Starving to death while standing in the parking lot of a supermarket with cash in hand…..

By Kem Butler - JD Edwards Communications & Content Specialist 

Starving to death while standing in the parking lot of a supermarket with cash in hand….a situation that would seem ludicrous to all of us, yet, it seems to be a fitting analogy to happens all too frequently when it comes to ERP system usage and support. Let me explain.

I cannot tell you how many times it happens that as the Oracle JD Edwards team interacts with our community that we hear comments such as “the software doesn’t do what I need, or I have this problem that I have to manually work around, or I have a spreadsheet to track some things as it’s the only or easiest way to do it”, etc. You get the picture. But often, the software does in fact provide an eloquent solution, or at the very least a workable option that is much better than the manual effort or workarounds in use. Yet users suffer frustration, waste time and energy and work in ways that cost their companies money. Why?

There is no doubt a variety of reasons why, but a very small number of reasons are probably the most common, and probably the easiest to address! So as not to belabor the reasons why or point blame, I would rather focus my remaining comments on some suggestions for how to feed these poor starving souls with the plethora of food that is readily available!

MyOracle Support (MOS) is better than it’s ever been and recently there has been a huge investment in making it better resources for all of Oracle’s customers across all of our product offerings. JD Edwards is no exception. If you have not visited MyOracle Support recently, I challenge you to schedule a little time to go and explore…you will not be disappointed! (And I literally mean schedule the time on your calendar, otherwise it will never happen and the suffering and high cost of ERP dissatisfaction and under utilization will continue!). Below are just a few of my “favorite picks” for getting started with MOS.  (Note:  links go to MOS sites and requires your MOS sign on)

 • Take about ½ hour and view the short effective recorded “power training” videos. They are quick and to the point and packed with tips that will allow you start loving MOS.  Access the complete list of recordings here

• After watching the videos, set up power views (literally it takes seconds) that will pre-filter data/views for you to deliver consolidated information on just the products that you care about.

How can I personalize the My Oracle Support interface so that it's most relevant to my function or to my configurations?

• Did you know that in 2011 alone there have been 210 EnterpriseOne FAQ documents posted on MyOracle Support? FAQs are being defined for many popular topics and they are a wonderful resource for finding all the help/tips/whitepapers, etc. on the specific topics. Try searching for Frequently Asked Questions on a topic/product of interest. Here is a quick tip for finding specific functional help that you might need on any given day:

• Login to MyOracle support
• Click on the “Knowledge” tab
• To find all 2011 FAQs use the search %FAQ% 2011

To narrow it down, just add the topic (such as %FAQ% kits, or %FAQ% 1099, etc.)

• If your organization has upgraded and it was largely a technical upgrade, chances are that the user community is unaware of the thousands of the features/functions available that could probably make their life easier and more productive. Give your users access to the new electronic upgrade value proposition tool so that they can see the net change between the old release and the new current release. Many of the new features can be leveraged right now on demand without risk or disruption to the business. Others can be implemented with minor planning and training etc. But the fact is that you CANNOT benefit if you don’t know it’s there!

And you can still have control over who can and cannot enter/track bugs etc. You can grant access to knowledge without giving up control!
  • Get training for free! The JD Edwards strategy team produces recorded net change training (called TOIs – transfer of Information) available to all customers. These functional overviews provide a review of new feature/function in each release, the intended benefits and often the setup steps are included. 

 It is my impression that many IT organizations have restricted access to My Oracle based on the old model that My Oracle Support was largely just the tool for reporting bugs and tracking fix status. I am inviting (begging you!) to re-examine your use of My Oracle Support and open it up to the user community so they can get out of the parking lot and into the store to feed their hunger for knowledge, help, tips and information! It could transform the user community and business customer satisfaction levels and improve the effectiveness of your ERP solution in general!

Your comments and feedback are always welcome…have you experienced benefits of MOS you can share with the community?


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