Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Your opinion counts!

In an effort to provide you, our Java community, with the best possible training curriculum for Java EE 7, and to develop two new certification job roles, we are offering Java developers a chance to voice their opinion through this survey.

Oracle Java certification provides a proven industry recognized measure of ability and skills. These Java Enterprise Edition certifications are highly sought after by individuals and companies alike. We know that as a candidate - you spend considerable time and expense learning and practicing your skills before attempting to take a certification exam, so it is essential that these exams truly measure the skills required by your job role.

Each certification exam is developed by Oracle experts and is put through a rigorous qualification process before being released. Oracle Certification provides you with credentials backed by Oracle, and provides you with the security that you, your employees and new-hires have the skills and knowledge to be successful with Oracle technology.

An Oracle certification is typically associated with a particular role related to a single technology. In the case of Java EE7, the technology is very broad and comprehensive. We are looking to you and the industry to validate our definition of these job roles. Our assumption and preliminary investigation shows that programmers and developers working with Java EE technology design and create applications using front-end technologies and/or server-side enterprise technologies.

We are looking for developers working with Java EE 7 technology today, or those planning to develop with Java EE 7 in the near future. So if you are experienced with Java EE, and are following development trends, spend 15 minutes to complete this survey and help us define how to serve your training and certification needs for Java EE 7.

 The survey will remain open though November 30th, 2013.


Java Learning Library

Java Learning Library image

The Java learning library is a portal to free resources to help you learn about the Java technology. The Java Curriculum Developers maintain the Java Learning Library, which is hosted in the Oracle Learning Library. Catch up on the latest tutorials, videos, and self-studies that are created by Java Curriculum Developers, Technical Writers, Developers, and Evangelists.

Friday Sep 13, 2013

OLL Live: Troubleshooting Applications in Oracle Cloud by Using OEPE

OLL-Live offers FREE, one-hour interactive webinars from Oracle. At an OLL Live webinar, you will experience an information packed session led by an Oracle expert showing you ways you can use Oracle products. Our speaker this time is Tom McGinn, Java Curriculum Developer. Tom's topic is Troubleshooting Applications in Oracle Cloud by Using OEPE.

Learn how to troubleshoot applications deployed to Oracle Cloud using resources available in Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE). You see how to view log messages generated by the Oracle Java Cloud Service, and how to use the Oracle Cloud Whitelist Scan to detect the use of API's or method calls that are prohibited.

To access the content this webinar is based on, click here.

September 18th, 2013, at 8:00 AM US/PT  

Wednesday Sep 04, 2013

Take Java Training at Openworld/JavaOne

Take Java Training at Openworld/JavaOne

Here is an exclusive opportunity to get top-notch Java training while you’re in San Francisco. Java University is a one-day training event on Sunday September 22nd from 9:00am to 4:00pm at Golden Gate University. This is your chance to get accelerated Java training in a seminar-style format taught by Oracle University instructors, community experts, and Oracle engineers. Don’t miss this chance to get in-depth training on hot Java topics while you are in town for JavaOne.

Here is the full list of session titles:

Cost for a day of training: $800

Register here.

Looking for Oracle Sessions? Oracle University will also be held on Sunday, September 22nd from 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. at Golden Gate University. Choose from 11 Oracle sessions, which include Application Development in the Oracle Cloud, Ask Tom Kyte Live, Certification Exam Cram, Extending and Customizing Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, Oracle Database Machine and much more! Learn more.


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