Friday Sep 28, 2012

JCP Party at JavOne and other JCP events

Don't miss all of these great opportunities to get involved with the JCP program at JavaOne next week. The details are listed below and listed on the JCP at JavaOne page  as well. Join us for the annual JCP community party on Tuesday evening, 2 October, to be held at the Infusion Lounge. Drop by starting at 6:30 pm to meet fellow Java Community members, JCP members and EC representatives, enjoy appetizers/beer, pick up a door prize, enter a raffle and congratulate the winners and nominees (newly updated nominee information available now) of the 10th annual awards in three categories: JCP Member of the Year, Outstanding Spec Lead, and Most Significant JSR.

The day by day breakdown is as follows...

Sunday 9/30/12
JCP and OpenJDK: Using the JUGs' "Adopt" Programs in Your Group
Session ID: UGF10434
Location: Moscone West - 2002
Date and Time: 9/30/12, 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM

JCP Public Executive Committee Face-to-Face Meeting
Open to Executive Committee Members and the Java Developer Community
Location: Clift Hotel, 495 Geary Street, San Francisco - Rita Room (downstairs from Lobby)
Date and Time: 9/30/12, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM; Agenda includes open Q&A, JCP.Next, EC Elections - no JavaOne pass required!

Monday 10/1/12
JCP in the OTN Java DEMOgrounds
Location: Hilton Hotel Grand Ballroom
Date and Time: 10/1/12, 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

JCP.Next: Reinvigorating Java Standards
Session ID: BOF6272
Location: Hilton San Francisco - Plaza A/B
Date and Time: 10/1/12, 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

101 Ways to Improve Java: Why Developer Participation Matters
Session ID: BOF6283
Location: Hilton San Francisco - Continental Ballroom 4
Date and Time: 10/1/12, 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM

Tuesday 10/2/12

JCP in the OTN Java DEMOgrounds
Location: Hilton Hotel Grand Ballroom
Date and Time: 10/2/12, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Spec Leads Meeting with the JCP PMO
Location: Hilton San Francisco - Van Ness Room
Date and Time: 10/2/12, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Come learn how you benefit from the changes

Meet the JCP Executive Committee Candidates
Session ID: BOF6307
Location: Hilton San Francisco - Golden Gate 3/4/5
Date and Time: 10/2/12, 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

The 10th Annual JCP Awards Presentation and Party
Enjoy an evening with this year's JCP Award nominees and watch as we announce the winners -  no JavaOne pass required!
Location: Infusion Lounge - 124 Ellis Street, San Francisco
Date and Time: 10/2/12, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Hope to see you there!

Monday Sep 24, 2012

JCP Open EC Meeting on 30 September 2012

The JCP program office and Executive Committee invites all Java Community members to attend the OPEN EC Meeting on Sunday, 30 September at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco.  The meeting is adjacent to The Zone at JavaOne, but no JavaOne (or any other kind) of pass is required to attend.  It is OPEN to all! 

Agenda topics include: JCP.Next status/overview of JSRs 355 and 358, improving communications between the EC and the community; Open Q&A and reminders of JCP events at JavaOne & Annual awards.  Any other suggestions?  This meeting is for you.  Let us know your questions pmo at Or bring them with you.  Details below.

  • JCP Public Executive Committee Face-to-Face Meeting
    Open to Executive Committee Members and the Java Developer Community
    Location: Clift Hotel, 495 Geary Street, San Francisco - Rita Room (downstairs from Lobby)
    Date and Time: 9/30/12, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

See you there.  Check out all of the JCP @ JavaOne events.

Monday Sep 10, 2012

Discover the Latest from the JCP at JavaOne San Francisco

Learn what's happening with the JCP program, JCP.Next, JSRs, meet the 10th Annual JCP Award nominees and potential new JCP Executive Committee (EC) members. There will be plenty of opportunities on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday during JavaOne 2012.  Find out the details here.

Thursday Aug 30, 2012

JCP 2012 Award Nominations Announced


The 10th Annual JCP Program Award Nominations have been posted on  The community gets together every year during JavaOne to congratulate the winners and nominees at the JCP Community Party held in San Francisco.

This year there are three awards: JCP Member/Participant of the Year, Outstanding Spec Lead, and Most Significant JSR.

