Wednesday May 06, 2015

Announcing: Java SE8 Oracle Certified Professional Exam Beta

Want to be recognized as a Java SE8 Oracle Certified Professional?

Take advantage of this limited offer to beta test the Java SE8 Oracle Certified Professional exam!

This beta exam offer applies to Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associates and is available now until June 13, 2015 at a discounted price of US$50.

 Three Things You Need to Know:

  1. 7%: Salary growth for Oracle Certified Professionals in 2015 - According to the Certification Magazine 2015 Annual Salary Survey.
  2. Java SE8 reduces your development time by using lambdas programming.  In the technical keynote address for JavaOne 2013, Mark Reinhold, chief architect for the Java Platform Group at Oracle, described lambda expressions as the single largest upgrade to the Java programming model ever.-
  3. Join the close to 2 million people who are now Oracle certified.

Click here to register for the beta exam before June 13, 2015. 

Good luck!

The Oracle Certification Team

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Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Your opinion counts!

In an effort to provide you, our Java community, with the best possible training curriculum for Java EE 7, and to develop two new certification job roles, we are offering Java developers a chance to voice their opinion through this survey.

Oracle Java certification provides a proven industry recognized measure of ability and skills. These Java Enterprise Edition certifications are highly sought after by individuals and companies alike. We know that as a candidate - you spend considerable time and expense learning and practicing your skills before attempting to take a certification exam, so it is essential that these exams truly measure the skills required by your job role.

Each certification exam is developed by Oracle experts and is put through a rigorous qualification process before being released. Oracle Certification provides you with credentials backed by Oracle, and provides you with the security that you, your employees and new-hires have the skills and knowledge to be successful with Oracle technology.

An Oracle certification is typically associated with a particular role related to a single technology. In the case of Java EE7, the technology is very broad and comprehensive. We are looking to you and the industry to validate our definition of these job roles. Our assumption and preliminary investigation shows that programmers and developers working with Java EE technology design and create applications using front-end technologies and/or server-side enterprise technologies.

We are looking for developers working with Java EE 7 technology today, or those planning to develop with Java EE 7 in the near future. So if you are experienced with Java EE, and are following development trends, spend 15 minutes to complete this survey and help us define how to serve your training and certification needs for Java EE 7.

 The survey will remain open though November 30th, 2013.


Monday May 06, 2013

Java Certification: Your Burning Questions Answered

Do you have questions about Java Certification? Kate Jones, of the Oracle University Java Certification team, answers your most frequently asked questions regarding Java Certification. Read about it here.

Friday Jul 20, 2012

New and Updated Java Courses

The Java Curriculum team has developed several courses that are available through Oracle University.  The courses are available as instructor-led training (ILT), live virtual classrooms (LVC), and training on demand. Our titles include:

Java SE 7 Fundamentals - The Java SE 7 Fundamentals teaches students who have little or no programming experience about the Java programming language. The course teaches students the significance of object-oriented programming, the keywords and constructs of the Java programming language, and the steps required to create simple Java technology programs.">

Java SE 7 Programming - The second of two courses that cover the Java Standard Edition 7 (Java SE 7) Platform explores the core Application Programming Interfaces (API) developers use to design and develop object-oriented applications with Java.

Java SE7: Develop Rich Client Applications - The course takes students through the process of designing a rich client application in a case study approach – analysis and design, and development of the key components of the application using the rich set of JavaFX graphics and media API.

Java SE 7 New Features - This new features course delves into the major changes and enhancements in the Oracle Java SE 7 release. This course is meant for the Java professionals who are already proficient with developing Java programs using Java SE 6 or earlier Java SE platforms.

Java ME: Develop Applications for Mobile Phones - This course teaches students how to use Connected Device Limited Configuration (CDLC) and the Mobile, Interface Device Profile (MIDP), and the Lightweight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT) to develop applications for smart phones. Students get to develop applications that access a mobile database, and leverage the Location and Payment APIs.

Several of our courses support the Java Certification programs, which you can search for on the Oracle University Certification pages

If you are interested in free Java training, we are posting new Java content on the Oracle Learning Library on a regular basis. If you want to stay current, subscribe to the OLL using the RSS feed.


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