Saturday Feb 14, 2009

Mr. Rohan Ranade at SRKNEC Silver Jublee Celebrations

This year SRKNEC is celebrating its 25th anniversary and as a part of the Silver Jubilee Orations various activities are going around in the college. We were lucky enough to have Mr. Rohan Ranade, Sun Microsystems, US who spared time out from his busy schedule and gave a fantastic talk to the students and the faculty.

Topic I: “From Journeyman to Master”.

He did not concentrate on a particular technology or so (usually tech seminars are supposed to) but it helped us to know what it takes to ‘Being Different’. “Pace, Passion, Eye for finer details, Supreme Knowledge – all this blended with an uncanny urge to make a difference helps you to become a Rock Star Developer” was what he said.

Rohan Sir himself being a student of Computer Science and Engg, shared his experiences with us. He also suggested some good to read books like ‘The Pragmatic Programmer’, ‘The Mythical Man-Month’, ‘Free as in freedom’ and ‘The design of everyday things’. He also suggested us to follow some good blogs by ‘Paul Graham’, ‘Joel Spolsky’, ‘Bruce Eckel’ , ‘Dave Thomas’ and podcasts like ‘The Java Posse’, ‘NetBeans Developer Podcast’, ‘Drunk and Retired’, ‘CNET – this week in tech’, ‘Google Developer Podcast’.

The response was great and not only the students, but the faculty members also enjoyed the talk.


Topic II: “Getting started with Version Control Systems”

He had stressed on the importance of opensource throughout his talk and he went on to explain how opensource projects are made, coordinated when developers from all around the world are contributing code, documentation etc.

He mentioned all the code hosting website, with special stress on the new Project Kenai! Then he went on to explain the basic concepts like versions, check-in, check-out etc.

The overall talk was really enlightening and we are really thankful to Rohan Sir for always being there to help promote the opensource agenda in SRKNEC!

Rohan Sir with the Students! 

From rohan sir

From rohan sir

Sunday Nov 16, 2008

Open IT - Day 3, a tricky question!

Talk by Mr. Rohan Ranade

Day 3 began with a teleconference with Mr. Rohan Ranade, Sun Microsystems US. Rohan Sir had already visited our college earlier this year in January for a 3-Day Netbeans workshop and it was due to him that I got motivated towards opensource and Netbeans. At that time I was a student, and now I was on the other end - conducting a workshop! Things change so quickly!

Well..  There was a problem with internet connection and so, we had to talk on phone with one of us rolling the slides. The therefore did not start as planned. But then Rohan Sir want on to explain the importance of Opensource, and how students can contribute towards it.He explained in detail the advantages of opensource for student, enterpreneur and society.

He gave the following mantra:

After the talk some students seemed to be confused with the overall philosophy of Opensource and some seemed to be convinced. He answered a few questions too I thank Rohan Sir for sparing his time from his busy schedule and enlightening the students here. His talk would go a long way in helping the students! 

After the talk was over, a student asked a very interesting question - If opensource is so great, then why Bill Gates was the Richest Man for so long, and why is Microsoft such a big company?

Well!! We were completely foxed by the question! But we went on to explain that Microsoft is a very good company and has a very big range of good software products, and it  will continue to have a big share in the software world.. But the ideology they follow is mainly closed source. So, as a student, you cannot possibly learn concepts of Operating systems if you use windows...  But an opensolaris user can actually get inside Opensolaris and check out the code!We also explained that Opensource is a recent new concept and is fast becoming a great hit and even Microsoft has started opensourcing some of its products! So, for the future Opensource is the way to go!

This followed with a good debate and finally we were able to convince students that they will be benefiting emencly if they follow the Opensource part instead of closed source, The IDEOLOGY of Opensource finally prevailed here too!!

If you have better answers please feel free to comment!

How Internet Works!

Next we had among us Mr Arindam Paul, Sun Campus Ambassador from VNIT. He gave a talk on How internet works... He explained various concepts like routers, hubs, switches, how data is actually moved along the internet, what internet actually is. The concept of IP addresses was also introduced. The students enjoyed the session a lot. Arindam's style of presentation was highly impressive!

He went on to join us for the lunch and next session. We had a very good discussion on how we can combine to help spread opensource and java not only ion our colleges, but throughout Nagpur! I thank him for sparing his time and visiting our campus.


After lunch, we had a session on Sun SPOTs! Both me and Vasusen conducted the session. We explained the scope of sunspots and the most amazing part of it - It can be programmed using JAVA! We displayed many applications some made by the sunspot team and some developed by us! These demonstrated the features of Sun SPOT like accelerometer, temperature sensor, light sensor, switches, Over the air communication etc!

We also demonstrated the 2- player GAME that we had made and students enjoyed it a lot!

Feedback session!

This was a unique thing that we decided to do. Here, we called up students to speak for 2 mins on how they liked OpenIT and also opensource. The best speech would get a cap!

