Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

2013 Star Spec Lead Nominations Open

Star Spec Lead nominations are now open until 16 December 2013.  Anyone can submit a nomination for a current Spec Lead operating under the most recent versions of the JCP program (version JCP 2.8 or 2.9).   Nominations can be for either process or communication criteria--some of the possible criteria for selection is listed below. There are Spec Lead profiles available for most of the active JSRs on to use for inspiration. I look forward to your nominations!

Spec Lead Process Category (Exceptional):

  • Participate in mentorships of other community members.
  • Submit materials to publish on
  • Manage unusual obstacles in a JSR, i.e. Spec Lead transfers JSR transfers to different entity, loss of valuable EG members.
  • Implement new, effective and/or innovative ways manage Expert Groups--active and large observer groups, having voting rights and duties documented.
  • Dealing w/a politically difficult situation--mergers and acquisitions, negotiating inclusion into umbrella JSRs or other.
  • Engagement in evangelism of the JSR or in general promoting the importance of the JCP program and Java standards.

Spec Lead Communications Category (Exceptional):

  • Active blogging/mentioning their JSR/JCP standards in their blog.
  • Participate in JCP PMO podcasts, sessions or meetings.
  • Promote the JCP and the Community to broader audiences (JUGs, non-Java developers, students).
  • Public speaking/presentations that mention standards and the JCP at industry events.
  • Contributing articles and becoming a resource for contributed articles about the JCP and JSRs.
  • Utilizing social media consistently including blogging for promoting and attracting support for their JSRs.
  • Conducting media interviews about their JSRs.


Tuesday Nov 12, 2013

JCP activities at Devoxx 2013!

Devoxx 2013 has officially started! Looking forward to catching up with Java community member friends--old and new this week.

Tuesday (today) the Hackergarten has returned to Devoxx!  There are Java EE 7 tables and Java SE 8 Lambda tables.  Kudos to Andres Almirey for organizing the event and to Arun Gupta and Stuart Marks for leading the activities -- awesome Adopt-a-JSR participation in action!

Wednesday there is a JCP 'quickie' session How to Participate in the Future of Java Quickie at 13:35-13:50.  We will also have a chat with the OTN team afterward! 

Wednesday evening at 21:00, join us for our BOF session with Martin Verburg and Johan Vos: JCP & Adopt-a-JSR Workshop BOF. 

Saturday Nov 09, 2013

Public JCP EC Meeting on 12 November

The next JCP EC Meeting, and the last public EC Meeting of 2013, is scheduled for Tuesday, 12 November at 08:00 AM PST.  Agenda includes a discussion on invigorating your community participation in the JCP program.

We hope you will join us, but if you cannot attend, the recording and materials will also be public on the multimedia page. Meeting details below.

Meeting information
Topic: Public EC Meeting
Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Time: 8:00 am, Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)
Meeting Number: 809 853 126
Meeting Password: 1234

To start or join the online meeting
Go to

Audio conference information

+1 (866) 682-4770 (US)  
Conference code: 5731908  
Security code: 1234
For global access numbers

Or +1 (408) 774-4073   

Thursday Nov 07, 2013

JSR updates - November 2013

 This week has been a busy week for JCP participants! Ten JSRs related to the upcoming Java Standard Edition (Java SE) 8 release posted public reviews--four Public Reviews and six Maintenance Reviews.  All JSRs are operating under the latest version of the JCP program and have public feedback mechanisms and issue trackers.  Please review and comment on these JSRs--your input and participation is wanted and needed! 

JSR 308, Annotations on Java Types, published a Public Review. This review closes 4 December.

JSR 310, Date and Time API, published a Public Review. This review closes 4 December.

JSR 335, Lambda Expressions for the Java Programming Language, published a Public Review. This review closes 4 December.

JSR 337, Java SE 8 Release contents, published a Public Review.  This review closes 4 December.

JSR 221, JDBC 4.0 API, published a Maintenance Review.  This review closes 4 December.

JSR 199, Java Compiler API, published a Maintenance Review.  This review closes 4 December.

JSR 160, Java Management Extensions Remote API, published a Maintenance Review.  This review closes 4 December.

JSR 114, JDBC Rowset Implementations, published a Maintenance Review.  This review closes 4 December.

JSR 3, Java Management Extensions Specification, published a Maintenance Review.  This review closes 4 December.

JSR 206, Java API for XML Processing,  published a Maintenance Review.  This review closes 22 November.

Two other JSRs also published recent updates: 

JSR 354, Money and Currency API, published a Public Review.  This review closes 23 November. 

JSR 107, JCACHE - Java Temporary Caching API, published a Proposed Final Draft.


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