Member of the Year:

  • Stephen Colebourne
  • Markus Eisele
  • Google
  • JUG Chennai
  • Werner Keil
  • London Java Community and SouJava
  • Antoine Sabot-Durand

Outstanding Spec Lead

  • Michael Ernst, JSR 308, Annotations on Java Types
  • Victor Grazi, Credit Suisse, JSR 354, Money and Currency API
  • Nigel Deakin, Oracle, JSR 343, Java Message Service 2.0
  • Pete Muir, Red Hat, JSR 346, Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE 1.1

Most Significant JSR

  • API for JSON Processing, JSR 353
  • Money and Currency API, JSR  354
  • Java State Management, JSR 350
  • Java Message Service 2, JSR 343
  • JCP.Next, JSR 348, JSR 355, and JSR 358

Congratulations to the nominees; you can read the nomination text and more information about the awards here.  And remember to join us on Tuesday, 2 October at the Infusion Lounge to celebrate with the winners and nominees!

Tuesday Dec 06, 2011

JCP @ JavaOne Latin America

Day 1 for JavaOne Latin America

Patrick Curran of the JCP speaks later today 17:15 - 18:15:

O sucesso da linguagem e plataforma Java depende do apoio e participação da comunidade. O Java é desenvolvido
através do Java Comunity Process, aberto a todos os membros da comunidade. Recentes mudanças neste
processo, através do JSR 348, facilitaram ainda mais para que desenvolvedores observem e participem dos
trabalhos do JCP.

Tuesday Oct 25, 2011

JCP Wrap Up of JavaOne 2011

Many from the global JCP community were in San Francisco for the JavaOne conference held the first week of October 2011. Those who attended JCP program events had interests in learning about technological advances and connecting face to face with new and old colleagues. A new article on highlights the points that framed much of the JCP members’ curiosity and enthusiasm at JavaOne this year.

First, the final releases of JSRs for Java SE 7 platform, as well as new or newly invigorated work on other JSRs. Read more about JSRs in the Spotlight.

Second, the impending revisions of the program, as formalized through JSR 348, clearly addressed the demand for more transparency, participation, and agility at all levels of the community. Read more about Encourages the Community.

Third, the new Java User Group (JUG) members have an active role to play in the JCP program. They are visibly involved at every level of the community. Read more about JUGs Stand Up To Be Counted.

The JCP Program Management Office (PMO) also used the JavaOne conference as a vehicle for introducing new candidates for the upcoming Executive Community (EC) election. Read more about Opportunities to Meet EC Candidates.

At the annual JCP community event, suspense was relieved over who and what would win the coveted awards. Read more about The JCP Community Loves a Good Party.

Some JCP related news coverage:

Dr. Dobbs article, ADT Magazine article.

It is clear that the JCP program and community is reinvigorated with a united purpose of moving Java forward!

Monday Oct 03, 2011

Monday JCP Events at JavaOne

Yesterday we had a successful JUGs and the JCP as part of User Group Sunday at JavaOne, followed by a very interactive open Face to Face EC Meeting.  Today we have a panel session at the Hilton Golden Gate Room 6/7/8:  JCP and the Developer Community at 11:00 am.  There will be JCP badge ribbons there for all JCP Member participants. 

The JCP will also be in the Community Hub area of the Mason Street Cafe today at 12:30.  We will be discussing a new pre-proposal being discussed to initiate a JSR for Social extensions to Seam/CDI.  Werner Keil, as well as Pete Muir, Dan Allen and Lincoln Baxter from Red Hat will be on hand to discuss.

 This evening at 19:00 we will hold a JCP Meet the Candidates BOF session also at the Hilton in the Golden Gate Room 6/7/8.  Come to hear from the ratified and elected candidates who are planning to appear on the 2011 JCP EC Annual Elections ballot starting on 18 October.  Nominations for the open seats are still open through 13 October.  Now is the time to submit your nomination if you are interested in running for either an open ME EC (2 available) seat or an SE/EE EC (2 available) seat.

 Hope to see you at JavaOne!

Saturday Oct 01, 2011

First Public JCP EC Meeting is Tomorrow in San Francisco

If you've been following JSR 348 you may have noticed that one of the changes it will introduce is a requirement that we hold a face-to-face (f2f) meeting of the Executive Committee each year at JavaOne. In addition, we will be required to hold semi-annual teleconferences. The f2f meeting will be open to all JavaOne attendees while the teleconferences will be open to JCP members. In both cases, the agenda will include topics suggested by the membership.