Students gave some amazing feedbacks and we had a great time! We have recorded them and are working on making a good video out of it! Will upload it soon!

Concluding remarks!

Then we gave a concluding session where we interacted with the students and asked them what they would do next. Most of them were very excited and were going to make good use of the vacation that lies ahead.. We also decided to have a weekly C assignment for students that would help them and a weekly Opensolaris meeting where students would gather and do some thing on Opensolaris!!

 Overall we had a great time during the 3 days. I thank my organizing team - Sumit Mudliar, Sumit Roy and Vasusen Patil for conducting the workshop brilliantly! I also thank my HOD Mr M.B.Chandak for extending his support and providing the college facilities for the workshop and Rohan Sir and Arindam for giving great talks!


Saturday Nov 15, 2008

Open IT - Day 2

Open IT workshop got off to a great start on Day 1. We were really excited to get started again the following day. Here is a short summary of Day II of the workshop.

Small C application using Netbeans

Vasusen started the proceedings by interactively building a complex number utility application using Netbeans. The students made the application interactively. Again many features of IDE were explained in detail and were highly appreciated.

Next he demonstrated how easily Mobile Applications and desktop Applications can be made using Netbeans. An attendance Monitoring Application for Mobiles was also shown. We also desplayed many projects made by us in C. The projects included:

1. Orthello Game

2. Sudoku solver

3. PhoneBook.

Students were very excited and actually believed that C can be used to create many utility applications if used effectively. We also discussed the algorithms and logic for these applications. Mr Sumit Roy helped us all through the workshop - solving errors and difficulties of students. Thanks a lot Sumit!

T-Shirt for the best PhoneBook

We have announced a T-Shirt for the best phonebook appplication made by participants. They are supposed to submit their apps within 7 days. We will be doing rigorous testing of all entries and trying to break the code! Winner will be decided on factors like- logic, correctness , stability of code, commenting, formatting, clarity etc.


We again had our lunch and this time, many students were more interested in discussing the ideas of C projects than eating .. .. The fact which pleased me a lot!

Big Buck Bunny!

After lunch no-one was in a mood to study right away. So we watched Big Buck Bunny - a cartoon movie completely made using Open Source tools! Movie lasted 10 min and students had a blast!

Why Opensolaris?

After the movie, I took a interactive session where I explained students as to why they should go for Open solaris. Many misconceptions were cleared during the talk. I accepted that Opensolaris currently might not have all features that windows has but it is on the rising path and so as a student we will be on the benefiting side. Also with the huge community support we have a lot to learn. Most of them were convinced.

 Then I explained in brief the cutting edge features of Opensolaris like - ZFS, Zones etc. (I saw that they were not grasping these high level concepts very well and quickly rounded off the thing!)

Concept of virtualization and Virtual Box

Then I went on to explain the concept of Virtualization and virtual box and how we can install an Operating system inside another OS using Sun Virtual Box. The explanation took a long time but finally all except 2 students understood the concept! Then we went on to install virtual Box interactively. We also made a virtual hard disk for Opensolaris. After that I went through a screencast which I had made to demonstrate installation of opensolaris.

Backing up of Windows and dual Boot

We had a short tea break and then Mr. Mohinish Vinnakota demonstrated how we can back up our hard disk using an FTP client and G4U. The live demonstration proved to be very useful and students liked it a lot. Then he explained how we can partition the hard disk and install opensolaris as dual boot with windows!


The day was really absorbing. We also gave them a small task - to create a 3 - stage cypher (encryption) that would encrypt any file. The best and fastest code would get a Cap!

Thanks it for Day 2 folks! I will be back with Day 3 recap V V soon!

Friday Nov 14, 2008

OpenIT - Day 1


 We finally concluded the 3-Day workshop for II year students and believe me it was amazing fun and a great hit! We are having holidays and still, we had 36 students attending the workshop for all three days. I know thats a small number, but I think that was a good start and the number will increase as the Open Source awareness spreads at SRKNEC.

Introductory talk:

 I started the day with an introductory talk. Firstly I explained why exactly we have arranged the workshop. We cant expect students to become programming genius or become a Opensolaris Pro in 3 - days! But we just wanted II years to know what things lie ahead of them. Also we wanted to introduce them to the amazing world of Open Source backed Sun Microsystems!

I explained the importance of Open Source and showed some cool videos which started the ball rolling!

I also demonstrated the Sun Academic Initiative and the Open Source University Meetup (OSUM). Students were thrilled after learning about the prospects of free training and they found the OSUM site really AWESOME!

The talk lasted 1:30 mins. from 10 - 11:30 AM.

 Brainteaser Session:

Mr Sumit Mudliar conducted the next session. He asked some amazing puzzles and brain teasing questions which really got all students active and interested. Sun goodies (pens and Keychains) were given to the correct answers!  He also explained general stages in software development which students found perfectly logical and easy to grasp.

