transformational technologies that enable SMART solutions – Strategic, Mobile, Architected for Real-Time.
  2. Enablement of deep Industry specific capability.
  3. And Choice – because we believe that the problems and opportunities that you face have a matrix of potential solutions: How you strategically go about addressing that space can be a source of differentiation.

Many JD Edwards customers
have already downloaded this new release and are well into their
implementations. Our support organization has helped hundreds of customers download
the new release and several customers are already live on 9.2.

What should customers expect from Release 9.2?


For JD Edwards, transformation
requires a SMART approach that is Strategic, Mobile, and Real-Time providing
the capability to fundamentally alter business processes and change the way
organizations interact with customers, partners, and employees. We are enabling
broad collaboration and interactions with hardware-to-hardware and
machine-to-machine communications. As a result of these transformations, you increase
digital density, reduce system friction, and provide more agility in your labor
and capital mix.


JD Edwards’ philosophy is that industry
capability is a differentiator, that industry matters, and that YOUR industry
matters! Lower-level business processes are necessary to sustain any company. The
basic solutions that you need and that are fundamental to industry best
practices are the same or similar for every company in the industry. In contrast,
industry depth at a functional and technical level that can be leveraged,
uniquely configured and extended provides you with a unique competitive
advantage. While JD Edwards does provide a broad ERP platform, it is one that
is informed by the select industries that we focus on. For all the specific industry capabilities that we released in
EnterpriseOne 9.2, we have worked with focus groups of customers in those
specific industries to help us validate our hypotheses and shape the product.


The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne platform and
products offer a large number of options for personalization, extension, and
co-existence with other applications, including Oracle Cloud applications, to
support agile business solutions that meet customers’ unique business needs. JD
Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2 provides customers with the choices to run
their business their way.

Our cloud computing strategy offers JD Edwards
customers choice and a balance between sustainability and innovation. JD
Edwards customers will continue to derive value from their on-premise
technology investments and at the same time can explore a variety of cloud
computing models. We are providing offerings in all of these deployment models enabling
you to choose your path to the cloud.

We are asking for feedback
on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2.

  • What goals are you
    pursuing by installing this new release?
  • What transformation do
    you expect for your business?
  • How will the new
    industry solutions improve your competitive advantage?
  • What JD Edwards
    computing models will your business choose to implement to create agile

We look forward to hearing
from you.

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