Rather than wait until after JSR 348 is completed we thought we'd start right away. Tomorrow, Sunday, 2 October,  we'll be holding an open EC meeting from 4:00 - 5:30 pm (at the Hilton, Union Square room 21--doors open at 3:45) This is after the Java User Groups and the JCP session in Moscone West and immediately before the Open House (free beer )that evening.

If you're going to JavaOne please plan on attending.  Don't miss the other JCP events later in the week as well.  Hope to see you there!

Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

Not to be missed JCP Events at JavaOne San Francisco...

Next week is the JavaOne conference!  Join us for the the Annual JCP Community Party: Tuesday, October 4, at 6 p.m., Anzu Restaurant in Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason Street, San Francisco!  Stop by to meet fellow JCP members and Executive Committee representatives, enjoy hors d’oeuvres and drinks, pick up a door prize, enter in a raffle, and congratulate the winners of the 9th annual awards, to be announced that evening.   We will also have a special gift for Spec Leads at the party.

EG Meeting Room:  The PMO will again host an Expert Group meeting room available for Spec Leads on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of next week. For reservations please email heather at  On Wednesday morning from 10-11 am, the PMO will hold a meeting in this room for Spec Leads to discuss upcoming changes as part of JCP 2.8, which is scheduled to be implemented later in October.  RSVP for the meeting to

There are also the following sessions planned during JavaOne:

Java User Groups and the JCP (Session 30440)
Sunday, October 2, 2:30 p.m. - 3:15 p.m., Moscone West - 2024

Face-to-Face, Open Q&A Meeting Hosted by JCP Executive Committee
Sunday, October 2, 3:45 p.m. - 5:15 p.m., Hilton San Francisco - Union Square Room, 333 O'Farrell Street

JCP and the Developer Community (Session 23647)
Monday, October 3, 11 a.m. - 12 noon, Hilton San Francisco - Golden Gate 6/7/8

Meet the Executive Committee Candidates (BOF Session 23641)
Monday, October 3, 7 p.m. - 7:45 p.m., Hilton San Francisco - Golden Gate 6/7/8

Lightning Talks: JSRs in Progress (Session 23645)
Wednesday, October 5, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m., Hilton San Francisco - Golden Gate 6/7/8

JCP at Community Hub Stage for Q&A (Mason Street Cafe) - 20 Minute Sessions
Monday, October 3, 12:30 p.m. (JSR pre-proposal) & Tuesday, October 4, 1:40 p.m.(JCP 2.8) & Wednesday, October 5, 10:40 a.m. (EC Elections) & Thursday, October 6, 1:40 p.m (open Q&A).

Most of these events are also in this electronic flyer.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday Sep 09, 2011

JCP Community Events at JavaOne 2011

The JavaOne Conference is one of the best occasions for members of the Java Community Process (JCP) program to meet up in person during the year. The event will be held next month in San Francisco, California, October 2-6, in The Zone (made up of the Hilton, Nikko, and Parc 55 hotels).

JCP members are gearing up for a flurry of technical and social activities offered to the community, starting with an open to the public Executive Committee (EC) Meeting to be held on Sunday, 2 October, just prior to the JavaOne Open House. We will begin at 4 pm (doors open at 3:45 pm) and conclude at 5:30 pm just in time for the Open House.  The meeting will be held at the Hilton Hotel.  The agenda will include topics suggested by the membership-please send suggestions for the agenda to pmo at 

And remember to save the date for the annual JCP community party on Tuesday evening, 4 October, to be held at the Hotel Nikko's Anzu Restaurant. Drop by starting at 6 pm to meet fellow JCP members and EC representatives, enjoy appetizers/beer, pick up a door prize, and congratulate the winners of the 9th annual awards in three categories: JCP Member/Participant of the Year, Outstanding Spec Lead, and Most Innovative JSR.

Read more about the activities here...hope to see you there!

Thursday Jul 21, 2011

Nominations Open for JCP Program Awards

Nominations are now open for the 9th annual JCP Program Awards.  This year we will have three award categories.  Please submit nominations to by 8 August 2011. All nominations must include a brief justification for the nomination.  Following the nomination period, we will carry out an email ballot with the JCP Executive Committee to determine the winners of the Awards.

