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Did You Miss Collaborate 2013? That's No Reason To Be In The Dark!

Kem Butler
Product Strategy Director

Six Major JD Edwards Announcements Made at Collaborate

Collaborate 2013, the annual Quest International independent
user group conference, was held in Denver from April 8 – 11, 2013 in Denver,
Colorado.  As is the tradition, the JD Edwards team used this venue to
make major product announcements to the hundreds of JD Edwards customers and
partners that were in attendance.

The announcements include new product
announcements, a new tools releases, an exciting new focus initiative and a new
website, all designed to provide value to customers, while increasing customer
satisfaction and loyalty. 

Learn More About each of the Product Announcements:

  1.  Tools 9.1 Update 3 is now generally available
  2. Oracle VM V5 for JD Edwards EnteprriseOne 9.1
  3. World A9.3 Update 1 is now generally available
  4. Pre-Announcement of In Memory Applications for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  5. Extended Support uplift Fees Waived for the 9s Releases
  6. www.runjde.com Launched

ANNOUNCEMENT 1: EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1 Update 3 is now generally available

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 update 3 (Tools 9.1.3) is
the next update release to the groundbreaking Tools 9.1 release which delivered
a next generation user experience for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 and 9.1
Application releases. 

Background Information

Supporting every JD Edwards EnterpriseOne installation is a
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools release which delivers a platform with an
innovative user experience, scalability, high performance, security and
reliability for the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application modules. Tools update
releases are typically delivered every six to twelve months and contain new
feature enhancements, new platform certifications and product
maintenance.  This update release includes enhancements to the End User
experience and Mobile Solutions, Reporting, and System Administration and
Development Tools. 

Tools 9.1 Update 3 continues to enhance the JD Edwards
EnterpriseOne End User Experience

· A new iPad application that can be installed
directly onto the iPad device, will optimize the EnterpriseOne User Interface
for the iPad, and provide interfaces to native device capabilities such as the
camera and images.

· A new One View feature, Watchlist, can be used
as a "Manage by Exception" solution allowing users to define and
monitor key data points over base EnterpriseOne applications and then easily
identify and take action when data has exceeded acceptable thresholds.

· A Composite Application Framework which enables
an end user to define a multiple frame layout consisting of an EnterpriseOne
application, Oracle Business Intelligence reports and external web applications
into a single view.

* An intuitive drop down list feature for User
Defined Code entry fields that can be used as alternative to the Visual Assist
(flashlight search / select dialog).

· Transaction Change Confirmation Warnings which
prompt a user when an action could result in data loss or unnecessary database

Tools 9.1 Update 3 continues to enhance the native JD
Edwards EnterpriseOne reporting capabilities

  • One View Reports can now be displayed in an
    EnterpriseOne page, such as the first home page the user is presented with upon
  • One View Reports can now be launched in a single
    step from JD Edwards Menus, Favorites, EnterpriseOne Pages, or even from an
    external web application.
  • The Embedded BI Publisher reports can now be
    configured to dynamically select the printer for output as well as output to a
    combination of different printers and email addresses in a single report.
  • Additional Postscript printer types, including
    those which do not support a PDF to Postscript conversion on the printer
    itself, are supported. 

Tools 9.1 Update 3 adds System Administration and
Application Development capabilities

· An updated version of the Oracle
VM templates
for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne includes updated software and new
template support for One View Reporting and JD Edwards Mobile applications.

· A simplified process within the Server Manager
tool is available for provisioning new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne instances and
for cloning existing JD Edwards instances

· Application Development Productivity
Improvements including a collapsible group box option within the Forms Design
Aid tool and more powerful search capabilities within the toolset.

· Additional security controls are available for
users of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Smartphone mobile applications.

Key Facts

  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
    Tools 9.1 Update 3 is the second update to Tools 9.1. 
  • Available as part of
    standard maintenance, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 3 is
    available for Application releases 9.0 (including Updates 1 & 2) and
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
    Tools 9.1 Update 3 is not compatible with Application releases prior to JD
    Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications 9.0. 

