Tuesday Aug 02, 2011

The Second Annual Special JD Edwards Edition of Profit Magazine is here!

By Denise Grills, Sr. Director JD Edwards Strategy

If you are a subscriber to Profit Magazine, the second annual special edition with be arriving soon in your mailbox. If you aren’t a subscriber, go to the following link to view online.


We in the JD Edwards organization are thrilled that Profit chose JD Edwards not only as the first product line to focus on but to continue to work with us on what is becoming an annual issue. We hope you will find this issue enjoyable with case studies and profiles on varied JD Edwards customers and partners.

We are particularly proud of our cover story on United Streetcar, a JD Edwards customer who has reignited light rail manufacturing in the United States. Chandra Brown, president of United Streetcar, is committed to establishing a U.S.-based supply chain that sources at least 60 percent of manufacturing materials from domestic suppliers. “Streetcars, like light rail, are 100 percent electric, so it’s zero emissions. They are incredibly green,” stated Brown.

Another interesting read is an interview with editor in chief of Profit, Aaron Lazenby, and our group vice president and general manager of Oracle’s JD Edwards, Lyle Ekdahl. Lyle discusses his concept of a “New Era of ERP” reflecting the pace at which market volatility and technological advances are transforming business.

The issue is filled with other case studies detailing the growth in our product line and community. Thank you to the team at Profit, our wonderful customers who participated and the advertising partners that made this issue possible.

We have heard from our customers and partners that you like to see JD Edwards specific stories and advertising – well here you are for the second year and counting. I’d love to hear your reaction to the issue, and your ideas for the next.

Sunday Jul 10, 2011

To Be or Not To Be.....Of Course You Should Be!

By Kem Butler - Oracle JD Edwards, Communications Director 

In all my years of experience in business (and they are considerable at this point!) there is one constant and predominate thing I have noticed, regardless of industry, product or service in question. This “thing” is the fact that nearly every prospective customer wants and demands that the vendors provide pre-purchase references. I don’t blame them. Given the magnitude and high risk/reward equation tied to the purchase of ERP and other Enterprise software it’s perfectly logical to companies require references.

What is not logical is that often the very companies that have the most strident reference requirements are the least willing to act as a reference once the time comes. It’s my opinion that customers that have requested and/or demanded references as a prerequisite for purchase have an obligation to reciprocate, assuming the implementation has resulted in business benefits.

But looking beyond any “obligation” factor, acting as a reference has benefits that you may not have considered……

1. Software vendors constantly need to invest in on-going maintenance and development. One key element in our investment decision making process is an evaluation of which products are generating a healthy return on investment. Assuming that the product(s) you use are serving you well, acting as a reference helps to ensure the products continues to be successful in the market and are profitable for the vendor, thus increasing the likelihood of additional vendor enhancement and innovation, and an extended product lifecycle.

2. Oracle has a long standing policy that we do not provide monetary compensation for our customers that act as product references. But the compensation comes in the form of relationships and influence, two elements that are often invaluable in the world of business. And while Oracle values each and every customer and honors the investments that our customer make in licenses and maintenance dollars, there are times when influence and relationships can and do have an impact on which customer requested enhancements make it to the top of the list.

3. Collaborate for mutually beneficial marketing, promoting your business and brand. It’s always good to have your company’s name and your business promoted publically in positive light. Reference customers may work with Oracle to release joint press release(s) and to publish customer snapshots and/or videos highlighting the benefits of their implementation, partner support, products, etc. These materials are widely used by the Oracle and/or partner sales organizations and are available for the public’s viewing www.oracle-DOT-com.  See examples here.

4. Customers that participate in the reference program may be nominated into various award programs, sponsored Oracle and others by which also can also result in positive name and brand exposure for winning companies company.

5. Reference customers are often given preference when product and strategic customer councils are formed. These councils are consist of a limited number of key and strategic customers that have opportunities to interact directly with Oracle’s business and development organizations, providing a great opportunity to share your needs, insights and visions that are driving your business and industry today and in the future.

So take a moment and consider becoming a JD Edwards reference account. After all, it’s only logical. If you would like to explore the customer reference program(s) and opportunities, please email either anna.matthews-AT-oracle.com or Ioana.Roseanu-AT-oracle.com, or fill out this short registration form to have someone form Oracle references contact you. Thanks in advance for your interest!

Tuesday Jun 21, 2011

Herding Cats - That's My Job....

I remember seeing a super bowl commercial several years ago showing some well dressed people on the African savanna herding cats. I remember turning to the people I was watching the game with and telling them, “You just watched my job description”......   

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Friday May 27, 2011

Starving to death while standing in the parking lot of a supermarket with cash in hand…..

Starving to death while standing in the parking lot of a supermarket with cash in hand….a situation that would seem ludicrous to all of us, yet, it seems to be a fitting analogy to happens all too frequently when it comes to ERP system usage and support. Let me explain...[Read More]

Tuesday May 24, 2011

Your Upgrade Weekend: Table Conversions or Golfing?

Jeff Amerine, new member of the JD Edwards product strategy team, talks about the newly formed team he has joined and their focus on enabling upgrades, what they plan to do and resent results of their early efforts!

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Friday May 13, 2011

Getting The Test On Monday (Written By Dawn Baker, JD Edwards VP of Development)

Dawn Baker, JD Edwards Vice President of Development shares her perspective on the benefits of "getting the test on Monday".[Read More]

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