Session ended in an hours time.


We had our lunch which was amazing and frankly speaking far better than what we had expected. Kudos again to Sumit for arranging amazing caterers!

Talk by Proff M.B.Chandak on current trends in IT

After lunch, Proff M.B.Chandak, HOD, CSE gave a brilliant talk which covered top 10 current trends in the IT industry. The students were completely new to all the concepts and so some of them found it difficult to grasp. But at the end of the day, the talk proved really enlightening not only for the juniors but also for us!

The topics covered included virtualization, SaaS (Software as a service), internet telephony, networking, NLP etc. The session lasted for about an hour and was an absorbing one!

After the session, we had some filler Q/A session which refreshed students for the next session!

Recap of C

Mr Vasusen Patil then conducted a interactive session where, all the basic concepts in C were brushed up! Students were asked to write basic C constructs and logical functions. They soon realized that they knew very little besides syllabus.

Then we explained them that C is far more useful language that just another subject in curriculum and can be used to make really cool programs. We stressed the fact that it is the best language when it comes to building the basic logic and concepts in programming.

Introduction to Netbeans and Cygwin

After the recap, Vasusen went on to introduce the students to Netbeans IDE. This was the first time most of them ever sae an IDE and they were simply amazed. We used Netbeans to build basic C applications using Cygwin compiler. We demonstrated the various functionality of the IDE and the support it provides for building up substantial software.

The concepts like code folding, intelligence of IDE, dynamic error detection, code generation, refactoring etc were explained and students really enjoyed the thing!

Student Kits!

We also distributed Opensolaris and Netbeans student kits!

Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

Open IT - 3 Day workshop for II Year Students


 We have arranged Open IT - a 3-day work-shop for II year students. The II Year students only have a basic understanding of C language. Hence the workshop mainly aims at introducing students to the various trends in software field and explaining the importance of Open Source. We will also educate them with major Sun's Open Source Technologies.

. The schedule will be as follows:





10 – 11 AM

Current trends in S/W field and various technologies available to choose by Prof. M.B. Chandak, HOD CSE, SRKNEC

11 – 12 AM

Logic Building through Puzzles and Algorithms

12 – 1 PM

Lunch Break

1 – 2 PM

Importance of Open Source. Major players in open source and Sun's open source technologies overview

2 – 3 PM

Recap of C + Interactive C Quiz + Test

3 - 3.30 PM

Tea Break

3.30 – 5.30 PM

Interactive Phonebook Using C + Live demos of some softwares made by seniors using various technologies netbeans/ mobiles/ visual studio etc.


9.30 – 11 AM

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming and IDE's – Netbeans Feel!

11 - 12.30 PM

Developing Small Applications using NetBeans C/C++

12.30 – 1.30 PM

Lunch Break

1.30 - 2:00 PM

Open Source Movie

2 – 3 PM

Introduction to Open Solaris

3 - 3.30 PM

Tea Break

3.30 – 5.30 PM

Open Solaris Installation on Virtual Box


10 – 11 AM

Software Academic Initiative (SAI) + Importance of JAVA

11 – 1 AM

Open Source talk by Mr. Rohan Ranade, Sun Microsystems US.

1-2 PM

Lunch Break

2 – 3 PM

Sun SPOT demonstration.

3 – 5 PM

Quiz/ Contest based on concepts learnt during 3 days.


Saturday Oct 11, 2008

Greenfoot CodePoint 2008 - Sponsored by Sun!

CodePoint 2008 is the first annual Greenfoot Coding Contest. Anyone can enter and win one of the great prizes. Here are the details as per the Greenfoot website:

The challenge:

Invent an interesting Greenfoot scenario, implement it, and submit it to the Greenfoot Gallery. Submissions get scored in a number of categories (details below). The best submissions at the end of the competition win the prizes.

The prizes:

3 Nintendo Wii games consoles

3 iPod Touch (8GB)

6 Greenfoot coffee mugs


See whats About Greenfoot and then Get Started with Greenfoot!.

 Also see some of the interesting Greenfoot Scenarios in Greenfoot Gallery!

Prizes are donated by Sun Microsystems!


Wednesday Oct 08, 2008

Open Source Goodies!


Yesterday I received a pack that came from Sun Microsystem, Bangalore, India which contained some exciting Sun Goodies.I will be using them for promoting more open source activities at my campus! Thanks a lot Sun! This will surely trigger more Open source enthusiasm and interest.

Here are the details:

1. Netbeans 6.1 Started Kit - 149 Nos.

2. Open Solaris Student Pack - 150 Nos.

3. Sun Key Chains  - 50 Nos.

4. Sun Pens - 47 Nos.

May Sun always shine on SRKNEC!!


I am the Sun Campus Ambassador for SRKNEC, India. Here I will blog about my college activities,and Sun's open source technologies like Netbeans, Opensolaris, Sun SPOTs etc..


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