Sunday Mar 15, 2009

Video - Sun SPOT as environmental sensor

We have compiled a small video to demonstrate what Sun SPOT is and what work we are doing to find out its utility as an environmental sensor. We are working with organizations like ATREE and UNESCO for the same. Hope you like it! Special thanks to Tejaswini Kelkar and Vasusen Patil for making such a nice video!



Saturday Feb 28, 2009

When Jay Met Joe! (@ Tech Days)

Ahem Ahem! 

Was I dreaming??  No certainly not!!!

Come February 20 @ Sun Tech Days Hyderabad..  I entered the huge seminar Hall, and was straightaway taken by Ganesh Sir to meet Joe Hartley, Vice President of Global Education, Government and Healthcare at Sun Microsystems!

Wow!!  Here I am...  A student, then a campus ambassador, who dreams of working with a company like Sun Microsystems one day..   and I am talking directly to JOE HARTLEY, because he liked our project and wants to talk about it on stage!

I also called up Vasusen and then we both interacted with him, and believe me he was simply awesome! He quickly told us in brief about what how was going to ask us about our project on stage..   he asked if I was nervous!  Was I? AAha AAha!!! ;)

He took a hell lot of a time remembering Vasusen's name...   He promised hell screw it up on stage..  Practicing.. Practicing..  VAASSU SAIN..  VAASSU SAIN,,,  VASSSUUU SAIN...  He looked at Vasu's batch and practiced it again..

The Vasusen tried to make it easier for him.. He said..  just call me VASU!

Again he mumbled  right before his talk began..  VASSU VASSU!! OK!

The Keynote!                                                                                                                    THE BIG STAGE

Now he talked about the Sun University Relations, what the campus ambassador program meant to Sun, how it profited from it.. and how students can benefit from it..Then he went on to show what some campus ambassadors are doing.. inculcating Sun Technologies in curriculum..  etc.  

Now came our project!  The slide had my picture (right next to this post!)  And he called us on stage...

Joe:  "Now I would like to call Jay, the Campus Ambassador of SRKNEC, and his colleague - AASU" - Agrhh! He screwed it up big time!

He went on to say he really liked our project and asked how we got motivated to do this...

 Vasusen answered saying..  "We were looking for a project idea for the Code for freedom contest.. and we happened to meet our friend Nachiket who is an environmental scientist and showed the Sun SPOT technology to him..  He was amazed and suggested to put it to real-time use and linked us up with ATREE!"

"So the main motivation was money!!" Said Joe swiftly!!  I wonder how these great men keep their humor intact on the big stages...

Next he asked whats the current progress and future plans..

I answered that saying.. "We have gone through the requirement analysis phase and on site prototype testing. We have also hosted the project at  and everyone is free to come and join! Next step would be to build a working model and do testing again on field".

He thanked us and we came back, my heart still beating!!  Wow.. I was just on stage during the Keynote at Sun Tech Days with Joe Hartley!!!   The most memorable experience of my life!

Whoosh!!  It took a long time for the feeling to sink in...

A Little Get-together                                                                                                JOE HARTLEY WITH THE CAs

 Then we also had a cool get together sort of a thing with Joe Hartley at afternoon .. with all the Campus Ambassadors interacting with him.. He asked us very nice questions about the program and seemed very interested to know our experiences.  I was overwhelmed with his modesty and enthusiasm in interacting with students and  teachers and his interest in knowing their views and difficulties. He listened to us very sincerely and jotted down important points. 

The overall day which started like a fairy-tale turned out to be really inspirational and quite a lesson.. one that I will always remember! That's the beauty of Sun Tech Days..  It gave me the opportunity that I could not have dreamed of!

Ok.. Thats all what happened when Jay met JOE!

PS:  I should have posted the title as - "When Jay met Joe Sir"  and I am really sorry for that. Its just that "Jay met Joe" sounds more alliterative.

Friday Feb 27, 2009

Lightening Talk at Tech Days

 Hi!  We were asked to give a small talk of 15 minutes at the Opensolaris track about our project. It was a great opprotunity for us to demonstrate out project in front of a quality audience.

What we learned during the first day at the booth was that, not many people knew what a sun spot is at the Tech Days!!!  So, at the talk, firstly I gave a short intro of a Sun SPOT to the audience. I went on to explain how easy it is to program using our favourite JAVA.

 Then we demonstrated the wireless feature of Sun SPOT by demo-ing a Sun SPOT controlled Pin Ball Game! 

