Thursday Feb 02, 2012

JSR updates

Two JSRs have posted milestones this week.  Next week, on 7 February, JSR 355 goes to JSR Review Ballot.

JSR 308, Annotations on Java Types, Early Draft Review, has been posted. The review closes on 29 February.  You can also find more about this JSR here:

JSR 345, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.2, has been posted.  The review closes on 3 March.

Thursday Jul 21, 2011

Final Releases of Java SE 7 JSRs

The Final Releases for Java SE 7 have been posted to -- these are the 4 JSRs that passed Final Approval Ballot earlier this week.  Watch for the 2 Maintenance Releases of JSR 901, Java Language Specification, and JSR 924, Java Virtual Machine Specification coming soon.

  • JSR 292:  Supporting Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java Platform
  • JSR 334:  Small Enhancements to the Java Programming Language
  • JSR 336:  Java SE 7 Release Contents
  • JSR 203:  NIO.2

Friday Mar 18, 2011

JSR 336: Java SE 7 Release Contents - Early Draft Review

The Expert Group of the following JSR:

   JSR-000336 Java SE 7 Release Contents

has published a draft specification for Early Draft Review.

The review is scheduled to close on 10 April 2011.

View the original proposal here:

Monday Dec 06, 2010

JSRs 334, 335, 336 and 337 approved

JSRs 334, 335, 336 and 337 approved by the SE/EE Executive Committee[Read More]

Friday Oct 22, 2010

JCP EC Elections Discussion Board

The final phase of the 2010 JCP program EC Elections is going on now and ends November 1 at midnight PST (November 2 at 8:00 AM UTC). This is an opportunity to have your thoughts, views, and opinions heard-all while helping shape the future of Java technology.  

There is a discussion board on for community members to post questions to the candidates for the 2010 JCP EC Elections. 

To post questions, comments or responses to the board you must be a registered user of; to register(members and non-members may register.  The board can be found here.

The primary contacts for each JCP program Member have been sent instructions and pin to vote.

Tuesday Oct 19, 2010

JCP 2010 EC ELections Ballot

The 2010 Java Community Process (JCP) Program Executive Committee (EC) elections process is underway. The EC Elections process was launched in June 2000. This years' elections are hosted by Votenet and run October 19 - November 1, 2010. JCP Members may vote in the EC Elections. Each Member's primary contact will be sent voting credentials via e-mail.

Candidates for the 2010 EC Elections are now posted on  This year there are 10 seats open-5 per EC. There are 3 ratified candidates per EC and 2 open elected seats per EC.  Candidates nominated themselves for the 2 open elected seats on the SE/EE EC and the 2 open elected seats on the ME EC earlier in October. You can read their qualification statements, positioning statements, and a short biography of the primary contact for each candidate. 

The following seats are up for the 2010 JCP EC Elections:

  • Apache, Eclipse, Google, Doug Lea and Red Hat on the SE/EE EC
  • Aplix, Orange France, Research in Motion, Samsung and TQTVD on the ME EC

The candidates on the 2010 EC Election ballot are:

Java Micro Edition (ME) EC
  • Ratified seats: RIM, Samsung, TOTVS/TQTVD

  • Open election seats: Stefano Andreani, Aplix Corporation,  Paul Grojean, Pavel Lahoda, Rahul Tyagi

Standard/Enterprise Edition (SE/EE) EC

  • Ratified seats:  Apache, Hologic, Inc., Red Hat
  • Open election seats: Azul Systems, Eclipse Foundation, Google, Fabio Haider, Bob Lee, Liferay, Inc., Sam Pullara
JCP Members, please take this opportunity to vote ihe JCP EC Elections.  I'll post the results here on November 2, 2010 and the new EC Members will take effect later in November.

Tuesday Oct 30, 2007

JCP Executive Committee Elections Update

The first and second phase of the 2007 Java Community Process (JCP) EC elections are completed. The third and last phase is  under way. (See my previous article on the same subject)

All the proposed ratified members have been elected during phase I:

Standard / Enterprise Edition Executive Committee
Number of eligible voters: 936
Percent voting members casting votes: 26.0%

Apache Software Foundation     94.9%
Red Hat Middleware LLC     87.3%
Nortel     75.5%

Micro Edition Executive Committee
Number of eligible voters: 936
Percent voting members casting votes: 26.0%

Research In Motion, LTD (RIM)    92.7%
Samsung Electronics Corporation     91.3%
Time Warner Cable Inc.     66.8% 

During Phase II the following members nominated themselves: 

Nominees for the Standard / Enterprise Edition Executive Commitee

  • Codegear
  • Eclipse Foundation, Inc
  • Ericsson AB
  • Google Inc.
  • Interface21 Inc
  • Meffert, Klaus
  • Pierre-Henry, Perret
Nominees for the Micro Edition Executive Commitee
  • Anjos, Luiz Carlos Bentes dos
  • Intel Corp.
  • Luz, Marlon Faria da
  • Orange France SA
  • Sheedy, Sean

 Phase III of the elections is running from today, October 30, until November 12. The final results will be announced on November 13. Further details available at the elections site.


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