Winners in each category will be announced on 4 October at the Tuesday evening JCP community event held during the JavaOne 2011 conference. Winners and nominees are included permanently in the JCP program's hall of fame.

The 9th JCP Annual Awards Categories are:

  • JCP Member/Participant Of The Year - This award recognizes the corporate or individual member (either Member or Participant) who has made the most significant positive impact on the community in the past year. Leadership, investment in the community, and innovation are some of the qualities that EC Members look for in voting for this award.
  • Outstanding Spec Lead - The role of Spec Lead is not an easy one, and the person who takes that responsibility must be, among other things, technically savvy, able to build consensus in spite of diverse corporate goals, and focused on efficiency and execution. This award recognizes the person who has brought together these qualities the best in the past year, in leading a JSR for the Java community (Java SE, Java EE or Java ME).
  • Most Innovative JSR - Innovation is key to the success of the JCP program and helps ensure we remain a fresh and vibrant community. This award recognizes the Spec Lead and Expert Group that have introduced the most innovative new JSR for the Java community (Java SE, Java EE or Java ME) in the past year.
Nominate your favorites today!

Wednesday Jul 20, 2011

JCP sessions accepted for JavaOne 2011

The JCP program office is beginning our annual preparations for JavaOne.  The following sessions were accepted for JavaOne 2011!  Watch for more details on the annual JCP party, JCP Program Awards, an open to the public EC Meeting, and more soon. 

  • Lightning Talks:  JSRs in progress (3-4 Spec Leads)-- forward suggestions for JSRs/SLs to
  • JCP and the developer community (panel)--PMO, EC members, JUG leaders, SLs, EG members.

Thursday Sep 23, 2010

The 2010 JCP Award Winners!

Last night the JCP PMO announced the winners of the 2010 JCP Program annual awards, at the JCP program community party at the JavaOne conference.  It was great to see so many community members again and it was a fun time before heading to Treasure Island! 

This year there were three categories of awards--two out of the three went to individuals working within the JCP and JSR development process.
And the winners are....

  • JCP Program Member/Participant of the Year :  Aplix

The full list of 2010 nominees can be found here.  Congratulations to the winners and all of the nominees!  Look for more detail on the party and pictures soon!

Tuesday Sep 21, 2010

Join the JCP at JavaOne

We are in the middle of JavaOne, Day 2 of the JavaOne conference.  If you are attending in San Francisco, please join us at one of the BoF sessions running concurrently tonight.  Birds Of a Feather (BOF) Sessions:

- Java ME Checkpoint: Current Status and Future Directions - Tuesday, September 21, 7:00PM | Hilton San Francisco, Yosemite C; members of the JCP Micro Edition EC will be on hand to discuss Java ME--Patrick Curran (JCP Chair), John Rizzo (Aplix), Jon Courtney (CableLabs), Hinkmond Wong (Oracle), and individual developer member, Sean Sheedy.

- Java Community Process: What You Like and What You Don't - Tuesday, September 21, 7:00PM | Parc 55, Cyril Magnin III;  members of the JCP program office will be on hand to hear and respond to your comments!

Tomorrow night is our annual JCP community Event. Join us to celebrate the recipients of the JCP awards--Spec Leads, Expert Group Members and Executive Committees members will be in attendance. Appetizers and drinks will be served as well as door prizes.  The event will be held at the Pacific Terrace of the Intercontinental Hotel at 888 Howard Street (same location as last year; coming from the Mason Street tent, head down Fifth Street and it is on the corner of Howard).  The event will be held between 6PM and 8PM--on your way to the Oracle Appreciation Event. Shuttle buses to Treasure Island will be available less than a block away. Check out more information on the JCP 8th annual award winners here.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday Sep 15, 2010

JavaOne is approaching!

The approach of JavaOne (next week!) tends to galvanize activity within the JCP program. It's a perfect time to publish drafts of specifications and to meet face to face with Expert Groups, fellow Spec Leads, and members of the Executive Committee at the annual JCP program community event.  Read more and RSVP to JCP events at JavaOne .

JavaOne is also a great time for the PMO to publish fresh information, too. You can expect to get notices about the following goodies in the coming week or two, so stay tuned for more about...
- the JCP Annual Award nominees
- case studies about the great efforts of JSR spec leads, in particular, on the topic of agility
- an article about what happens when a JSR is recognized as "Inactive"


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