Sunday Dec 30, 2012

2012 JCP Year in Review

As we come to the end of the year, a brief 2012 JCP Year in Review summary is below.  The year was marked with many signs that point toward making the future Java...

- JSR progress:  New Java ME/Embedded JSRs were submitted (JSR 360, Connected Limited Device Configuration 8, and  JSR 361, Java ME Embedded Profile), Java SE 8 JSRs made progress in the JCP program (JSR 308, Annotations on Java Types,  JSR 310, Data and Time API and JSR 335, Lambda Expressions for the Java Programming Language), 14 Java EE 7 JSRs also made steady progress through the JCP program (JSR 107, Java Temporary Caching API, JSR 236, Concurrency Utilities for Java EE, JSR 338, Java Persistence API 2.1, JSR 339, Java API for RESTful Web Services 2.0, JSR 340, Servlets 3.1, JSR 342, Java EE 7 Platform, JSR 343, Java Message Service 2.0, JSR 344, JavaServer Faces 2.2, JSR 345, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.2, JSR 346, Context & Dependency Injection 1.1, JSR 349, Bean Validation 1.1 , JSR 352, Batch Applications for the Java Platform, JSR 353, Java API for JSON Processing, JSR 356, Java API for WebSocket).

- JCP.Next reform efforts moved forward:  JCP 2.8 migration continued since its' introduction in October 2011--we now have 29 Active JSRs, 27 of them have migrated to JCP 2.8 or above; the introduction of JCP 2.9 through JSR 355; and the approval of the proposal for the third part of this effort, JSR 358, a Major Revision to the Java Community Process.

- Public EC Meetings: In 2012 the first Public EC Meetings were held. Two official JCP EC Meetings were made available to all for download on Multimedia page, as well as five meetings for Spec Leads.  The two ECs were merged into one at the conclusion of the 2012 EC Elections, with voter turnout of 24%, and welcoming new members, CloudBees and Cinterion Wireless. There are now 24 JCP EC Members on one merged EC.  Listen to an update from
Patrick Curran and Heather VanCura on the Java Spotlight Podcast Episode 108.

- The JCP program recognized Active Spec Leads and Maintenance Leads (see profiles): The work of Spec Leads and Maintenance Leads is central to the standardization of Java technologies and processes. These leaders communicate with their Expert Group, the Program Office, the EC, and the public using their JSR pages, community project sites, observer aliases, blogs, tweets, and other tools. They track the milestones that keep their JSRs,, Reference Implementations (RIs), and Technology Compatibility Kits (TCKs) progressing on schedule; see Best Practices and Tips.  A good time to mention that the 2012 Star Spec Lead nominations are still open--the deadline has been extended to 18 January 2013.  Anyone can submit nominations for a current Spec Lead operating under the current version of the JCP program (version JCP 2.8 or 2.9).  

- Momentum and participation from JUGs:  Following the launch of the global Adopt-a-JSR Program in 2011, this year there was continued success, with 13 JUGs participating in the Adopt-a-JSR program.  The JCP program also experienced growth in the membership of JUGs--with the JCP offering incentives to Java User Groups to join the JCP, 11 new JUGs joined the JCP Program in 2012, for a total of 36 JUG Members.  In 2013, the JCP will also expand membership efforts to also f
ocus on Corporate Members, as described in this membership article.

- Tenth Annual JCP Awards: The community celebrated the nominees of three awards categories: JCP Member/Participant of the Year, Outstanding Spec Lead, and Most Significant JSR. This year's winners were:

  • JCP Program Member of the Year: London Java Community and SouJava

  • Outstanding Spec Lead: Victor Grazi, Credit Suisse

  • Most Significant JSR: JCP.Next, Patrick Curran, Spec Lead 

In recognition of a decade of JCP award recognition and appreciation, we published an award retrospective; also check out the JCP Awards Hall of Fame for a peek at all of the winners and nominees.

- Participation in conferences around the world: This year the JCP significantly increased their participation in developer and community conferences including JavaOne--Russia, India, San Francisco, Brazil-- locations, Devoxx in Belgium, DOAG in Germany, and JustJava in Brazil. Highlights...JavaOne San Francisco Wrap-up,101 Ways to Improve Java session with Martijn Verberg and Bruno Souza, Nighthacking with Steve Chin at Devoxx and OTN interview, Devoxx JCP Session,  JavaOne Brazil JCP Participation session with Fabio Velloso.

Overall, 2012 was a fabulous year filled with Java community enthusiasm and platform evolution, and w
e are looking forward to an even better year in 2013!  The JCP calendar for 2013 has been published, and the first EC Meeting of 2013 will be held 15-16 January in Santa Clara, California (hosted by Intel). There will be more data from 2012 in the form of a 2012 Annual Year End Summary during the January 2013 meeting.  The materials will be posted on the JCP EC Meeting Summaries page.  We hope you will continue to read this JCP Program Office blog, and follow us on Twitter @jcp_org (297 tweets, 1482 followers). 

Happy New Year!


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