Tuesday Aug 13, 2013

2013 EC Elections Process Set to Start

Calling anyone interested in running for a JCP Executive Committee seat!   This year will be an exciting election since the current EC Members and any prospective new EC Members will run for election--24 EC seats will be ratified or elected by the JCP Program Membership (specific details on this below).  Now is the time to prepare your nomination! The official nomination period begins 13 September.  Exact details for nomination submissions are available on the JCP EC Elections page.

JCP 2.9 with a Merged EC Took Effect in November 2012. The final step in implementing JCP 2.9 concludes with the 2013 Fall Executive Committee Elections, starting in September. This year, as defined in the Appendix B of the JCP 2.9 Process Document, all of the elected and ratified seats are up for re-election. Three Ratified and two Elected Seats will be eliminated, reducing the EC to a total of 25 members - 16 Ratified Seats, 8 Elected Seats and one permanent seat held by Oracle America, Inc.

JCP 2.9 defines EC seats will have two year term cycles (instead of three year term cycles). Members elected in 2013 will be ranked to determine whether their initial term will be one or two years. The 50% of Ratified and 50% of Elected members who receive the most votes will serve an initial two-year term, while all others will serve an initial one year term.  All members elected in 2014 and subsequently will serve a two-year term.

The nomination period of the Elections will begin on 13 September. The JCP will accept self-nominations for the 8 Elected Seats through 26 September.  JCP Members (JSPA 2 Primary Contacts) will receive messages with instructions for nominating and their login credentials via email on 13 September. You will need this credential information to login and complete the nomination.
The ballot with nominees for Ratified and Elected seats will be open from 15 October until 28 October. The results will be available on jcp.org on 29 October.

For now, prepare your materials and plan to attend the JCP BoF session at JavaOne as well as the Meet the Candidates call on Thursday, 10 October at 9:30 AM PDT.  As a nominee to the Executive Committee, you are encouraged to attend the "Meet the JCP Executive Committee Candidates" (Session ID: BOF4672) at JavaOne the week of 22 September at the Hilton in San Francisco (JavaOne Conference pass required).

These are great opportunities to present your qualification statements to the eligible voters. Please notify us if you plan to attend: pmo at jcp.org.

Tuesday Nov 01, 2011

JCP 2011 EC Election Results are in...

The 2011 Fall Executive Committee Election process is now complete. The ballot closed on 31 October 2011 at midnight. Congratulations to Ericsson AB, Intel, SAP, Azul Systems, Twitter, Inc., IBM, Nokia, SK Telecom, ARM Limited and Werner Keil as the new and re-elected JCP EC members.

The following seats were filled in the 2011 EC Election:
  • Seats on the SE/EE Executive Committee
    • Ericsson AB (ratified seat)
    • SAP (ratified seat)
    • Intel (ratified seat)
    • Azul Systems (elected seat)
    • Twitter, Inc. (elected seat)
  • Seats on the ME Executive Committee
    • IBM (ratified seat)
    • Nokia (ratified seat)
    • SK Telecom (ratified seat)
    • ARM Limited (elected seat)
    • Werner Keil (elected seat)
Complete EC Election Results are here.

Tuesday May 10, 2011

2011 JCP EC Special Election Results

The results are in...the 2011 JCP EC Special Election has officially concluded, and final results are available on jcp.org.

Thank you to all of the nominees for your interest and participation in the election and congratulations to the new JCP EC Members!  


Ratified seats: Goldman Sachs, SouJava (both ratified) - term ends 2013
Open Seat Election: London Java Community - term ends 2012


Open Seat Election: AlexTerrazas - term ends 2011 (November)

The new ECs take effect today -- Tuesday, 10 May.

For complete results see: http://jcp.org/en/whatsnew/elections .

Tuesday Apr 26, 2011

2011 JCP Executive Committee Special Elections now

The 2011 JCP EC Special Elections are now underway! JCP Members were invited to nominate themselves for an open elected seat on either EC during the open nominations period, and every JCP Member may vote in the EC Elections. Each Member's primary contact has been sent voting instructions via e-mail. If you are a JCP Member and did not receive voting instructions, contact the PMO at pmo@jcp.org.

In this special election, two ratified seats are up for the SE/EE Executive Committee, one open elected seat is up for SE/EE Executive Committee, and one open elected seat is up for the ME Executive Committee.

For information about the nominees, please visit http://jcp.org/aboutJava/communityprocess/elections/2011-nominees.html

Newly ratified/elected EC Members will take office on 10 May 2011.

Tuesday Oct 26, 2010

Oracle Comments on the JCP Elections

The JCP EC Elections continue this week--the ballot for both the ratified and nominated seats closes on Monday at midnight pacific time.  Oracle has issued a couple of statements related to the JCP of interest.  One on the selection of Hologic for a ratified SE/EE EC seat and one related to the participation of Doug Lea.  The comments are posted on the Aquarium blog.

 It is shaping up to be an exciting election!  Results will be posted one week from today, on Tuesday 2 November.