Resources and other information

Announcement 2 – Oracle VM V5 For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1

Announces the general availability of Oracle VM templates for JD Edwards
EnterpriseOne Application release 9.1 and Tools release 9.1.3. These templates
can be used with Oracle VM for x86 version 3.1 or later and on the Oracle
Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

can realize significant time and cost savings when they use Oracle VM Templates
to install JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.  Not only do the templates speed the
implementation process, they dramatically reduce the complexity by reducing the
number o f disk and reference materials, and experience/skills  required
to successfully complete the task.  These VM templates are one component
to the “Innovating for Simplification” initiative that was also launched at
Collaborate.  Read more about this here:


• My Oracle Support article

VM Templates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne accelerate the process of setting up
a working environment compared to the traditional installation process. The
templates contain preconfigured images of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
enterprise, HTML, and database servers, complete with Linux operating system,
Oracle WebLogic Server, and Oracle Database.

templates can be installed into an Oracle VM for x86 system running on standard
x86 servers, the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, and the Oracle Database
Appliance X3-2. The templates can be a key component to a well-managed cloud
infrastructure, allowing system administrators to quickly provision fully
functional JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environments for evaluation, development,
or production use.

latest set of templates includes the following applications and technology

· JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Release
9.1 including ESUs as of February 15, 2013

· JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 3

· Oracle Database 11g R2 (

· Oracle WebLogic Server 11g R1 (10.3.5)

· Oracle Linux 5 Update 8, 64-bit

addition to the templates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enterprise server, HTML
server, and database server this release includes two new templates:

· Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, for
use with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting

· JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Business Services
Server and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF), for use with the JD
Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Applications

delivery also includes a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne deployment server
preconfigured to match the content of the templates.

Resources and other information

Technology Network

Announces Oracle’s JD Edwards World Release A9.3 Update 1

JD Edwards World A9.3 Update 1, the first set
of significant enhancements for JD Edwards World A9.3, includes enhancements to
Financial, Distribution, Manufacturing, Human Capital Management, Reporting,
and Technical Foundation applications.


Organizations from around the world rely on
JD Edwards World applications for their daily business operations. JD Edwards
World has long enjoyed a well-earned reputation for robust capability, renowned
stability, and a proven low Total Cost of Ownership. Flexibility, strength,
simplicity, and consistency continue to be key words for A9.3 Update 1. JD
Edwards World builds upon current version A9.3, making user requests a reality
with significant enhancements to application capabilities and technology
foundation.  Robust and actionable information is delivered through
application and reporting enhancements, reduced costs through streamlined
processes, improved control through robust security and increased visibility of
processes, and continued commitment to globalization through availability of
double-byte language support.

A9.3 Update 1 delivers robust and actionable information
through business process enhancements

· Asset
Warranty and Incident Management manages all the information about warranties and
incidents associated with an asset, including renewals. There is now one place
to go to manage all warranties and their associated incidents for Fixed Assets.

· Electronic
Document Delivery (EDD) now supports archiving of documents flowing through the
gateway to Oracle BI Publisher. The desired storage directory is defined for
each EDD profile, if archival of formatted documents is desired. This includes
bursting logic, so archiving supports different placement based on a
combination of the values being used for bursting.

· An
additional document type is supported by Import/Export to support export of a
formatted Excel spreadsheet. Using XML as the basis, it is now possible to
export a document from World and open it in a spreadsheet application without
having to reset the formatting of the spreadsheet.

· Dependents
and Beneficiaries by Employee is enhanced to filter out past enrollment and to
only display the current effective enrollments. A new field has been added to
Dependents and Beneficiaries by Employee to display only the current enrollment
records. When set to yes, the application displays the most current record for
each Plan Id, based on the Effective From Date.

· The
Automatic Overtime Generator has been enhanced to allow more flexible
processing when creating overtime from timecards that include equipment. When
some hours of a timecard are split off to overtime, and those timecards include
equipment, a processing option setting determines whether the equipment
information should be included on the overtime split timecards. If the entire
timecard becomes overtime, the equipment values will always be retained.

A9.3 reduces costs and improves compliance support through
streamlined processes

· The
Depreciation Expense Allocation application automatically books the
depreciation expense from a single asset to multiple business units based on a
specified formula. 

