Java Spotlight Episode 66: Java User Group Leaders Live at the #IOUG

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Interview with JUG leaders from 5 continents (Frank Greco, Daniel deOliveira, Ben Evans, Raj Hegde, Badr El Houari, and John Yeary) on everything related to JUGS. This episode was recorded Live at the International Oracle User Group Summit in Redwood Shores, CA.

Joining us this week on the Java All Star Developer Panel are Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Java EE Developer Advocate.

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Feature Interview

The annual User Group Summit was focused on fostering communication between user group leaders and Oracle, the Leaders’ Conference was three days of learning, networking, sharing and collaborating about user groups and Oracle products & technologies. The summit included user groups focused on Java, MySQL, Applications, Database, Technology, and Industry.  This interview features six JUG leaders from five continents giving a world perspective on JUGs around the world. These leaders represent JUGs that have been in existence for seventeen years and as short as one year.

Rajmahendra(Raj) Hegde has been a Java developer since 2000. Since then he started working in various technologies in Java eco-system. He is working for Logica as Project Lead/Architect. He is a User Group  lead for Java User Group – Chennai. He have contributed to JSR-331 and is interested in JEE, OSGi, JavaFX, JVM Languages.

John Yeary  is the president and founder of the Greenville Java Users Group and serves as one of the Java User Groups Community Leaders, and is the Enterprise Technology Community Leader.. That group is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. John is a member of the NetBeans Dream Team and has worked on JavaOne as a technical track reviewer, the JavaOne Planning Committee for JavaOne 2011, and was on the selection committee for the Duke's Choice Award for JavaOne 2011. John John is a board member and treasurer for Southeast Linuxfest Foundation which runs the successful SELF conference in the US Southeast.

Frank Greco is the founder of the New York Java Special Interest Group (NYJavaSIG), one of the largest Java Users Groups (JUGs) on the planet with 7,000 members. Frank has a long history as a "Champion" of the Java Platform; he taught a developer track session at the very first Java Day back in September 1995 in New York and started the NYJavaSIG that afternoon.  Frank has been involved with software development for over 10 years and working with financial services architectures, innovative user interfaces and cloud computing.  Currently Frank works for Kaazing and helps large enterprises leverage WebSocket and the new HTML5 Web Communications stack.

Ben Evans has lived in "Interesting Times" in technology - he was the lead performance testing engineer for the Google IPO, worked on the initial UK trials of 3G networks with BT, built award-winning websites for some of Hollywood's biggest hits of the 90s, rearchitected and reimagined technology helping some of the most vulnerable people in the UK and has worked on everything from some of the UKs very first ecommerce sites, through to multi-billion dollar currency trading systems. He helps to run the London Java Community, and represents the JUG on the Java SE/EE Executive Committee. His first book "The Well-Grounded Java Developer" (with Martijn Verburg) has just been published by Manning.

Daniel de Oliveira is an IT Community Leader in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. He founded and has been the Leader for more than fifteen years of the Brasilia Java Users Group (, one of the top JUG in the world, with more than 55.000 developer members. He is a Java Champion, a book writer and writes articles about Java environment in several magazines. Working as a Consultant for more then 10 years has been attending client banks, such as Banco de Brasilia, Caixa Economica, Banco do Brasil, Ministry of Planning and now in the Brazilian Space Agency.

Badr ElHouari co-founded the MoroccoJUG in 2009. The MoroccoJUG (The only Java User Group in Morocco) aims to provide a platform for all Java enthusiasts to network, exchange ideas, share knowledge and help each other in order to strengthen the Java community in Morocco. He is working now as  a technical expert at Morpho Maroc.

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