Monday Sep 24, 2012

Calling All Potential JCP EC Candidates...

Calling anyone interested in running for a JCP Executive Committee seat!   Now is the time to prepare your nomination and send email to heather at  The official nomination period begins this week.  Exact details for nomination submission will follow on that date, which is Friday, 28 September.

For now, prepare your materials and plan to attend the JCP BoF session at JavaOne as well as the Meet the Candidates call on 18 October at 9:30 AM PDT.  Aas a nominee to the Executive Committee, you are encouraged to attend the "Meet the JCP Executive Committee Candidates" session at JavaOne on 2 October at 4:30pm at Hilton San Francisco - Golden Gate 3/4/5.

These are great opportunities to present your qualification statements to the eligible voters. Please notify us if you plan to attend: pmo at

Friday Sep 07, 2012

JSR Updates and Inactive JSR ballots

The following are JSRs have posted updates in the last week:

JSR 331, Constraint Programming API, has posted a Maintenance Draft Review; this review closes 29 September.

JSR 352, Batch Applications for the Java Platform, has posted an Early Draft Review; this review closes 29 September.

JSR 353, Java API for JSON Processing, has posted an Early Draft Review; this review closes 7 October.

Inactive JSRs: The following JSR proposals have been Inactive for at least two years and are currently on the EC ballot to be declared Dormant, following a period where the community was given an opportunity to express interest in their continued development:

JSR 50, Distributed Real-Time Specification
JSR 282, Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) 1.1
JSR 307, Network Mobility and Mobile Data API
JSR 327, Dynamic Contents Delivery Service API for Java ME
JSR 328, Change Management API

Tuesday Sep 04, 2012

JCP EC Nomination Materials for 2012

The nomination period of the 2012 Annual JCP EC Elections will begin at the end of September 2012.  The JCP will accept self-nominations for 2 seats on what will become the merged JCP EC, starting 28 September, with the nomination period ending on Thursday, 11 October.

JCP Members (JSPA 2 primary contacts) will receive messages with instructions for nominating and their login credentials via email.  You will need this credential information to login and complete the nomination.

The JCP EC Election schedule is posted online in the JCP calendar, highlights are below:

Nominations for elected seats: 28 September-11 October
Ballot (ratified and elected): 16-29 October
New members take office: 13 November

The ballot with nominees for ratified and nominated seats begins on 16 October. The results will also be available on on 30 October.

If you are attending JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco, there are several events happening that you may be interested in attending, in particular the following BOF session.

Meet the JCP Executive Committee Candidates
Session ID: BOF6307
Location: Hilton San Francisco - Golden Gate 3/4/5
Date and Time: 10/2/12, 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

We will also be hosting a call for all of the candidates following the nomination period. 

The following information is required for self-nomination.

1) Contact information/Biography
 Each EC seat is represented by two people - a primary and alternate representative. Provide the following information for each representative:
 - Name
 - Title
 - Email Address
 - Mailing Address
 - Phone Number
 - Fax
 - A brief biography (3-5 sentences/~100-200 words) for primary contact
 - Photograph (prefer jpg format, head only shot) for primary contact

Bios and photos for the EC members are posted here:

2) Qualification Statement
A brief (2-3 paragraph) description of your qualifications for an EC seat; this is a Qualification Statement for the organization you represent. It should include the value and perspective you bring to the EC, your interests in the JCP program, as well as a summary of your current participation or planned participation in the JCP program (your entire organization)--JSRs, participation on Expert Groups, meetings/events attended, etc.  This statement will appear on the ballot and will convince community members that they should vote for you, so please include relevant information about your experience within the JCP program and your investments in Java technology.

A few sample qualification statements are available here.

3) Position Paper
One of the pieces of information we make available to the JCP membership for voting purposes is a position paper.  If you would like to provide this type of information for the ballot, please prepare in pdf format for posting.  This would be more detail on areas that you would put focus into during your tenure on the JCP EC.

You can read more about some of the topics under discussion in the EC here, including links to JCP.Next materials.

If you have an interest in participating in the JCP EC, please start preparing these materials now.  We look forward to a successful election process.

