Wednesday Sep 29, 2010

Nominations for the 2010 Executive Committe (EC) Elections opening soon

Nominations for the EC Elections will open 1 October.  All JCP program members are eligible to nominate themselves during the open nomination period.  The following in formation will be required for self-nominations:

  • Contact information (name, email, address, phone number)
  • Qualification statement (no more that 3-4 paragraphs), this should be for the JCP Member vs the representative (see below)
  • Nominee's representative brief biography and photograph (the individual participant that will represent the Member)
  • Member pdf positioning statement

For more information see the Elections page and the Calendar page of You can also look for more information about the role of the EC and the current membership on the EC page.

Friday Nov 13, 2009

New enhncements available

The JCP program office is excited to announce an upgrade to the recently launched web site. After the community's web home was completely overhauled and released in June 2009, work continued behind the scenes to add to, enhance, and fix its functionality and usefulness. Members of the PMO serve as the project team to define and complete the work.

The JCP program user community has been helpful in offering feedback on the web site. Many of the new features and bug fixes were originally suggested or identified by users. Some of those implementations will be immediately obvious. For example, all of the wikis and boards now include a way for users to give their quick opinion of the content by awarding each item with a rating, by selecting a certain number of stars. In addition, all of the public discussion boards and wikis include RSS buttons to enable a user to subscribe to updates of that content. Due to security settings and requirements of browsers, this RSS feed feature works only if SSL is enabled. For example, the RSS feature does work with the Firefox browser.

Check it out and send us feedback.  If you haven't registered for, go here--it's easy, free, and enables you to participate more fully on

Tuesday Jun 16, 2009

New information and training

So the next revision to is here, in conjunction with the roll-out of JCP 2.7 for all the JSRs that were previously operating under JCP 2.6. It's a lot for one day. But we in the PMO are holding a few events this week to help you with the transition, as well as some online guides to help people understand the changes and new features.

Here's the new site launch announcement:

Here's an overview of the new features:

We'll be having a Town Hall meeting on Thursday, 18 June. Details are here: 

Here's an overview of the changes for everyone in JCP 2.7:

Tomorrow, 17 June 2009, the PMO will host 2 calls for Spec Leads to present the new site's features and to answer any questions. the first call is at 08:00 PT, the second is at 17:00 PT; the content should be the same, other than the questions asked.

Call #1:

Topic: SL call for new
Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Time: 8:00 am, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -07:00, San Francisco)

To register for this meeting
1. Go to
2. Register for the meeting.

Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting.


Call #2:

Topic: SL Training for new
Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Time: 5:00 pm, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -07:00, San Francisco)

To register for this meeting
1. Go to
2. Register for the meeting.

Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting.

Thursday Apr 02, 2009

Help test the new

The PMO has been working on a major revision to the web site, and we're getting ready to open up the site for beta testing. If you are already a user of the current web site, we'd like your assistance in testing the new site to ensure that all the kinks are ironed out before we launch later this year.

 If you are interested in volunteering as a beta tester of the new site, send mail with the subject "New tester" to pmo at before 15 April 2009. Instructions for accessing the test site will be sent to you shortly thereafter.

Thursday Mar 26, 2009

JSR deadlines for JavaOne

Deadlines for submitting materials to be posted on before JavaOne 2009.[Read More]

Monday May 05, 2008 downtime

As you might have noticed,  the website has been down a few times for a few hours recently.

We have investigating the cause and found that we have been targeted by a bot with a Denial of Service attack that
triggered a bug in the web server that we are currently using ad is causing the server process to crash.

A fix is on its way and will be deployed as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience in coping with the inconvenience of having the website down in such a critical timeframe as the JavaOne week.

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