Learn how JD Edwards empowers your organization to innovate in the business reality of a digital economy.

Digital Transformation in a JD Edwards Digital World

Kem Butler
Product Strategy Director

transformation results from the
realignment of, or new investment in, technology and
business models to more effectively engage customers.

What does this mean
for your organization? For most organizations, digital transformation replaces
paper shuffling, manual data entry, and error prone human processes with
technologies that digitize data.

The broader
goal, however, is to break
down barriers between people, businesses, and things in
order to accelerate the creation of new products and services and find more
efficient ways of doing business.

Why is Digital Transformation Important?

transformation enables companies to reduce friction throughout the business.
Friction is anything that causes processes to slow, pause, veer off track or
stall outright. Increasing efficiency through reducing friction releases resources
needed to increase revenue and create
competitive advantage.

Modern companies must transform themselves by adopting
the technology and processes and aligning internal skills to operate successfully
in today’s digital world.

to Create a Successful Digital Business Plan?

Driving digital business
transformation is not easy. Yet business leaders are looking to rapidly
transform their business processes and achieve tangible business outcomes.

digital business plans do not just make the enterprise more efficient and
cost-effective. They build a platform that reinvents value creation, drives
industry direction, and helps create:

  • New sources of revenue from new lines of business
  • Higher net profits from the new revenue opportunities
  • Greater customer, partner and employee experience generating loyalty and lifetime value

Businesses that seamlessly blend people, processes, content and
communications achieve this vision. They apply digital
technology with transformational changes in business processes and optimization
of the value chain. Consequently, companies unlock the potential for both
breakthrough performance and massive operational cost control. The speed and
agility achieved through digital transformation enables companies to outperform
their competition.

Your Digital Mission if
you Choose to Accept It

From mining and manufacturing to services and
asset intensive industries, leaders are breaking norms and re-imagining the
definition of possible. The right digital technology platform can unite and
optimize every segment of your value chain, transform current processes, unveil
new and more efficient ways of doing business, and keep your employees and
customers happy.

Announcing the JD Edwards Digital Transformation Workshop

JD Edwards in collaboration with our partners are excited to
announce the launch of the JD Edwards Digital Transformation workshops.  The goal of the workshops is for our JD
Edwards EnterpriseOne customers to:

· Understand the impact of digital transformation

· Gain awareness of the available digital
transformation technologies and industry applicability.

· Inspire future digital strategies while
leveraging the customer’s investment in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP.

To learn more about the upcoming
workshops please visit OLL – Digital Transformation Workshops or contact Kem.Butler@oracle.com / Pat.Mariles@oracle.com.

Click here for the current Workshop schedule with
links to registration sites (where available).

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