Friday Aug 24, 2012

JSR 355 Final Release, and moves JCP to version 2.9

JSR 355, JCP EC Merge, passed the JCP EC Final Approval Ballot on 13 August 2012, with 14 Yes votes, 1 abstain (1 member did not vote) on the SE/EE EC, and 12 yes votes (2 members were not eligible to vote) on the ME EC.  JSR 355 posted a Final Release this week, moving the JCP program version to JCP 2.9.  The transition to a merged EC will happen after the 2012 EC Elections, as defined in the Appendix B of the JCP (pasted below), and the EC will operate under the new EC Standing Rules.

In the previous version (2.8) of this Process Document there were two separate Executive Committees, one for Java ME and one for Java SE and Java EE combined. The single Executive Committee described in this version of the Process Document will be implemented through the following process:

  • The 2012 annual elections will be held as defined in JCP 2.8, but candidates will be informed that if they are elected their term will be for only a single year, since all candidates must stand for re-election in 2013.
  • Immediately after the 2012 election the two ECs will be merged. Oracle and IBM's second seats will be eliminated, resulting in a single EC with 30 members.
  • All subsequent JSR ballots (even for in-progress JSRs) will then be voted on by the merged EC.
  • For the 2013 annual elections three Ratified and two Elected Seats will be eliminated, thereby reducing the EC to 25 members. All 25 seats will be up for re-election in 2013.
  • Members elected in 2013 will be ranked to determine whether their initial term will be one or two years. The 50% of Ratified and 50% of Elected members who receive the most votes will serve an initial two-year term, while all others will serve an initial one year term.
  • All members elected in 2014 and subsequently will serve a two-year term.

For clarity, note that the provisions specified in this version of the Process Document regarding a merged EC will apply to subsequent ballots on all existing JSRs, whether or not the Spec Leads of those JSRs chose to adopt this version of the Process Document in its entirety.

<end of Appendix>

Also of note:  the materials and minutes from the July EC meeting and the June EC Meeting are now available--following the July EC Meeting, Samsung and SK Telecom lost their EC seats. The June EC meeting also had a public portion--the audio from the public portion of the EC meeting are now posted online.  For Spec Leads there is also the recording of the EG Nominations call.

Thursday Jun 21, 2012

Public JCP EC Meeting - 26 June

The first 2012 public JCP Executive Committee (EC) Teleconference Meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, 26 June at 8:00 AM Pacific Time (PDT).  This meeting is open to the participation of all (members and non-members).  JCP 2.8 (JSR 348) set the requirement for the JCP to hold two public teleconferences each year for the developer community to meet with the JCP EC.  There will also be a public EC Face to Face Meeting during the 2012 JavaOne Conference; details to follow soon.  The meeting details for Tuesday morning are below.  Please participate!

Meeting details

  • Date & Time
    • Tuesday June 26, 2012, 8:00 - 9:00 am PDT
  • Location
    • Teleconference


  • status: overview of JSRs 355 and 358
  • JCP events at JavaOne
  • Annual awards
  • Improving communications between the EC and the community
  • Q&A


  • The call will be recorded and the recording published on, so those who are unable to join in real-time will still be able to participate.

Friday Mar 23, 2012

JCP 2012 Public EC Meeting Schedule - Call for Agenda Items

The calendar has been updated to include Public EC Meeting Teleconferences, as required by JCP Program version 2.8 (as defined in JSR 348)--dates are Tuesday, 26 June and Tuesday, 20 November.  The second hour of these JCP EC Teleconferences will be open to the public.  There will also be a Public EC Meeting during the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco CA this October, exact day and time tbd.

This is a call for agenda items from the community; please post them here.

Wednesday Jan 25, 2012

JCP EC Updates

Earlier this month, the first JCP EC meeting of 2012 was held at the Oracle Redwood Shores Headquarters.  This was the second EC meeting held under JCP 2.8 rules; and as such, EC Members may lose their voting privileges for missing two or more EC meetings, as described in the EC Standing Rules document.  As of this month, there are now 3 EC Members that have lost their voting rights:  AT&T, Samsung and SK Telecom. 

