Thursday Sep 11, 2008

Two Faces of a Campus Ambassador!!!

Being a Campus Ambassador is I think the most amazing and thrilling thing that a student can experience! Not because you get to learn all the amazing technologies and stuff, also not because you get to interact with a lot of people, not even because you get a grand stage and a wide range of audience who are willing to listen whenever you want to say something...  No!!!

Why Campus Ambassador program is so amazing is that - it gives you the opportunity to try and do things that you haven't imagined in your wildest dreams you could do, to face new challenges, to take responsibilities and most importantly it gives you complete freedom!

 Its been more than a month since I was appointed as a CA and it has been the month of my life!!  4 tech demos, 300+ interested members, and an Open Source Hut - the experience was amazing! During the time, I wrote long Open Source proposal to my HOD(and got it approved), blogged, interacted with my juniors and got great support, and also got great help from my colleagues and faculty members!

While going through all this, I realized one thing - There are two faces to a Campus Ambassador!

Face 1:

One side of it is the very social, active, public speaker type of a guy, who keeps on talking technology 24 X 7!! Every new guy he meets, or every meeting he attends, or for that matter every discussion he takes part in - he pokes his open source thing into it! (Thats what my friends say these days!) And of course, he not just talks about technology in the backyard, he talks about it out in the open, in front of audience, on a grand stage! 

 This is what I had never ever thought I could do!! But now I just keep waiting for the next opportunity when I can go on stage, grab a mike and start giving a tech talk!

Face 2:

On the other side we have a geeky kind of a guy who learns and learns and learns.. about new technologoes, does projects, and projects and more projects! And importantly undergoes training, gets certified!!!

One of the most important aspect of being a Campus Ambassador is to somehow manage and find the right balance of the two sides..  I must confess I need to work on the second side a lot more and I plan to devote this month to that!

One thing still continues to confuse me - which face of the CA is more appreciated?  Is a CA who conducts 4 talks per month better than the CA who undergoes regular training does 1 project and 1 certification per month??

I guess somehow the CAs need to do a bit of both!

What do you think??

PS: We must not forget the college curriculum study! (My exams bells have started ringing louder than ever!!!)

Thursday Sep 04, 2008

Google Chrome - Another stroke of genius or a rare solecism??

Google Chrome Beta has arrived...   And while I am a huge fan of Mozilla Firefox, I couldn't help but take notice of it!!!

Google has almost ruled anything and everything it has touched... But now it is up against something it has not been against till now! Its up against Opensource! (Mozilla) It will be very interesting to see what effect it has on the browser world in the coming days.. 

And while google has also opensourced Chrome, and completely rewritten the browser from scratch, Mozilla has withstood the test of time and is by far my favorite...

The idea of running different tabs in different processes using the Chrome Process Manager sounds really cool, but it needs to be seen how it practically proves itself over the time... And Google claims that the current version will improve over the time, so things can only get better!

Just find some time and go through the Google Chrome Book!

Chrome seems to really come into picture when too many tabs are opened, and then the overall memory requirement is compensated! But do the end users normally keep too many tabs open? My Dad certainly doesn't!  And if only required number of tabs are used, a single process based Firefox will do perfectly fine for me!

So, it needs to be seen if Chrome is another stroke of genius from Google or a rare solecism! (I really mean it when I say rare!!)

What do you think??


I am the Sun Campus Ambassador for SRKNEC, India. Here I will blog about my college activities,and Sun's open source technologies like Netbeans, Opensolaris, Sun SPOTs etc..


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