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12 for 12 – a Flag, a Gun and a Duck (REDACTED*)

Kem Butler
Product Strategy Director

By Lyle
Ekdahl, Oracle JD Edwards Group Vice President General Manager

Well it is that time of year for predictions. Ok maybe I am a few weeks late but frankly I
like to read all the other prediction posts before I stick my neck out. Here are my 12 predictions for 2012:

#12 In late January,
early February the biggest ever (bigger than the first two) Oracle JD Edwards Summit will occur with over 500 in the JD Edwards
ecosystem converging on Broomfield, Colorado. With  80% confidence, over 90% of the people attending will be
interested in getting product updates and building business, not the
skiing. Good news since the real snow
won’t start till mid-February this year.

#11 Absolutely no one will make a net new ERP acquisition
decision based on whether the underlying architecture is OMG model driven. However over 5 0% of all ERP purchase decisions
will be made based on mobile device access, UI and or TCO.

#10 Technology acquisitions in the mobile, collaboration and
social networking spaces will occur both before and after the US Presidential
Election in November.

#9 EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 will be one of the most
successful tools release in the history of JD Edwards with >50% of the customer base
updating to this release in the next 12 to 18 months.

#8 Riding on the heels of JD Edwards on iPad and Tools 9.1
release, in calendar 2012 you will see
continued major developments and innovation for JD Edwards, of course I cannot tell
you what or when given rules of revenue recognition. But by Oracle OpenWorld plus or minus half of
the JD Edwards community will recognize the unfolding brilliance of our six year

#7 The Ramones will not do a reunion tour for various
reasons, including the fact that several members are no longer with us, but The
Conference Room Pilots will cover one of their songs at Collaborate 2012.

#6 More ERP deployments will feature use of tablet devices
led by the iPad. This will cause the
proponents of the, “it’s only about the business and not technology” school to
begin taking anti-depressants.

#5 Moore’s law will not be broken, but several vendors will
be cited for attempting it in a cheap marketing stunt.

#4 There will be a growing number, approaching 12%, of new JD Edwards
private cloud deployments in every region of the world.

#3 I will be involved in cheap marketing stunts at both
Collaborate and Oracle OpenWorld potentially involving a flag, a duck and a

#2 The world WILL NOT end on December 22, 2012 – however an
increasing number of World customers citing a lesser known vision of
Quetzalcoatl, will begin to move off A7.3 to the 9’s.

#1 The 2012 lists of colossal ERP failures and related
lawsuits will continue to feature (>70% of the list) the same vendor that those lists have featured for the last decade.
Maybe someday selection committees will do their homework and “zombie” CIO’s
will wake up but unfortunately it won’t be in 2012.

So there you have it – my 12 for 12. In 2013 let’s revisit and see if I have a
career option in prognostication.

*- Oracle blog policy prohibits executives from making
specific forward-looking statements. The Editor.

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  • guest Friday, February 24, 2012

    I appreciate the Quetzalcoatl reference. Yes, I am a month late to comment, but your predictions were as well.

    I hope the your year goes as well as you want.

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