Tuesday Jun 18, 2013

2013 JCP Award Nominations Open

The time has arrived to open nominations for the 2013 JCP Annual Awards (Hall of Fame page)!  The JCP program celebrates success. Members of the community nominate worthy participants, Spec Leads, and Java Specification Requests (JSRs) in order to cheer on the hard work and creativity that produces ground-breaking results for the community and industry in the Java Standard Edition (SE), Java Enterprise Edition (EE), or Java Micro Edition (ME) platforms.

The community gets together every year at the JavaOne conference to applaud in person the winners of the JCP Program Awards.  This year we have four categories: JCP Member/Participant of the Year, Outstanding Spec Lead, Outstanding Adopt-a-JSR Participant (new category), and Most Significant JSR. This year’s unveiling will again occur at the Annual JCP Community Party held in San Francisco. 

The 11th JCP Annual Awards Nominations are now open until 12 July 2013. Submit nominations via email to pmo@jcp.org or use the nomination form on java.net.

Descriptions of the award categories for this year:

JCP Member/Participant Of The Year - This award recognizes the corporate or individual member (either Member or Participant) who has made the most significant positive impact on the community in the past year. Leadership, investment in the community, and innovation are some of the qualities that EC Members look for in voting for this award.

Outstanding Spec Lead - The role of Spec Lead is not an easy one, and the person who takes that responsibility must be, among other things, technically savvy, able to build consensus in spite of diverse corporate goals, and focused on efficiency and execution. This award recognizes the person who has brought together these qualities the best in the past year, in leading a JSR for the Java community (Java SE, Java EE or Java ME).

Most Significant JSR - Specification development is key to the success of the JCP program and helps ensure we remain a fresh and vibrant community. This award recognizes the Spec Lead and Expert Group that have contributed (either in progress or final) the most significant JSR for the Java community (Java SE, Java EE or Java ME) in the past year.

Outstanding Adopt-a-JSR Participant - This award recognizes the Java User Group (JUG) that has made the most exemplary contribution through the Adopt-a-JSR program in the past year. The London Java Community and SouJava initiated, and are thereby implicitly recognized, in this effort for JUGs around the world to become more involved in the work of JSRs. Innovation, community engagement and technical impact are some of the characteristics that EC members look for in voting for this award.

JSR updates - June 2013

Last week, Oracle and Java Community Process members announced the launch of Java Enterprise Edition 7 (Java EE 7).  The fourteen new JSRs had published their Final Releases previously as announced in an earlier blog entry.  You can view the Java EE 7 launch event on-demand, or the GlassFish YouTube channel; the May/June issue of Java Magazine has a Java EE 7 theme with interviews and contributed articles from myriad JCP Members, Executive Committee Members, Spec Leads, Expert Group Members, and Adopt-a-JSR participants; see twitter link for list.  You can also listen to Java Spotlight podcast interviews with fifteen of the Java EE JSR Spec Leads.  Or catch up on the Java EE media coverage using the list provided by the Aquarium. 

In the last week, there were ten Java EE related JSRs that published their Maintenance Releases--see below for list and links.

  • JSR 322, Java EE Connector Architecture 1.6, published a Maintenance Release.
  • JSR 919, JavaMail, published a Maintenance Release.
  • JSR 109, Implementing Enterprise Web Services, published a Maintenance Release.
  • JSR 115, Java Authorization Contract for Containers, published a Maintenance Release.
  • JSR 245, JavaServer Pages 2.1, published a Maintenance Release.
  • JSR 196, Java Authentication Service Provider Interface for Containers, published a Maintenance Release.
  • JSR 250, Common Annotations for the Java Platform, published a Maintenance Release.
  • JSR 907 , Java Transaction API (JTA), published a Maintenance Release.
  • JSR 318, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1, published a Maintenance Release.
  • JSR 181, Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform, published a Maintenance Release.

JSR 206, Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) 1.3, published a Maintenance Review; this review closes 15 July 2013.

In addition, JSR 333, Content Repository API for Java Technology 2.1, published its Public Review; this review is open until 8 July 2013.  The EC ballot will be open 2-8 July 2013 (since this is a JCP version 2.7 JSR, the ballot happens while the review is still open and it is a seven day ballot). 

Thursday Jun 06, 2013

Public EC Meeting coming up on Tuesday 11 June

The next JCP EC Meeting, and the first public EC Meeting of 2013, is scheduled for Tuesday, 11 June at 08:00 AM PDT. The agenda includes a JSR 358, A major revision of the Java Community Process aka JCP.next.3, update and status report.  Meeting details are below. We hope you will join us, but if you cannot attend, the recording and materials will also be public on the JCP.org multimedia page.  The minutes and materials from the April 2013 EC Teleconference are now available and the May 2013 Face to Face materials are also available.

Agenda: JCP.Next update; materials are on java.net.

Meeting information
Topic: JCP Public EC Meeting
Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Time: 8:00 am - 9:00 am, Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)
Meeting Number: 800 896 687
Meeting Password: 2345

To start or join the online meeting
Go to https://jcp.webex.com/jcp/j.php?ED=207011097&UID=491098062&PW=NZGM2MDM5Nzc3&RT=MiM0

Audio conference information
+1 (866) 682-4770 (US)  

Conference code: 945-4597  

Security code: 2345   

For global access numbers see https://www.intercallonline.com/listNumbersByCode.action?confCode=9454597  

        Or +1 (408) 774-4073   

Wednesday Jun 05, 2013

Adopt-a-JSR for Non-English Speakers

The JCP hosted an online meeting last week on the Adopt-a-JSR program for Non-English speakers.  There over twenty Java User Group (JUG) participants on the call, and there was interest from French, German, Spanish, Portuguese JUG members. We discussed the global collaboration ideals of the Adopt-a-JSR program, some tips and use cases for developing wiki pages in local languages, as well as some best practices for leading an Adopt-a-JSR effort.  We will meet again later in June to continue the momentum for participation in the Adopt-a-JSR program and also check in on progress for development of wiki pages in other languages.  Following the meeting, there has already been some interest in Arabic, French and Spanish!   Let me know if you would like assistance, have questions, or want help getting started.  The meeting recording and materials are posted on the JCP.org multimedia page now for your reading and listening pleasure.

Tuesday Jun 04, 2013

JSR updates and upcoming Public EC Meeting

The remaining Java EE 7 JSRs have published their Final Releases.  Java ME Embedded continues to move forward, as well as JCP.Next.

JSR 342, Java Enterprise Edition 7 (Java EE 7) Specification, has published its Final Release.  Remember to register for the Java EE Launch Webinar next week on 12 June.

JSR 236, Concurrency Utilities for Java EE, has published its Final Release.

JSR 340, Java Servlet 3.1, has published its Final Release.

JSR 345, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.2, has published its Final Release.

JSR 361, Java ME Embedded Profile, Early Draft Review.  The review closes 30 June.

JSR 358, A Major Revision of the Java Community Process, has passed its JSR Renewal Ballot. From the Renewal Ballot: The subject-matter of this JSR (licensing, compatibility, intellectual-property) are extremely complex and require a great deal of discussion and negotiation between the lawyers and business representatives of the various EC companies and organizations. We've been working diligently on the JSR and have made significant progress. We held extensive discussions during our recent face-to-face meeting in Zurich (as we have done at each f2f meeting since the JSR was submitted) and during that meeting the Expert Group agreed to move forward with a series of proposals. Nevertheless, it is likely to be several months before we can produce an Early Draft for review.

Attend the first public EC Meeting of 2013 next week, on 11 June, to hear an update on JSR 358 and JCP.Next progress--details to follow later this week.


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