The minutes and materials will be posted once they are approved by the EC, but the minutes and materials from the last meeting held in November 2011 were posted this week (as well as previous meetings) on

Another JCP.Next JSR submitted

JSR 355, JCP Executive Committee Merge, has been posted this week for JSR Review, with the JSR Review Ballot scheduled for 7-20 February.  From Section 2.1 of the JSR proposal, this JSR proposes to make changes to the JCP's Process Document and the Executive Committee's Standing Rules with the goal of merging the two Executive Committees into one and reducing the total number of Executive Committee members from the current total of 32. The existing two-to-one ratio of ratified to elected seats will be maintained. On the merged EC neither Oracle nor any other member may hold more than one seat.

Additional changes to election processes and related EC procedures (for example, the possibility of moving to a two-year rather than a three-year election cycle, or of changing the meeting quorum) and minor changes to JSR ballot processes will also be considered; of course, since there will only be a single EC after the merge, all JSRs - even those that are currently in progress - will in future be approved by the merged EC.

Additional minor changes to the Process Document and Standing Rules may be included if these are legitimate "bug fixes" resulting from the recent completion of JSR 348 (JCP 2.8), but otherwise no additional changes will be proposed in this JSR. (A follow-on JSR may introduce additional changes.)

The Expert Group intends to complete the JSR within about six months, thereby permitting the changes to be initiated during the 2012 elections. The EG recognizes, however, that the changes may need be phased in over time.

While devising the process to effect the merge and reduce the number of EC members, the Expert Group will follow these guidelines:

  • The process should be seen as fair.
    • All members should have an equal chance of losing their seats through elimination (this should not vary depending on when their terms expire.)
  • If the reduction in numbers is phased in over time, the percentage of seats eliminated and the ratio of ratified to elected seats should be consistent in each phase.
  • Oracle should have the greatest possible flexibility in reallocating ratified seats to ensure that the merged EC adequately and fairly represents the entire Java ecosystem.
  • The process should be completed as soon as possible.

A project ( will host all communication mechanisms. The home-page of this project will contain pointers to the mailing-lists, Wiki, document archive, discussion forum, and issue tracker, and will explain how members of the public can observe and participate in the activities of the Expert Group.  The Final Release is planned for August 2012.

Please follow the progress and provide your feedback!

Saturday Oct 22, 2011

Meet the JCP EC Candidates Recording Available Now

On Thursday, 20 October, the JCP program office hosted a Meet the Candidates call for the 2011 EC Elections.  Based on the number of nominees, it is safe to say that there is definitely a renewed level of interest in the Elections this year!  The ballot is open now until 31 October at midnight pacific time--only 10 days left for JCP members to cast their votes!  You can listen to the recording here.  Information on all of the EC nominees is available on, as well as more detailed information on the EC Elections.  For your reading pleasure, EC Meeting attendance, materials and minutes have recently been updated.

Don't forget to vote!

Friday Oct 21, 2011

JCP Program upgrades to JCP version 2.8

As you may have seen earlier this week in Patrick Curran's blog, JSR 348, Towards a new version of the Java Community Process, passed the Final Approval Ballot by both the ME and SE/EE ECs and has published a Final Release.  You can read an Article  on the JCP site that highlights the main areas of changes (as well as plans for what's next) -- transparency, participation, agility and restructuring.

In light of these developments, the program office has completed work to upgrade the current JCP program from JCP 2.7 to JCP 2.8.  You can view the new documents, such as an overview of the changes,  the EC standing rules, and procedures on the JCP site.  One of the other new pages in the Spec Lead (SL) Guide includes instructions for using to meet some of the requirement of JCP 2.8.  We have also started a community with an EC project page.  There will be additional materials provided over the coming weeks based on feedback from the community.

Since every new Java Specification Request (JSR) will be operating under JCP version 2.8 (in-flight JSRs will have the option to upgrade to to JCP 2.8),  Spec Leads who are interested in hearing more about how the change to JCP 2.8 will impact you, are invited to attend a WebEx meeting next Thursday 27 October at 8:30 AM PST.  Invitations with meeting instructions will be sent via email early next week.

