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Delivering Real-time JD Edwards Analytics with Oracle Database In-Memory

Kem Butler
Product Strategy Director

By Ward Quarles - Oracle JD Edwards Product Strategy Director 

Are your internal and external constituents demanding
instantaneous information? With the
availability of Oracle Database 12c In-Memory, world-class technologies are
available for JD Edwards’s users. Leverage optimized in-memory capabilities
across applications, middleware, databases, and systems to transform your
hyper-connected, mobile and social business into a “real time enterprise” and
revolutionize business insight, communications and
collaborative business processes.

Oracle Database In-Memory transparently extends the
power of Oracle Database 12c to enable
organizations to discover business insights and analytics in real-time while
simultaneously increasing transactional performance.  With Oracle Database In-Memory, users can get
immediate answers to business questions that previously took hours to obtain and
business insight never before possible.

Can every JD Edwards customer benefit from
in-memory? Your e
nterprises will quickly make data-driven decisions, respond
instantly to customer demands, and continuously optimize business processes to
maximize profitability. JD Edwards
customers who have
applications on Oracle database technology can dramatically expand the value of
these applications by delivering instant answers to any business question. Consumers expect immediate response and an
“always online” style of interaction. Oracle Database In-Memory, an option to Oracle Database, makes these
desires a reality.

What changes are required to adopt the new technology? Oracle Database In-Memory delivers leading-edge
performance without restricted functionality, and without increasing complexity
or risk.
Deploying Oracle Database
In-Memory with virtually any existing Oracle Database-compatible application is
as easy as flipping a switch—no application changes are required.

Benefits for JD Edwards
customers include:

1. Faster
Decision-Making –
Oracle Database In-Memory
implements leading-edge columnar data processing to accelerate analytics,
increasing the number of data values analyzed per second while providing
answers instantly that would take minutes or hours to obtain.

2. Easily Adopted – Existing Oracle database applications simply need to identify
the data to place in-memory to run dramatically faster. It couldn’t be easier.  Your JD Edwards application developers don’t
need to change the application or learn new programming techniques to adopt
Oracle Database In-Memory.

in-memory solutions, you will run your business differently, ask more questions
and change your business processes resulting in a quicker understanding of real
time data. Iterative analysis that would
historically take hours now takes minutes or seconds to process. JD Edwards applications can access strategic data
instantaneously.  And it is Cloud ready. 

soon as Oracle Database 12c In-Memory becomes generally available, we will post
again with links to specific JD Edwards and Oracle Database 12c In-Memory documents. 

Watch Larry
Ellison’s prelaunch video here


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