It was a instant hit and there was a great applause as Vasusen moved around the hall playing pinball with his remote SPOT. Then we also allowed some of the audience to play the game. It was really exciting to see the response.

Next we showed a small video of our project and  again we got a great applause!!

Then Vasusen went on to explain what work we have done with the sun spots and the overall scope and future of project Canopee.

It was great to be able to talk in front of such audience and recieve such warm response! Sun Tech Days Rocks! 

Wednesday Feb 25, 2009

Sun Spot Booth @ Tech Days

As the part of Sun University relations, Mr. Ganesh Hiregoudar had asked some selected students to demonstrate their projects. We were invited to display the Sun SPOT and Project Canopee

We had a nice booth to display our just besides the coffee counter! And we had a real blast for the 3 days...

The booth was crowded forever.. with people flooding around and really interested with the Sun SPOT technology!  We had many students bursting with new ideas as well as professioinals from different companies coming in who really liked the SPOT technology and our project!

From SunTechDays

I was like a tape-recorder.. playing the same tape ( Description scope and use of SPOTs) over and over.. and over again! But it was great fun to see the interest of people.. 

We also had many people interested in buying the SPOTs...   Sun Labs - Look out! Lots of potential customers in India!

All in all the SPOT booth SPOT-ted by one and all! 

From SunTechDays
From SunTechDays
From SunTechDays

Monday Feb 23, 2009

Tech Days 09 Experience

Whoa!!  I had been to Sun Tech Days Hyderabad!

Well...  You see, I have been trying to put into words my Sun Tech Days experience since last hour or so..  I am sitting in front of my laptop, typing in something, then again erazing it, again typing in..  trying to find the right words, frame the right sentences.. that would.. you know.. completely describe my experience.. 

Finally ive realized that the experience was..





 getAllGoodAdjectivesInEnglish()++;  //I hope you get this!


Agrhhh!  This seems to be the worst start of any blog I have written till date!


Hmmm....  Frankly speaking..  The Sun Tech Days Hyderabad was amazing experience for me! I went there with 25 colleagues, and a faculty member and we had a blast.

Our project Canopee rocked at the Tech Days! We had a booth which was always crowded, we had a chance to speak about our project at lightening talks in the Opensolaris track, and guess what...  We were called on stage by Joe Hartley, Vice President of Global Education, Government and Healthcare at Sun Microsystems! We also had a cool interaction with him.  

I will blog about all this and more in the coming entries.. So stay tuned!

PS: I love Sun Tech Days!!  


From SunTechDays

Saturday Feb 14, 2009

Mr. Rohan Ranade at SRKNEC Silver Jublee Celebrations

This year SRKNEC is celebrating its 25th anniversary and as a part of the Silver Jubilee Orations various activities are going around in the college. We were lucky enough to have Mr. Rohan Ranade, Sun Microsystems, US who spared time out from his busy schedule and gave a fantastic talk to the students and the faculty.

Topic I: “From Journeyman to Master”.

He did not concentrate on a particular technology or so (usually tech seminars are supposed to) but it helped us to know what it takes to ‘Being Different’. “Pace, Passion, Eye for finer details, Supreme Knowledge – all this blended with an uncanny urge to make a difference helps you to become a Rock Star Developer” was what he said.

Rohan Sir himself being a student of Computer Science and Engg, shared his experiences with us. He also suggested some good to read books like ‘The Pragmatic Programmer’, ‘The Mythical Man-Month’, ‘Free as in freedom’ and ‘The design of everyday things’. He also suggested us to follow some good blogs by ‘Paul Graham’, ‘Joel Spolsky’, ‘Bruce Eckel’ , ‘Dave Thomas’ and podcasts like ‘The Java Posse’, ‘NetBeans Developer Podcast’, ‘Drunk and Retired’, ‘CNET – this week in tech’, ‘Google Developer Podcast’.

The response was great and not only the students, but the faculty members also enjoyed the talk.


Topic II: “Getting started with Version Control Systems”

He had stressed on the importance of opensource throughout his talk and he went on to explain how opensource projects are made, coordinated when developers from all around the world are contributing code, documentation etc.

He mentioned all the code hosting website, with special stress on the new Project Kenai! Then he went on to explain the basic concepts like versions, check-in, check-out etc.

The overall talk was really enlightening and we are really thankful to Rohan Sir for always being there to help promote the opensource agenda in SRKNEC!

Rohan Sir with the Students! 

From rohan sir

From rohan sir

Project Canopee Video

Hey! We have come up with a small video that demonstrates the scope of Project Canopee. Check it out!





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