Thursday Sep 22, 2011

JCP EC Nominations Open Next Week

The JCP Program Management Office is preparing for the 2011 Executive Committee (EC) Elections. JCP Members are eligible to vote and nominate themselves for an EC seat in the annual JCP EC Election process.  Now is a good time for JCP program members to confirm that contact information for your primary contact is correct.  This primary contact will be responsible for casting the votes in the elections.  Members can now verify (and update) contact information here.

There are 5 SE/EEEC seats (2 elected, 3 ratified) and 5 ME EC seats (2 elected, 3 ratified) that are expiring in November.  The seats coming up this year on the SE/EE EC are Ericsson, Intel, Werner Keil, SAP and VMWare; and the seats coming up on the ME EC are IBM, Nokia, Sean Sheedy, SK Telecom and Alex Terrazas, as shown on the EC Membership page.  Nominations for the open elected seats on the SE/EE and ME EC open next Friday, 30 September.  All eligible members will receive credentials to nominate themselves via email.  Please see the JCP Election page for more information.

Members interested in nominating themselves to run in the 2011 Elections should prepare their position papers, qualification statements now along with a brief biography of the person who would serve as the Member's representative on the Executive Committee (if elected). See materials provided by the 2011 Special Election candidates here.  During JavaOne we will also have a session for the candidates. Please email the pmo if you are planning to attend so that we can coordinate with you.

Session ID: 23641
Session Title: Meet the Executive Committee Candidates
Venue / Room: Hilton San Francisco - Golden Gate 6/7/8
Date and Time: 10/3/11, 19:00 - 19:45

Friday Jul 29, 2011

Learn more about the newly elected EC Members...

New this week on is an article that includes interviews with the four newly elected Executive Committee members from the Special Election that ended in May 2011--SouJava, Goldman Sachs, London Java Community and Alex Terrazas.  Read the article here

And if you are thinking of running in the annual JCP EC Elections that happen in the Fall of 2011, now is a good time to begin preparing your nomination.  Nominations will open in September.  Please let us know if you are considering nominating yourself so that we can arrange for you to participate in the session we have planned during JavaOne in early October.

Wednesday Jun 08, 2011

How to Participate in JCP.Next

Today the JCP program office posted an article detailing plans for the recently approved JCP.Next (JSR 348) JSR.  Including how to find the project and how you can participate and follow in the workings of the JCP Executive Committee, who are now serving as the Expert Group for that JSR.  On the project page you can find instructions for joining the Observer alias, a link to the discussion forum, a document archive and an (upcoming) issue tracker--check it out and get involved!

Tuesday May 17, 2011 JSR submitted to the JCP

JSR 348, Towards a new version of the Java Community Process, has been submitted to the JCP program for Executive Committee (EC) vote--the JSR review ballot closes on 30 May. Patrick Curran, the JCP Chair, will serve as the Spec Lead and the EC will serve as the Expert Group.  The JSR will go through the same development process that is used for Java technologies. Please review the JSR proposal and send comments to patrick at jcp dot org.

This JSR is the first of two JSRs that will be submitted to the JCP program. JSR 348 will focus on changes to the JCP Process Document in the following areas:  transparency, participation, agility and governance.  The Process Document describes the formal procedures used in the JCP program. The second JSR will include more complex changes to the JCP Process Document and will also impact the Java Specification Participation Agreement (JSPA).  The JSPA is the membership agreement of the JCP program; it describes each Community Member's rights and obligations when participating on the development of Java technology specifications. JSR 348 is expected to take approximately 6 months to complete and the second JSR (to be submitted soon) will take approximately 12-18 months to complete.  Both JSRs are expected to operate transparently. You can view the EC working group meeting meeting minutes and materials here, and remember that you can view the EC Meeting minutes and materials here

See also: Oracle press release on the submission of JSR 348.

Tuesday May 10, 2011

2011 JCP EC Special Election Results

The results are in...the 2011 JCP EC Special Election has officially concluded, and final results are available on

Thank you to all of the nominees for your interest and participation in the election and congratulations to the new JCP EC Members!  


Ratified seats: Goldman Sachs, SouJava (both ratified) - term ends 2013
Open Seat Election: London Java Community - term ends 2012


Open Seat Election: AlexTerrazas - term ends 2011 (November)

The new ECs take effect today -- Tuesday, 10 May.

For complete results see: .


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