I'm tagged, ssssooooo, 5 things about me

I've was tagged by Charles quite a while ago and am just getting around to it. Is there a time limit to these things? Am I already doomed to a life of bad luck? Regardless, here goes

  1. I was a foster child and grew up in Markham, IL, a southern suburb of Chicago. Unlike many foster children that move from home to home, I got lucky with 15 years in one place with a wonderful family. It was the best thing for all involved at the time. I still talk to my paternal father quite regularly and we enjoy a wonderful relationship. Although I was bummed he missed the Bears win the NFC championship game. DA BEARS are in the SuperBowl!.
  2. I was a mid-long distance runner in high school and college. Actually, I ran everything from the 4x200m relay up to a 1/2 marathon. My PRs are a 23.? 200m, 49.9 400m, 1:56 800m, 3:59 1500m, 15:40 5K, 34:11 10K. I am most proud of a 77:21 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) I ran in high school, and that was the day after running a 15:41 3 miler. Solid times for the distances, but not great. I don't talk much about my running past. Mostly because I've lost my mojo. Ever since I tore my ACL in college jumping a bush on an easy run, I haven't been the same. Is there a "5 most stupid things" list? I was going to run a 5k last year, but my knee blew up like a balloon. Me-thinks my running days are over. With a torn ACL, I can probably take up Yoga because I'm sure I can wrap that knee around the back of my head. One of these days on one of our business trips, I'll have to join Scott for a run, although I may have to hit the stationary bike with Scott on the treadmill.
  3. I was a chess nerd in high school. Yeah, you know, the kind of kid others make fun of. Why do you think I could run??? Since the Chess "season" overlapped the track season by a few weeks, one of my track coaches constantly joked about using "weighted" pieces to keep me in shape. I was part of a team that placed 3rd in the state (Illinois). I played eighth (lowest) board. I'm sure I'll get whipped badly by Charles. For my fellow chess geeks, I played about an 1800 USCF rated strength at my peak, which lasted about 1 game. Right now I literally couldn't break into 4 digits. My most memorable chess moment was playing a game during the intermission of a demolition derby (without a board, that is). I was playing our "board 1" (best player) who was a candidate master with a USCF rating of 2060. Of course he won, but I did get good attack going with the Benko Gambit before I was beaten to a pulp. I do like to play occasionally, and have always wanted to collect chess sets. Yes, I'm still a nerd.
  4. I play guitar, and have played since the 7th grade. I use the word "play" very loosely. I am most definitely not as accomplished as Tom, especially when it comes to singing. My voice can peel the soap scum off the shower door. I was in a junior-high garage band, and subsequently in a high-school garage band. Neither made it out of the garage. I loved heavy metal. With my long (but not glamor rock) hair and Iron Maiden T-Shirts, I think I intimidated the other chess players in high school my junior/senior years. For you Sun folks, I was like an Eddie Bontado to the other chess nerds. Today, I don't listen to metal much, but I do love to pop in an occasional  Ronny James Dio and/or Yngwie Malmsteen in between geek podcasts. Jaime understands. My problem playing guitar is that I never stick with it for more than 6 months at a time. I am now picking up piano since my 7 year old daughter is taking lessons. I can proudly say that we have both mastered "The Singing Donkey".
  5. I dated my wife 8 years before getting married. I think she sensed "geek". Much of the 8 years was spent driving 6 hours each way every other weekend to see her. Gargantuan phone bills. Worth every hour, mile and penny. It took me 8 years to wear her down and for her to realize that geeks aren't all that bad. We have now been married 12.006447 Klingon years as of yesterday. Um, that's 9 Human years. No, I'm not really \*THAT\* much of a geek :)
Now to tag others. However, I'm going to tag 4 folks that are not yet bloggers but are folk's I've been working on to blog. And as you can see from 5) above, I'm persistent. Dave, Greg, Daryl, Darnell and Allison.

I never would of thought that you liked metal. NICE.

Posted by Derek Crudgington on January 25, 2007 at 11:07 PM PST #

so I've been badgering JOHN to be a podcaster, and somehow the fact that I have 79 podcast episodes out on my BLOG, with show notes in my BLOG that run to 4 or 5 pages, with an RSS feed for the short version, is something he doesn't consider a BLOG? Guess he hasn't ever been to http://podfeet.com?

Posted by Allison Sheridan on January 26, 2007 at 12:55 AM PST #

Derek, to be honest I sold my Washburn electric a decade ago along with my amplifier, distortion petal, etc. Today I have my 6-string Yamaha acoustic. However, I don't mind banging my head to a rockin' tune.

Allison, I mentioned that 4 are not bloggers, and linked to yours. You are the blogger.

Posted by John Clingan on January 26, 2007 at 01:27 AM PST #

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Posted by vivek goel on January 29, 2007 at 12:04 AM PST #

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