· The
budget spread application allows setting of budget spread pattern codes by
company and business unit. 

· An enhancement to Pre-Payroll allows optionally generating
timecards for all or a subset of employees being processed in the payroll. 

· Utilizing
integration with Vertex’s Q Series for Canadian Payroll Tax, A9.3 Update 1
provides market-leading tax compliance for managing Canada payroll taxation.

A9.3 dramatically improves process control and visibility

· Field level security uses a database level IBM i7.1 operating
system database-level convention called Field Procedure (Fieldproc).
Implementation of this feature allows masking of values contained in the
display file.

· Purchase
Card Management now integrates with Approvals Management. 

· Extensibility
for JD Edwards World! When analyzing the impact of a World version upgrade, if
one of the biggest obstacles is reapplying modifications to World applications,
this enhancement can have significant impact on the cost and effort of that
important task. 

· Interoperability
for Plant & Equipment and Quality Management is enhanced by the addition of
Z-File processing, making movement of data to external applications or
spreadsheets much easier.

· Inventory
Lot Management and Planning is enhanced through the addition of a Future Lot
Effective Date to determine future availability of a Lot for sales order and
planning commitments.

· Reverse
Ship Confirm is enhanced to include reversal of freight, adjustment, and other
miscellaneous line items as well as support for reversal of direct ship line

A9.3 supports popular localizations for global presence

language support is delivered simultaneously with single-byte support in A9.3
Update 1

Resources and other information

· Upgrade
Value Proposition and Release Notes
for World A9.3 Update 1

· World
content on Oracle.com JD
Edwards World page

· Minimum
Technical Requirements
for JD Edwards World are now available on the
“Certifications” tab

· Sales
collateral on the JD Edwards World

Announcement 4 - In Memory JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications

pre-announced new In Memory applications that will be available in May. 
The pre-announcement included two new JD Edwards In Memory Applications, In
Memory Sales Advisor and In Memory Project Portfolio Management.  In
Memory applications provide the ability to complete complex logic/calculations
on large data sets in real time that previously has been unavailable. 
Please find additional information and resources on these new application on

Announcement 5 – Extended Support Uplift Fee Waived for Select JD
Edwards Versions

To ensure Oracle’s JD
Edwards applications customers continue to receive world class, high value
maintenance and support from Oracle and have ample opportunity to maximize
return on their JD Edwards assets, Oracle recently announced the following
changes to Oracle’s Lifetime Support:

  • Waiver of Extended Support Fee
    uplifts on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Releases  9.0 and 9.1 
  • Waiver of Extended Support Fee
    uplifts on JD Edwards World Releases A9.1, A9.2 and A9.3.

These fee waivers
cover the entire three years or remaining Extended Support period for the above
releases.  By upgrading to the “9’s” JD Edwards customers receive the
extended support commitment at a predictable cost.

The description of
Oracle’s Support Policy and definition of Extended Support for JD Edwards
applications are documented in the “Oracle Lifetime Support Policy” for Oracle
Applications found here:

announcement supports Oracle’s commitment to help customers take advantage of
the latest innovation packed releases on a schedule that works with their
business goals.   

Announcement 6 – JD Edwards Launches the Innovating for
Simplification Initiative

In response to customer feedback, JD Edwards
is launching an initiative focused on simplifying – where every possible! 
The initiative will not be limited to just simplifying how the software
functions (User Experience for example), but will address complexities that may
exist in any part of the ERP lifecycle, including how we deliver training,
information, new
s, documentation, how utilities work, the install and
upgrade processes
, etc. 

JD Edwards announced at Collaborate 2013 the
new www.runjde.com web page (sister page to
upgradejde.com) and this new site is aimed at all users/customers, not just
those that are upgrading.  Phase One of
provide new Resource Kits that are comprehensive guides to the vast body of
resources and tools available to the JD Edwards community.  The resources
are organized by user role so that distinct types of users can easily get a
comprehensive index of resources available, a brief descriptions with key tips,
and links to those resources.

Please explore the runjde.com site and the
resource kit, and PLEASE share them with your
JD Edwards user
and support communities. 

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