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  • March 25, 2015

Javaland Day 2 Early Adopter Area

Guest Author

Javaland 2015 in Phantasialand Germany - day two begins! The fun will continue in the Early Adopter & Hackergaren area in the Community Hall.  Below find the schedule and topics for today.

Topics today include the Java Community Process (JCP), Adopt-a-JSR, Adopt OpenJDK, JSR 373, Java Management 2.0 API, JSR 354, Money and Currency API, JSR 107, JCACHE,
JSR 377, Embedded|Desktop Application API, WebFX - Java FX & Nashorn Javascript, Internet of Things and Asciidoctor.

Come say hello and learn about your favorite Java projects!  Thank you to our sponsors of the Early Adopter Area: JCP, Mendeley, JetBrains, Zeroturnaround, JClarity, DOAG e.V.

Wed 9 - 12

Mani Sarkar / Daniel Bryant/ Heather VanCura / Anatole Tresch/ Alex Snaps / Andres Almiray/Peter Lawrey

Wed 12 - 15

Mani Sarkar / Daniel Bryant / Heather VanCura / Anatole Tresch/ Roland Huss/ Alex Snaps / Andres Almiray

Wed 15 - 17

Ed Burns/Mani Sarkar/ Daniel Bryant / Heather VanCura/ Anatole Tresch / Andres Almiray

Bruno Borges

15:45 Adopt-a-JSR session with vJUG (Nighhacking stage)

16:00 CDI with Mark Struberg, Bruno Borges, Arun Gupta

Wed 11

Andres Almiray - Useful Gradle Plugins (30 mins)

Heather VanCura - JCP Update./How to participate in the JCP (corporate or individuals) and Adopt-a-JSR program (Nighthacking)

Wed 12

Daniel Bryant & Mani Sarkar - OpenJDK Java SE - Java 8 and 9 (as part of the OpenJDK project)

Wed 13

Roland Huss - On the way to a new Java EE Management Standard (20-30 mins)

Wed 14

Yara & Vinicious Senger Internet of Things

Wed 15

Ed Burns - HTTP 2.0; 15:30 - Bruno Borges - WebFX

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