Wednesday Oct 06, 2010

Now OPEN -- Nominations for EC seats

It is Election time again...the JCP program Executive Committee (EC) Elections are officially here.  Every year five seats on each EC are open for election (ratified and nominated).  There are two open nomination seats on the Standard/Enterprise (SE/EE) EC (Eclipse and Google) and two open nomination seats on the Micro Edition (ME) EC (Aplix and Orange France) this year.  JCP program Members are eligible to nominate themselves until 14 October.

There are also three three ratified seats on each EC whose terms end this year.  Java ME EC:  Research in Motion (RIM), Samsung, TQTVD; on the SE/EE EC: Apache, Doug Lea, Red Hat Middleware.

Following the Nominations, the ballot for all ratified and nominated seats in the election will be open beginning 19 October.

The Executive Committee Voting Schedule:

Nominations Open: 1-14 October
Elections Vote: 19 October - 1 November

To access the self nominations, you need the login information sent to JCP program members earlier in the week. You can then visit JCP Election site .  For more information on the JCP program Elections see the elections page on jcp.org .

Wednesday Sep 29, 2010

Nominations for the 2010 Executive Committe (EC) Elections opening soon

Nominations for the EC Elections will open 1 October.  All JCP program members are eligible to nominate themselves during the open nomination period.  The following in formation will be required for self-nominations:

  • Contact information (name, email, address, phone number)
  • Qualification statement (no more that 3-4 paragraphs), this should be for the JCP Member vs the representative (see below)
  • Nominee's representative brief biography and photograph (the individual participant that will represent the Member)
  • Member pdf positioning statement

For more information see the Elections page and the Calendar page of jcp.org. You can also look for more information about the role of the EC and the current membership on the EC page.

Tuesday Oct 13, 2009

JCP program Summer 2009 Newsletter

The summer edition of the JCP Program newsletter. is available now on jcp.org.  It was a busy summer--this edition covered recent news/events, the 2009 Executive Committee (EC) Elections, the new jcp.org web site,  JCP version 2.7, Java Specification Requests (JSR) updates and a membership update.

Tuesday Oct 30, 2007

JCP Executive Committee Elections Update

The first and second phase of the 2007 Java Community Process (JCP) EC elections are completed. The third and last phase is  under way. (See my previous article on the same subject)

All the proposed ratified members have been elected during phase I:

Standard / Enterprise Edition Executive Committee
Number of eligible voters: 936
Percent voting members casting votes: 26.0%

Apache Software Foundation     94.9%
Red Hat Middleware LLC     87.3%
Nortel     75.5%

Micro Edition Executive Committee
Number of eligible voters: 936
Percent voting members casting votes: 26.0%

Research In Motion, LTD (RIM)    92.7%
Samsung Electronics Corporation     91.3%
Time Warner Cable Inc.     66.8% 

During Phase II the following members nominated themselves: 

Nominees for the Standard / Enterprise Edition Executive Commitee

  • Codegear
  • Eclipse Foundation, Inc
  • Ericsson AB
  • Google Inc.
  • Interface21 Inc
  • Meffert, Klaus
  • Pierre-Henry, Perret
Nominees for the Micro Edition Executive Commitee
  • Anjos, Luiz Carlos Bentes dos
  • Intel Corp.
  • Luz, Marlon Faria da
  • Orange France SA
  • Sheedy, Sean

 Phase III of the elections is running from today, October 30, until November 12. The final results will be announced on November 13. Further details available at the elections site.

Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

JCP Executive Committee Elections

The first phase of the 2007 Java Community Process (JCP) EC elections is under way, providing developers a chance to influence the future directions of Java standards.

The Java Community Process (JCP) is the process that guides the evolution of standard Java APIs (JSR). The JCP is made up of two executive committees (EC), one devoted to Java SE/EE, and the other to Java ME.

Each year, one third of each executive committee is up for election by the community. In the first phase of the JCP elections, the community votes on PMO's nominees, while the second phase invites nominations from the broader community.

The EC members guide the evolution of the Java technologies. The EC represents a cross-section of both major stakeholders and other members of the Java Community. Duties are: select JSRs for development, approve draft Specifications for Public Review, approve Final Specifications, review TCK appeals, approve Maintenance revisions and possibly defer some features to a new JSR, approve transfer of maintenance duties between members and provide guidance to the Program Management Office (PMO).

This year, the Apache Software Foundation, Borland, Google, Nortel, Red Hat on the EE/SE side, and Intel, DoCoMo, RIM, Orange, and Samsung, on the ME side, are up for re-election.

During the Ratification Vote, members vote to ratify each Program Management Office (PMO)-nominated member. The following seats are on the Ratification Ballot:

Standard/Enterprise Edition Executive Committee (SE/EE EC)
  • Apache Software Foundation
  • Nortel
  • Red Hat Middleware LLC

Micro Edition Executive Committee (ME EC)
  • Research In Motion, LTD (RIM)
  • Samsung Electronics Corporation
  • Time Warner Cable Inc.

Following the ratification, members are eligible to nominate themselves for the remaining seats (October 16 - 26) and vote in the final Elections.

Voting is open to developers who join the JCP.


This is the group blog for the Java Community Process (JCP) program office.


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