Wednesday Oct 29, 2008

Using RMS in Netbeans mobility


Long time back I had blogged about how easily we can create small utility mobile applications that use persistance storage using Netbeans mobility. I had written a detailed tutorial here:

Using RMS to create Expenses utility for Mobiles in NetBeans

It is a step by step guide on creating a utility mobile application using Netbeans Visual Mobile editor and Record Management Store API.

Some people have shown interest in the code for the tutorial. Unfortunately the code there is somewhat messed up and not very clear(I used to blog on blogger at that time and was very inexperienced ;-).

I am attaching a project zip folder here. You can unzip it using IZarc or Winzip and open it using Netbeans 6.1. Build and run to get the results.

Download the Expenses  project folder.


Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Netbeans!


Netbeans is celebrating its 10th Birthday and its celebrating it with a bang! Check out the NetBeans 10th Birthday Celebration Decathlon to know more.

I simply love the Netbeans IDE and so I will share some of my thoughts and experiences with it here...

How did I get started with Netbeans

Well..  till last January, I was really ignorant and had not seen Netbeans IDE before and was really unaware of the importance of Open Source! I used to work with Microsoft Visual Studio then and thought I was doing something great! But then came Mr. Rohan Ranade from Sun Microsystems, and he gave a 3-day workshop on Netbeans IDE! That proved to be a great turning point in my life. I not only learned about Netbeans, its fascinating features and platforms but I also appreciated for the first time in my life - THE POWER AND SIGNIFICANCE OF OPEN SOURCE!!

Coming in terms with Netbeans

After the workshop by Rohan Sir, which really motivated me, I started working with netbeans regularly and also used it for my VI Sem project which was a little Image Utility Application. It was a great experience to explore the ease and functionality that Netbeans offered me. I also worked with the Mobile editor and the Visual Interface was and is simply superb!

The Netbeans 6.1 Beta Blogging contest!

The Netbeans 6.1 Beta blogging contest was simply great and I started blogging technical!!  I explored many aspects of Netbeans including Mobility, JSF Crud Generator, Plug-in Development , Bean support etc. I wrote a series of blog posts and won a consolation prize (T-Shirt) in the contest... The contest was really amazing and saw blogging at its best all over the world!

My Netbeans Community contributions!

The Netbeans community is one of the best when it comes to active participation all over the world and support for Newbies. I got involved with Netbeans Community Docs program and in the process contributed four tutorials:

I also learned developing plug-ins for Netbeans and contributed a  Plug-in – SnapIT.

Sun SPOT support!

Sun SPOT is the most fascinating little technology from Sun Labs and I have taken it up as my Final Year project. The best thing to happen was Netbeans provided support for development of Sun SPOT applications as well which has made the thing even more interesting. That has been the beauty of Netbeans and it has proved to be THE ONLY IDE THAT YOU NEED!

 Thanks Netbeans and wish you a really HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday Sep 03, 2008

Code For Freedom coming soon!


Great news again! (For Indian students largely..)

The Code For Freedom Contest which saw students from all over India participate, contribute and win handsome prizes last year, is coming back soon!!

Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

NetBeans Snap It !


 Me and Varun Nischal have made a small utility plug-in Snap It.

This will allow you to take screen-shots from within the IDE.

All you have to do is install the plug-in and do the following:

  1. Goto Tools > Capture...
  2. Click on Browse and locate the directory, where you want to store.
  3. Enter filename, don't mention extenstion, its PNG by default
  4. Leave Save Folder checkbox as it is, enter delay time >= 5, its in seconds.
  5. Click Capture, make your IDE look anyway you want as in the image, within stipulated time.
This is just a preliminary test version and we hope to add more functionality to it like viewing, cropping, resizing etc from within the IDE.

I hope you would like the plug-in. Eagerly awaiting your suggestions and ideas to improve it.

I am the Sun Campus Ambassador for SRKNEC, India. Here I will blog about my college activities,and Sun's open source technologies like Netbeans, Opensolaris, Sun SPOTs etc..


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